Tuesday, 25 June 2013

You're Only as Strong as The Weakest Link

I just finished watching "Chimpanzee" and I gotta say, it is a true testament to the saying that ANYTHING is possible.  It is also a kindly reminder that we are only as strong as our weakest link, and that, through love, we can make the weak links strong.

Spoiler alert:  In the movie a young male chimpanzee is left to fend for himself when his mother is killed.  Despair starts to set in as weeks go by, when suddenly something amazing occurs.  This young chimp, facing death, is taken in.  Taken in by the leader of the group.  A male chimpanzee named Freddie. 

Now, as most people would know, chimps are raised by their mothers, so to be taken in by a male,  never mind the leader, is something to behold.  And from that moment forward, the young chimp's life is forever changed and he survives.  Against all odds.  And, in that moment of climbing onto Freddie's back, impossible became "I'm possible".

So it goes in our lives, for we are one and the same.  What might seem impossible can become "I'm possible", with a little help from Above, and the stronger links here on Earth.  There are so many lights shining brightly, helping the "weakers" become stronger, to build a better place right here.  And, while progress might be slow-going, progress is still occurring.  And, it is occurring through generous acts of love and kindness from one person to another.  Those leading by faith alone, to be the best "them" possible for the sake of themselves and others.

It all begins with something that mankind is sorely lacking.  Faith.  Faith in something greater and bigger than any of us could possibly imagine.  Through faith our thoughts are changed, which in turn changes our actions, which in turn leads to the biggest shift we could ever possibly have imagined.

Knowing that through faith we are safe, at all times, no matter what we are brought to.  The key is to accept what you are in, knowing that you will be brought through it in due time, and sooner, if acceptance of the situation is embraced.  We don't have to like it, but we cannot change it, so why fight it?  Surrender.  Climb onto the back of the Universe and let them support you during these times, for the Universe loves us so much and will do anything to help us through these times.

And, while we are praying for it to end, we should actually be praying with gratitude that we have been brought to a valuable moment where our Spirit grows in courage and conviction, to stay Here, and to live through the "moment" to be brought to something better than we can EVER possibly have imagined.

When we shift how we are thinking about what we are in, we have climbed onto the back of something greater and loved through the experience.  Let faith be your solace.  Let love be your guide.  During trials are the times we are actually asked to love on ourselves the most.  That walk in the warm breeze, that scoop of ice cream, the gathering of friends for a social.  However it may look based on the "feelings" you have about what your soul needs in a given moment.  Love is Soul Food.  It is the biggest source of nourishment mankind has.

When we realize that our words create our worlds, and that maybe we are feeding the "lesser" of the wolves, we can become "I'm possible".  What follows is the tale of the "Two Wolves" and it is a tale to do with the choices we make. 

The Story of Two Wolves

An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life.

“A fight is going on inside me,” he told the young boy, “a terrible fight between two wolves. One is evil, full of anger, sorrow, regret, greed, self-pity and false pride. The other is good, full of joy, peace, love, humility, kindness and faith.”
“This same fight is going on inside of you, grandson…and inside of every other person on this earth.”
The grandson ponders this for a moment and then asks, “Grandfather, which wolf will win?”
The old man smiled and simply said,

“The one you feed.”

So, the next time you are "in it".  Stop. Take a breath and ask yourself which wolf you are feeding.  Then take another breath and climb onto the back of something bigger than you.  The Universe.

Allow your soul to be soothed by the comfort that faith has to offer.  Knowing that through "bad things" really good things occur, and that you are truly loved.  By yourself, by others.....

And something, someone, even bigger.  In fact, so big that there is room for each and every one of us to climb aboard and be nurtured, even in the "darkest" of times.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Trickle Down Effect

I have always believed in the "trickle down effect".  That is, if we choose to make changes, and think "differently" about things, that we have the potential to change those around us.  All by our actions.  It is like what was once stated by Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".  It really can happen.

How do I know that?  Because it's happening within my own home.  And it couldn't be more amazing to watch.  I believe that with a Spiritually-aligned way of life, we have nothing but endless possibilities in front of us and the opportunity to be surrounded with like-minded, and like-actioned human beings.

