Friday, 16 August 2013

The Washing Machine of Life

Not that long ago I saw a really great post that basically likened life to the wash cycle.  We get soaked, we get tumbled, agitated, and spun, and, an after an allotted time, it stops.

Yesterday couldn't be any closer to the truth of the above if it tried.  But yesterday really taught me something.  Just how far I've come.

I could be the lady not so long ago who LOVED to sit and stew and be emotional for days, weeks, months, you pick.  I can say I am definitely not that being anymore.  I firmly believe my Spirituality is re-writing the person I was into who I am meant to be.

None of it was easy and I had to make some what I thought were weighty decisions, but what happened was, the minute I made the decisions, I found myself at peace.  And, it was in that moment that the decisions that I made, as hard as they were, were the right ones.

Sometimes we have to cut ties, sometimes we have to choose not to participate, and sometimes it is as simple as turning our back to our past and walking forward into our future.  Some really amazing things happened yesterday too, and while I can't speak to all of them, yet, there will be some really cool announcements about my life coming soon.

Yes, I experienced the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, with a loss, a severing, and an acting out thrown into the mix of some upcoming work that I am thrilled to be a part of, a book arriving that has something really humbling housed within, celebrities knocking on my door, and filming of the work to be done in September (Yes. Filming.  A snippet of what it is like to live this life and the work - THAT I am allowed to talk about at this moment).

The neat thing about this wash cycle?  It stopped.  When I laid my head down to sleep and not a minute sooner.  But the neat thing is?  I woke up today with so much clarity and such a peace in my heart, that I knew that this particular wash cycle had indeed ended.

Sometimes the Universe hands us kindly reminders that we should feel grateful to be alive, that if we choose positive thoughts, positive things happen, and we can play as big in our life at any time that we choose!

I am living big now, and the Universe has done nothing but pour out blessings in my life.  A reminder that I am a human Heaven sent, with messages of love from above.  I am humbled and blessed.  I get to see people change right in front of my eyes.

And now, I have had the pleasure of watching me transform, my life will never be the same.

Watch out world, because I have arrived and I tell you this, you can too.  Any time you choose.

The choice IS YOURS.