Friday, 28 March 2014

Times Fun When You're Having Flies

I have wanted to be committed to blogging, but my work truly has taken me away.  So, here I sit, taking that time, to do something that I love to do.  Write.  I may not be good at it, but I believe this to be another form of channel for Spirit in my life, and I hope that this one finds you well.

My work has reached an almost frantic pace, and I keep receiving the "Balance Home and Career Life" card very frequently.  I love, love, LOVE what I do, and therein can lie the problem.  I love my family, I love my friends, but such peace like has never been known in my life truly comes from finally allowing myself to be who I truly am meant to become.  ME.  And a very strong component of "me" is my work.

I firmly believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and that our Spirit deserves to be nurtured and honored along our journey.  That's where the true fun begins.  You see, I believe this planet to be our school, and our goal is ascension.  In my world, Ascension isn't about getting into Heaven, it is about becoming an evolved soul on this planet.  Some of us are young to the journeys here, and some of us arrive practically ascended.  The Old Souls.  The Masters.  But, I believe young souls can turn old quickly if we sit and learn our lessons.  THAT is true Ascension to me.

I cannot tell you how many sessions I run these days, where people find themselves in a position of cutting away things that no longer serve, asking better of the people in our lives, and answering the stirrings of their soul.  It is EXACTLY what the Universe is asking us to do at this stage of mankind's soulvolution.  It is not about hating anyone because of how they behave, but recognizing we have changed so much and that that person's journey no longer resonates with us.  We need to give ourselves permission to walk through "out with the old and in with the new".  We also want to hold a space of asking the Universe to give that soul what it needs for healing.  For I truly believe we can do that for others.

We also have to remember on this journey that this life is meant to be enJOYable!  Finding the time to take that walk, sitting for tea with a friend, stopping to smell the roses.  Thus, the need for my work to morph.  I love my clients, but it has been time for some more variety, a bigger crowd, a different venue, etc.  It truly helps keep it all, and me, fresh. 

At the beginning of this year, I made an "In 2014 I will create..." list which ended up being 23 items at this stage (10 have shown up already!).  Enter, "be careful what you wish for" because some of those items revolved around my work and the Universe has seen to drop some amazing things into my life with respect to those wishes.  Within the last 72 hours I have found myself at the doorway to Television (stay tuned for the "Mountain Medium" coming this Fall to airwaves near you), and now hosting a 60-seat evening with Spirit which after two days of ticket sales is halfway sold out already! Plus I have "Pro-D" Day I am one of several guest speakers at, I have a retreat, and I have some travelling to do with this work.  Phew!

Enter the "balance" card.

The days have flown by so quickly this year, that I really do have to honor the card I keep receiving.  And, up until the past week or so, I really had this nice flow going of home and career, but this last little bit has been cray-cray and I continually get the "slow down" voice in my head.  Enter incense, enter meditation, enter exercise between clients.  That balance always keeps me present, and keeps me extremely grounded. 

My home life is my "work" too (as it should be for all of us), but in order for any of us to be any good at what we do, we have to remember to honor ourselves, do what makes us feel like a kid again, and remember to laugh along this crazy trip called life!

So, love yourself first, take really good care of you, find that amazing balance between work and home, and walk into the flow of an amazing time.  Where you are completely present, and enjoying some time not flying bye (and yes, I meant to spell it that way)!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Liars and Love

You know, it would seem that we are back in another bit of energetic mayhem, and this time it has NOTHING to do with Mercury Retrograde.  I am sure we are receiving another energetic push of some sort.  It feels like it is about "checking in", "checking out", and "owning it".

As I sat through a re-run of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday with Dr. Brene Brown, so many timely reminders came through.  The biggest was this.  Courage requires vulnerability.  And, to me, vulnerability requires a willingness to own the tough stuff, regardless of how we think others might react.

So, I've decided to blog about liars.  Liars lie to cover shame, blame, and the "not good enough"'s.  We've all done it, and no one person is immune from it.  We just have to make a conscientious effort to tell the truth, and we can tell the truth in a way that is loving and gentle.  I don't believe it needs to be harsh.

However, there is an aspect of lying that really hurts.  It is when we have created a space for someone to tell the truth, regardless of what it is, and they can't seem to.  I truly feel this one is about guilt and shame.

If someone has worked hard to say, "Look.  All I want from this moment forward is for you to come to me before I discover something" and that person doesn't, it is what truly hurts.  I have been on the receiving end of that more times than I can count, and it really does hurt.  I operate my life in a forthcoming nature and when it comes to close relationships in my life, I am nothing but fully disclosed so that people can truly see "me".  Where I have been, where I am, and where I am going.  I openly admit my flaws, wear them with pride, and own the best parts of me too!

But it is challenging to be in a relationship with ANYONE who cannot tell the truth.  Telling the truth requires something else very important.  Love of oneself.  The gift of loving oneself cannot be given to anyone, by anyone, but yourself.  Period.  No amount of love from another can conquer it.  No amount.  For it will not be received by someone that cannot give it to themselves.

So, give yourself the gift of loving yourself, in all your imperfection, in all your outer beauty, in all your inner beauty.  See the good in you!  Be brave enough to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability requires courage.  Courage requires truth.  There is ALWAYS beauty in truth.  It means you love yourself enough to be honest, you  love another person so much you have no desire but to be honest.

THAT is the moment, the only moment, when love can truly conquer all......................


It cannot conquer all if someone in your life is unwilling to go there.  THAT we cannot change.

So..........husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, yourself enough to walk in courage and vulnerability.  To love oneself is to be wholehearted and giving your all.  Including, telling the truth.  Even though the truth can hurt, and it can be scary, how can you heal without it and the love you so rightly deserve?  Yours!
According to Dr. Brown, we should work on the following:
1. Let go of what people think.
2. Let go of perfectionism.
3. Let go of numbing and powerlessness.
4. Let go of scarcity and fear of the dark.
5. Let go of the need for certainty.
6. Let go of comparison.
7. Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth.
8. Let go of anxiety as a lifestyle.
9. Let go of self-doubt and “supposed to.”
10. Let go of being cool and “always in control.”
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