Words like "manifest" and "anything's possible" were words that my husband didn't really have in his vocabulary.  And yet, over the last few months he has used those words on several occasions.  Hell, I even heard the following statement come out not so long ago, "Oh sure, you can find someone's wallet but you can't win the lottery?" (LOL) I was jumping on the inside and trying to be as cool as a cucumber on the outside (yeah, right, don't see any poker awards in my house).  For while it truly doesn't matter whether my husband partakes in my journey that way, what I have always wished for is that he put the correlation between my abilities and how many people are coming to see me.  And he has.  Right in that statement.  Plus he was wist me during the phone call to locate a missing wallet, lol. 

I am being the change I wish to see.

Because while prayers and wishes are going out, I am creating my world based on those exact sentiments.  That anything is possible and I am able to manifest many blessings into my life.  It is because of my faith, my work, and my life.  In action.  And I have commandeered a trickle down effect, all just by being myself.  Someone who believes in living a Spiritually-aligned life.

By honoring my gut feelings, and "hunches", I have steered my way towards personal greatness and I am now creating the same environment for my family.  They are starting to pay attention to the neat things that are going on in my life and are beginning to realize that while I do things that might seem quirky, I am meeting with tremendous success.  It is all because of how I am choosing to walk through this life and the kind of person I wish to be.

One that knows that every choice has a positive or negative consequence (negatives are valuable lessons so they aren't really negative).  That if we have faith and "put it out there", it will come back to us.  And, if it doesn't, it just means something bigger is coming along!  I am also someone who lives in a strong energetic vibration of love and light and choose to be among those of the "like-minds" for I believe you truly are who you hang with.  I have also come to recognize that those that "irritate" me are here to polish me and help me truly learn.  From them I have learned that I have come so far and learned that everyone has a story, and until they learn to write the chapters themselves, they are where they are at and nobody can do anything about it.  So enjoy that you're not in their story!

Be the change!  Changes require leaving some things and some people behind, and it is not because you don't love them, it is because you love yourself more.  It is hard to sit with the broken records.  In fact, a few of my friends have the "3-Strike Rule" and that is if we have heard the same "story" over and over and are sick of hearing it, we invoke the "3-Strike Rule".   You are only allowed to share that story three more times.  And it's out!  The goal is to get to a point when the "story" has a new chapter, not when you get stuck in the same one over, and over.  Ours is to engage in the story, learn from it, move on.  It may be presented again, but it is just a reminder to hold that lesson tight.  That's all.

These are things that I see playing the role of peace in my life and an end to the needless suffering we humans seem to want to live in.  Remember, "Pain happens in the brain.  It is a physical signal.  Suffering happens in the mind". (from the CTV Series 'Saving Hope').  And it's time to put an end to this "suffering". 


By being the change we wish to see in the world.  And knowing that by one amazing thought followed by an amazing action (walking the talk) can create a world of endless possibilities.

All my wish has ever been is to "heal the world" one person at a time.   And I am.  Thanks to my talk and thanks to my walk.  My world is forever changed in a most amazing way.

And I am grateful.

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Work Speaks for Itself

It never ceases to amaze me the people I get to encounter, and why it is that I am encountering them.  Particularly with  my work.  I have been on so many amazing adventures with Spirit at the helm, and I truly am humbled for the experience.  It really is something to behold the transformational nature of the work.  All because of the messages delivered and the volumes they speak.

Here are some of the things I have learned from the work.  Once again, it speaks for itself

Right, wrong or indifferent, if it is one thing I have learned from Spirit, it is that when someone's time has arrived, someone's time has arrived, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it.  Our Final Exit is our Final Exit point.  Period.

There have been people on this planet who have escaped "death" and turned around a year later and have passed.  There are those too young, and those deaths that are "unfair".  But let's face it.  Death is death.

In my world, however, I refer to death as the end of a human existence, and the soul or spirit of the being that was here lives on eternally.  I have met "masters", I have met "meanies", I have met those who have shown remorse, regret, but most of all......................love.

As most people know, my dad returned home on Valentine's Day of 2011, and myself and my family were able to be with him in the end.  A week and a half later, my husband and I came home, entered our drive, and were greeted by a big buck.  I knew in my heart of hearts it was sent as a signal from the "mighty hunterman" himself.  My dad.  To let us know he was okay and at peace.  He uses wildlife quite often.

