Monday, 27 May 2013

Spider and the Web of Fate

Sometimes certain people in our lives are there forever, whether we like it or not.  So what do we do when the person is irrevocably woven into our timeline.  We try to spin it.  And Lordy is this person posing a challenge.

Not that long ago I had a dream about this specific person and it involved running from an erupting volcano and landing on a safe piece of land with said person.  Needless to say, within the dream we wound up in a screaming match and I "won".  While I believe nobody truly wins when we explode, sometimes these things happen to clear the air.  And boy is there a lot of air to clear with this particular person.

Not long ago I posted on Facebook a post that stated, "Thank you to all the difficult people in my life.  They have shown me how I do not wish to be."  And truly, the person I refer to is one of THE most toxic beings I have ever encountered.   She is two-faced, malicious, downright vindictive, and presents as the most loving person in the world.  (Please note, this is my experience of her, NOT my opinion, and there is a difference).

She is here for me to learn from, for until the day she dies she will be forever entwined.  God knows I am trying to spin it, but good grief, this person brings out the worst in me.  And she will pose as the biggest challenge in my interpersonal life I will ever have to be involved with.

I do believe that sometimes we do have to get mad, I truly do.  I know I have been the sword of truth and I do try to do it in a loving way, but it isn't always easy.  We humans are here to experience and manage our emotions.  And we are asked to do it from a Higher Perspective, but again, it ISN'T always easy.

So, along comes Mrs. Spider, injecting her venom into me, causing great irritation.  The reminder to be the change I wish to see in the world.  The bite is annoying.  Itchy and swollen, downright a bother.  Just like this person.  So, I have to be patient with myself, nurse this thing away, and learn to adjust my thinking once again, to not be "bothered" by the irritation of this other person so woven into my life.

We all have them.  Challenging people present in our lives and forever woven, but how do we rise above them.  I try to take pity on her for her life is a mess because of how she has behaved.  But at some point, we as adults must learn to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives and learn to do it better.  My journey has been one of growing into Peace and Love.  And maybe this blog is my way of trying to work the spin in while sharing the experience for others to hopefully learn or relate to.

When spiders weave, they weave in a pattern that is symmetrical and aligned.  It serves to trap sustenance so the spider can live.  And maybe that's it.  This person lives as a constant reminder of who I never wish to be and some of what I once was.  Toxic.  It is never easy to look in a mirror that once reflected the same thing.  Especially when one continually learns from and releases those particular behaviors and patterns.  But how do I nourish myself through this lifetime of involvement.

Being human isn't easy.  Like they say, "Life is easy, it's the living that's hard."  Even though it really isn't that hard.  It can just be challenging, and I love rising to the challenge.  So, what am I continually being reminded of.  Who I never wish to be.  Her soul should serve as food to my soul that I am forever nourished in faith and love and hope.  I am a changed person, and I continually change as I weave myself higher and higher in my soulvolution.

She is the constant reminder of just how far I have come.  And I am grateful.  For the stuff that gets brought up is stuff I am able to have released.  For it no longer serves a purpose.  Iyanla van Zant always asks the other person to allow themselve to "bubble up" the emotions and let them pour.  For in pouring we release, and in releasing there is healing.

So I say bring on the bubbles and thank you to both the spiders who are in my life.  The one that bit me and the one that spews venom.  For in both, there is healing.  My healing.  I will continue to weave my web of life in beautiful patterns and spiritually aligned.  And it is moments like these that help me in doing so.

So once again I say thank you.  Thank you to the spiders and their venom.  They are continual reminders of who I never wish to be.  And with that my soul once again feels replenished.  For in releasing this story, I have spun my web into new alignment. 

And I am grateful.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Insight and Growth - What Life Is Truly About

Before I set my fingers to keyboard, I actually say a prayer.  As a matter of fact I pray alot.  It isn't actually about asking God to solve my problems.  It is more like I pray to be the vessel and convey any necessary information.  It is kind of like what I do before going into session.

I lead a very Spirit-driven life in more ways than one.  I continually ask for the best possible outcome for any situation I find myself in (alone or with others involved), I ask for direction and guidance as to how I may serve best on this planet, I am always, always, always, in a state of gratitude, and the problems I  have, well, my God is big and I always know I am in good hands and what is necessary will be revealed.

I also believe that each and every one of us knows exactly what we need to be doing at any given moment, but Free Will is the verb that sets everything into motion for our benefit and whether it's going to be a "School of Hard Knocks" or a "School of Life Rocks" moment.