My story is a message of hope.  It is a hope that even in the face of losing someone, that those left here would slowly work their way out of the physical loss and into Spiritual peace, knowing our loved one are not too far away, and that life does, indeed, go on without them.

This is not to dismiss the grief, or how we grieve, for it is different for everyone, but if it's one thing I know for sure, our loved ones do not wish us to carry that grief forever in a part of hearts that keeps us held back from living.  We are meant to live for them, knowing that they are watching over us every step of the way.

What Spirit continually shows me is that nothing that anyone could have said or done, would stop that person from leaving Here.  It is always through heavy hearts I see that the work clearly shows we should leave no stone unturned, and that sometimes those left unturned can heal through connection with Spirit.

People are "shoulding" all over themselves.  "I should have done this with so and so", or "I should have done more, talked more, etc.".  They are only residing in "if only's".  It is those things that Spirit helps me remove so that those left here no longer have to be left with the burden of those heavy words.  Spirit continually tells me how much they know they were loved or that if a family member had had a severing of ties, they understood why and will even accept their responsibility in it.

Our loved ones don't want us to feel bad forever you know!  They wish us happy, fulfilling lives with all the joy in the world!  They want us to live FOR them and not be held back by the grief for them.

They wish all of us to let it go.  It isn't that we are going to forget them.  That would NEVER happen.  It is just that we are meant to be happy with them as our Guardian Angels.  For that is where so many get assigned after they have returned.

As for mine?  He visits often and I always know when any of my departed family members are around, right down to the many pets I have had.  And something really neat?  My dad actually helps me with my work.  He will bring the former "reluctants" or the "skeptics" forward with a "No really, my daughter really does this.  I didn't believe it myself until I returned Home.  But let her help."

It truly is amazing to no longer be in the grief of the loss and into a space of Spiritual peace.  The peace of knowing that my dad, and so many others, are never truly gone, but right here, along my side.  Helping to heal the world.  One person at a time.

I am truly humbled.  Thank you to all those that have joined me on these journeys.  It truly is rewarding!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Meet the Clairs - Ways that Spirit Communicates with Us Humans

When it comes to being a Psychic Medium, there are certain abilities used and each Psychic Medium is different.  But these tools can also be used to create awareness for others and can create an experience with Spirit without the help of someone like me.  In fact I say that all the time, that it doesn't take me to connect with your loved ones or Angels, etc.  I'm just "the help".

You see, a Psychic "reads".  A Medium "channels" or is used as a vessel by Spirit.  And through the use of some amazing "ladies", Spirit is able to reach out.  So, without further adieu - meet "The Clairs"

Clairsentience - clear "feeling". 

I firmly belief this clair is who we are at the very core.  And Clairsentience has two aspects.  One has to do with our "feelings" and the other has to do with "feeling".

As Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we can "feel" our way through life.  When we learn to trust our feelings, hunches, "gut" we begin to live an AMAZING life!  We receive valuable lessons around "if only I had listened" or "I had a 'feeling'".  We can receive lasting memories of "I had a hunch this would work out" or "I had a good feeling about this".  All by trusting the "feeling' that rests just about our belly button, right below your sternum (where ribcage meets in middle).  That is the seat of our soul, our "gut".  Our guide.  The more we listen, the finer tuned it becomes and the more we rationally start to trust it.  If there is one thing I know.  If we trust this feeling, it will NEVER steer us wrong.  EVER.  It is never not there.  We just have to slow down and pay attention.  By the way, if you "hesitate" about something you are asked to do or someone you meet.  It's a "no".  Without fail.  A straight-up "no".  That is the first act of Clairsentient beings.

The second part of this is literally feeling Spirit.  The chills, the goosebumps, the tingles, hair standing straight up on end, the list goes on.  We can physically feel Spirit.  And for me, this is my PRIMARY sense that I work from, with every single clair that follows also being part of my life. And, the odd thing that has come with this for me is that I am so in tune, I actually know when earthquakes are going to happen and where.  From small to big. I remember several years ago waking up to screaming, came out into the living room and said, "where's the earthquake" and my partner at the time saying India.  And it was huge.  I even have some documented and the result of when and what kind of accuracy.

When I am in session, Spirit will use me as a demonstration of just how important a message I am conveying is.  Every single hair on my arm, my ENTIRE arm, stands up on end and I break out in goosebumps and chills.  It is Spirit's way of saying, "This is VERY important", and then I convey the message.

So wait, how does one know what the message is?  Well, enter the rest of the clairs.

Clairvoyance - clear "sight"

This clair isn't just about physically seeing Spirit, it is also about seeing images and visions of foresight.  For me, those visions play up on a movie screen right behind my forehead.  They are almost always in color.  They can come through as flashes and some linger for a long time.  I have had premonitions, which means I see things before they happen and I physically see Spirit.

Ever thought you saw someone out of the corner of your eye and turned and they aren't there?  Well, they are/were, it is just that most people are unable to see Spirit head on.  Doreen Virtue explained it beautifully about something to do with rods/cones and more colors being seen with peripheral vision and it is through the peripheral Spirit can be seen.  I see them head on too and absolutely hate it when my loved ones decided to "pop in" on the periphery.  LOL.

Then there are far more visible things to be seen like wildlife.  Birds, bears, dragonflies, you name it Spirit will use it.  Feathers, change, heart-shaped stones and the list goes on.

They are waiting to be "seen", we just need to know what we are looking for and there it is.  Clairvoyance.  But wait, can you hear me now?  Enter Clair the third (or whichever order you decide to put her in).

Clairaudience - clear "hearing"

So, I will tell you.  It isn't always "clear" and you can't always "hear me now".  Sometimes hearing from Spirit has to sink in, and there are several ways that Spirit will work to see if we are truly listening.

Repetitiveness:  You're sitting with a friend and they bring up a book.  You leave and come back the next day.  You get into your car and next thing you know they are discussing the same book on the radio you just heard about yesterday.  Get the picture?  It is the same with songs or artists.  My dad uses Pink songs because I thought it very appropriate for me.  I can't tell you how many times I can just have finished a day with the kids, and while talking out loud and being grateful for my family, I turn my radio on and it's a Pink song.  The specific one he uses for me is "Effin Perfect", lol.

Not only is Spirit repetitive in nature they can whisper in our ear.  Only it doesn't seem like a whisper, at all, because it practically drowns out everything around you.  You know.  The Cottonballs, the high-squealed pitch.  It is Spirit and they are doing one of two things.  They are either giving you an energy boost or they heard what you said and are answering.

How do you tell the difference?  Say "Hi.  I hear you." and leave it at that.  If the ringing goes away, just know that Spirit is around.  Now you are asked to go back to what you were just thinking about because typically it is an affirmation or awareness being created about your thought patterns or what you were just thinking about.  Maybe you were thinking about Aunt Betty when your ear starts to ring.  Consider it "hello".

It isn't about being able to translate that sound, it is kind of just like a "we're here and listening.  just wanted you to know".  It typically doesn't work that way.  Some of us can literally hear Spirit.  Have you ever thought you heard your name called and you turn and there's nobody around?  Spirit.  I hear them all the time.  Sometimes they just talk really fast.  It is because they operate at a "light" vibration and aren't burdened with physicality.  I have to ask them to slow down.  It is telepathy at it's finest and yes.  I hear other people's thoughts too.  Watch "The Listener".  I think I found my new job. LOL

If you get the squeal or cottonballs and have said "hi" and it continues.  That's an energetic download.  They are increasing your vibration level or replenishing you.  Just say thanks.  Thanks for the memories.  Which brings me to the next clair.

Claircognizance - Clear "thoughts or thinking"

You know when you have a "thought" about something that inspires you?  Alot of times (some would say all the time) we are inspired by Spirit.  Say you're working on creating a solution to a problem that has been presented, and then it becomes ever so clear?  Spirit.  Yours communicating with theirs.

The Higher Solution, the inspiration to do something different, better or more aligned with your Spirit are the whispers of Spirit creating thoughts to go with ours.  Cool hey?

And last, but certainly not least, are other ways of experiencing Spirit.

Clairailience - clear "smells"

From flowers to smoke, Spirit can create a smell for us.  Mothballs, favorite perfume, etc. they can create it as it pertains to the human they were.  Trust when you think you have.  Because you have.

Clairgustance - clear "taste"

I have tasted Grandma's oatmeal cookies as a way of creating a connection between who I am sitting with and who wishes to speak in the Spirit realm.  There have been alot of flavors that have danced on my mouth, and typically surround baked goodies.  We know there are so many no longer here who were the bakers and lived to create those goodies.  It is one of the neatest ways they communicate because it is just so weird to have not taken a bit of anything and have the flavor come through.

So there you have it.  The "clairs" in all their beauty!  Just waiting for us to be aware.

Happy Connecting!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

"When You Are at Rest, You Have Passed the Test"

I'll say it again.  I am a HUGE fan of Joel Osteen and his ministries.  I believe the work he does is absolute Spirit on earth, and the above quote is thanks to him.

Every once in awhile, I have found myself tuning into Mr. Osteen's sermons, and today's was no exception.  It was about learning to accept what we are in instead of fearing it. (Remember worry is fear)

Last night I was out with my family for date night, and we went and saw "After Earth".   In the movie, there was a statement made by Will Smith's character and it hit home like a tonne of bricks.  It too, was all about fear, and it went like this.  "Fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice."  And truly it is.  It is what holds us back.

Well I say no further.  I say it's time to "Let Go and Let God".  But what does that look like?

Well, I have noticed a trend lately in the work that I have been doing, and there has been a resounding pattern.  It all has to do with beating oneself up for not "feeling like it".  The tendency on this planet is that, responsibilities aside, we feel bad because we feel like a blob and just want to lay on the couch.  Depressive episodes or medical issues aside, why do we fight it?  Because we are worrying about being a blob.

Again, worry is fear.  It is the voices of our past coming up alongside our conditioned thought patterns and they are the "should be's" or even the "ifs" (if I don't do 'this', then 'that' doesn't happen) and they rob us of our presence.  When we are present, fear cannot reside within.  Fear is different from danger.  And that is the crux of the matter and at the heart of the After Earth and Joel Osteen message.

Fear creates unrest, FAITH creates rest.  A bigger picture is at work.  And, while some of us can see ahead with second sight, There is only one Source that can see around all corners.  I'll give you a hint.  Once again, it's not us.

So what are you worrying for?  You're worrying because there isn't enough money?  You're worrying that you have just been fired?  You're worrying because your teeth are crooked?  You're worried because you want to sit on the couch and be a blob today?


Accept where you are AT!  Be in this moment and take a rest!  Now capture that thought pattern every second of every day and you will be amazed at what happens in your life! 

We all have the ability to reach "personal greatness".  It isn't about stardom it's about our soul.  To be in a spot where we know that we are being the best "us" possible and that makes for a terrific life!  We are doing what we are inspired to do and we are recognizing that dreams never have an expiry date.

If a door isn't opening, imagine it shut.  And being "shut" for a purpose.  What's that purpose?  It is that there is something even BIGGER about to happen, and it is always amazing!  The Cosmic Design Committee (CDC) knows exactly what it is because they know exactly what is about to happen.  So, imagine them keeping the door shut that would lead you to certain death, and here you are trying to fight it.  What??  Allow the door to be shut while bearing in mind that the door is shut for a reason or purpose, and that something even better is coming down the road.

Humans want to worry until their blue in the face.   Lord knows I was one of those.  But I've changed and continue to progress because I work in the space of acceptance.  I don't have to like it, but we sure do have to accept it. 

Why would I want to accept it?  Because every opprtunity teaches me something about myself, which teaches me more about my world, and even more about my faith in something bigger than me.  In Faith there is hope.  Always. 

So know that above all else, you are in really, REALLY good hands.  Hands that are so big they fit each and every one of us.  They are the most gentle and loving hands you can ever be in.

There truly is nothing to fear. 

Fear is not real.

Friday, 7 June 2013

I am Light

The power of "I am" is a remarkable thing.  For what follows it truly creates our world.

For a long time people have been content to wander in the dark, and that's okay.  Truly.  I must always remember that each of us are on our own journey.  Sort of.

You see.  I firmly believe that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. 

In Spirit, we are Light.  Plain and simple and in more ways than one.

In Human, we are "dark" (please use dense or in the physical world).  And within humans there are some "dark ones".  But all of us have the opportunity to experience and enter into the world of Light.

That Light is missing in so many these days, and it all stems back to the ability to plug into the Ultimate Power Source.

As I said, Spirit is Light.

That Light resides in each and every one of us.  It truly does.  But, our stories cause us to forget that.  Especially if we are living in "hurts" or the "darks" of our lives. 

Remember I said we all have the opportunity to walk in Light?  Well, here's what it tends to look like.

If we are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, it means that Spirit is housed within this human shell.  Nothing can EVER take that away.  That  Light resides at the seat of our soul.

Now how to find it?

Honor yourself!  Love yourself and give your Spirit what it needs!  Because guess what happens!??

You actually start to feel LIGHTER!!!!!!

People are forgetting to take care of themselves.  And I am here to remind you! 

Here is what taking care of the self looks like:

1) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like curling up on the couch and watching a funny movie".  Okay.  Go curl up on the couch and watch a funny movie!  No exceptions, no "I should be", no nothing!  That is......... nothing but permission to be on the couch watching a movie.

2) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like I should go sit outside on the lawn".  Wait for it........get up and go outside and sit on the lawn!

3) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like phoning so and so".  You know what you have to do right?  I think you've got it?  Pick up the phone and call so and so!

Get the idea? 


So what happens next!?  Well, you'll never believe it.  It's truly amazing.  You have just loved on yourself at the very core level.  It means you've just "plugged in" and what happens when we plug in?  You are actually recharged!!!!

Congratulations!  You have stated, "I Am Love".  And that is what Light is.  Nothing but absolutely pure, unconditional, love!

It is what we are forgetting on this planet!  We are Light and where no Light resides what happens?? Dark!

So, go ahead, shine a light on your Spirit, the seat of your soul and ask it?  What do you FEEL like?

And, if it's sitting outside on your patio, with a Palm Bay in hand, great!  GO DO IT!!

No really, I mean it!  Get out of here!

Cuz Elvis has left the building........................

Soul Sessions

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be "home".  After a hometown visit, so many things have come to light and Spirit has once again pushed me to a new realm.

Upon returning home, new awareness has been created in so many different directions.  But the most resounding message is the value of "home".  It truly is where I am at.  Within and around. 

I've been laughing for days about the fact that this planet is in the middle of a shiftstorm and that it has having very profound impact.  No one is excluded from the process we are in.

The Shiftstorm.

Right now, more than ever, mankind needs their Spirit nurtured, and I am playing a role through my God-given gift of the abilities as a Psychic Medium.  Note that I said ability.  While I believe it was a Gift from God, it is an ability I have to nurture and grow continually.  What I hope to leave others with is the true gift.  Peace of mind.

Enter the Soul Sessions.

Whenever someone comes to see me, they always want more.  That is, while they may have booked a specific appointment, i.e. Tarot/Angel Cards or Mediumship, they want it all.  Well, why not give it?  It's what I am able to do.  Here's the catch as it always has been.

I don't steer the session.  Spirit does.  ALWAYS.  I am the vessel, and strictly the vessel.  So, now I am combining everything into one SUPER SESSION!  Soul Sessions!

The idea popped into my head last night, and I firmly believe these ideas don't arrive "just because".  They arrive because Spirit has whispered gently in my ear and gifted me the idea.  I noticed a trend in what was happening with my bookings and truly, everyone was wanting a bit of all that I am able to do.  So here I am, re-vamping my website and tweaking the services offered.

Oddly, though not surprisingly, this morning I prayed out loud to ask if this is truly what they would have me do.  And I asked for a sign.  A few minutes prior to the prayer I reached out to some pretty special ladies in my life (thank you Angels!) and wanted their take on my "feeling".  It was wholeheartedly supported/validated!

And then it happened.  The phone rang.  It was my twin flame.  My sister from another mister.  The one who has been on the same/same voyage since we met.  She has been very immersed in new mother world and it has been awhile since we have connected.  And today, she was the Messenger.

We were sharing an exchange on the goings on in each other's lives these days, and then it came.  A revelation that she was working on some issues with a homeopath as her physicality was harboring her emotionality and it was creating some discomfort.

Enter The Mountain Medium.

"Well, dear, let me tell you about the shape my work has taken" I stated.  "I have been thinking about changing my sessions into a one hour 'Soul Session' and here's what it looks like".  So I went on to explain just how it seemed that people that were coming to see me were needing blocks removed, needing awareness created around beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and also wanting to hear from loved ones.  ALL IN ONE SESSION!  I asked her what she thought about it and it was met, once again, with a resounding yes.  At that moment, I said, "Hey!  You need a reading.  I would like you to be the first recipient of a Soul Session', and away we went. 

And, as Spirit would have it, revelations abound and a moment of release was created.  It was HUGE!  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  Spirit had swept in to help heal a "moment in time".

You see, pain is a physical signal given to our body, but suffering happens in the mind.  We are NOT meant to suffer on this planet.  And, with a little guidance and re-formatting of thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, one can release a multitude of hurt.  It really is amazing to be involved with so many journeys and watching the transition and relief provided.  It's truly a blessing, and I am forever humbled and grateful.

I can't tell you what a session will look like as they will be tailored to each individual, but what I can tell you is this. 

Spirit ALWAYS delivers!

I mean really.  I reach out to my here Angels, I say a prayer, the phone rings, I enter a Soul Session.

Today I was able to give someone EXACTLY what they needed.  All because I let Spirit do the work.

I asked, and I received.

Boy did they answer fast!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Plugging Into the Ultimate Power Source

DISCLAIMER:  The irony of this blog does not escape the author.

I always tell my clients that I will tell them `like it is` and will endeavor to do so in the most loving way possible.  Sometimes it just isn`t possible.  The message is the message.  And I am merely the messenger.  I must deliver as I sense it.  This is one of those moments, so if swears bother you, stop right here.

I phoned my dear friend Carrie the other day.  She is a wonderful Reiki Master and I can't speak highly enough of her.  This past while has found me in an extreme amount of pressure cooker, and the steam needed to escape.  She is the one who is the inspiration behind this blog and the aptly titled spill.

We were recounting our past couple of days and we had reached out at a low moment.  The energy is ripe with heaviness right now.  Some people would call it a shitstorm. 

I have aptly called it the Shiftstorm.

As an empath, one who feels EVERYTHING going on, heaviness seemed to have found its way onto my shoulders, and I just needed a download.  Wouldn't you know it, she needed one too.

So there we were, on the phone, and unknowingly becoming vessels for inspiration and hope.  An exchange had occurred.  During this exchange, Carrie stated, "We're connected to the wrong power source.  We're forgetting the ultimate power source."  And, as Psychic Tourette's goes, it was one of those moments, and here is what I have to say about it.

What was said resonates.  I mean, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Oovo.  The list goes on.  And oh yes, let's not forget Blogger and the fact that I am connected to my computer to disseminate this account. ha......ha.....ha......please see Disclaimer.  LOL

The one thing mankind is forgetting is the Ultimate Power Source.  However you choose to see it.  In getting "connected", we have created the biggest disconnect ever in anyone's life.  The one from Source.

The ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE (A whole new UPS.....delivery....on time.....when needed)

When I talk to others about Spirituality, it isn't just about beliefs held, it is about honoring the fact that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.  That Spirit.  Our Spirit.  Needs to be nurtured.  Daily.

The Universe holds a wisdom beyond any comprehension (believe me, I connect with it and it boggles my mind).  But it is there, along with Angels in the Outfield, to guide, nurture, and connect with.  Any time we choose.

That is IF we choose.

I believe we should.  Our Spirit is at the helm of our Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual wellness.  When we are able to "connect", we are provided a big drink of water.  The problem is, not everybody wants to drink or knows how to, and that's okay.  But for me, I drink the Kool-Aid all the time.  It is vital to my well-being.

Part of that journey is doing something that feeds my Spirit on a regular, heck daily, basis.  I must connect every single day.  It isn't just about readings, it is about keeping my relationship firm with the Universe.  It also comes down to doing things that elevate, and honoring the downtimes with a good rest on the couch with some great movies.

When we connect with Spirit we reach an untouchable spot that never quits, always has hope, and knows that today will be a better day.  Because we've nurtured our soul.

This gets right down to being emotionally expressive and dealing with what we are feeling.  We are forgetting to connect with the humans right in front of us.  And that's a shame.  Because it's hurting us.  Look at the tragedies around the world and you will see what I mean.

We are missing out!!!!!

There are so many amazing things that are going on and we are missing them because we are "plugged in".  A child's smile, a campsite with a creek running through it, coffee on a patio, a drink with friends. 

And, most importantly, ourselves!!!!

What do you need to lift your Spirit?  What would help you feel more connected to a life of love and laughter?  A Universe of wealth and knowledge?  List three things...........

So what are you doing staring at this screen? Get out there and connect with Spirit!