Now, there is nothing wrong with either, but odds are most of would prefer to run in the "School of Life Rocks" category, right?  I know that's the school I am firmly enrolled in and I can tell you, once you make that decision, your life truly does begin to rock, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

However, we must give credit to the other school, for it is truly  how we learn to attribute our world and begin to make some semblance of sense of it all.  But I'm going to guess that the notion of repeating the lessons over and over really seems like a place we do NOT want to be in.  Am I right?  

Well then what are you waiting for?

Ever notice as an outsider looking into a situation, that the insight can be quite easy?  What is it that is so difficult about the human situation that we fail to look at ourselves in such a way?  I'm truly asking, because as an outsider looking in on some situations in my life, the answers are as plain as day.  Heck, even when I am the insider, I step out and look in just to see from a Higher Perspective.

Life can get really messy sometimes, and that's okay, because it is like "learning to dance in the rain".  I believe the messes can feel more like a drop in the bucket, IF one was willing to do the work and decide to look at one's life from all angles in all ways.

It takes a lot of courage to recognize that maybe what you are doing isn't working, and maybe a new approach needs to be had, but how do we get from "here" to "there". 

Insight and the willingness to take a true look at the facts.

Is what you're doing working?
Is it helping or harming?
What are the possible outcomes?
What actions are you taking that are creating the situation?
What needs to be changed in order to change it?

These are tough questions that begged to be answered in those difficult moments.  It can get ugly looking at the answers.  But what is really neat about that is that somewhere, deep down inside, we begin to take note and change.  The Shift.  And it is truly a gift.

It isn't always easy, and we will get tests along the way and they will come with one of two grades.  A "pass" or a "fail".

"Fail": (Remember, fail isn't a bad thing, it is a learning lesson)

Lesson(s) not learned, must repeat, it will come in different form but same theme,is as "difficult" as it was the first time the lesson appeared.  Welcome to the "School of Hard Knocks".


Lesson(s) learned, adjustments to life made, things go smoother, you feel better for what you've come to understand.  Welcome to the "School of Life Rocks".

My wish for a very long time now, has been for each and every person on this planet to make the decision (Free Will) to enroll in the School of Life Rocks.  The School of Hard Knocks will happen, it always does, but the valuable lessons in the School of Life Rocks make it so much easier to navigate the School of Hard Knocks.

And, eventually we will get to see the tougher school as speed bumps and less like mountains people make them out to be.  There are always going to be challenges in life.  That is part of what being in the Big School is all about. 

But, it's how we choose to see them, and what we choose to do with them, that makes ALL the difference in the world.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What If.......

So, looking kind of ugly out there right now, isn't it?

I mean, young kids causing chaos through explosions, North Korea puffing their feathers like a rogue rooster, young girls being brutalized, and the list goes on.

One could wallow in it all day if one really wanted to.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to.

Instead, I want to take you on a journey.  A journey of your soul. 

If we are to believe we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, wouldn't it stand to reason that at the very depths of each one of us shines a light so bright that it is unstoppable?

I ascribe to this, and I have been working hard and heavy at "dusting myself off" at a soul level.  This planet really is our school, and our souls are on a path that marks a changing time for all.  I believe it comes down to this light within EACH and EVERY one of us.

I don't believe the world has to be this way.  I really don't.  And I think it is time for this planet to reach back to the basics in order to achieve this.  There was a time where the concept of God was taught in schools.  There was a time when each child had to stand at their desk and sing their National Anthem.  Some places still do, and I think it's fantastic.  I also think we're missing the mark.  I believe a time has come to end all borders and work on the fact that each and every one of us is united on this planet.  One cannot be without the other.  We are one world.

I believe a time for Spirituality has arrived. 

Whenever I enter a Psychic Session, I always ask for the Higher good to be revealed for the sake of the Spirit sitting in front of me because for me, Spirituality isn't just about a set of beliefs for me, it is about our never-ending Spirit.


What?? What do you mean??? 

If we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, our Spirit needs nurturing on a daily basis.  It needs to be fed, watered, and grown, just like a beautiful flower waiting to burst out.  Part of nurturing our Spirit is learning to use our inner guidance system.  It is a gift from God (Creator, Yawheh, Skyfather, Earthmother.......) meant for our benefit.

But not alot of people are using it.............yet. 

People are also working on a "new set of eyes" out there.  Day by day, minute by minute.  They are eyes of Unconditional Love.  Eyes that look upon others and look beyond the actions to their very soul.  That bright burning light that has told themselves a story which has created whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

For instance, when I am in session with someone I can reach in and find out the story they are telling themselves, thereby revealing or validating something they hadn't known or had already realized.  Most of the stories come down to love, or lack thereof.  Particularly whoever I am sitting with.  Don't we all fail to realize just how amazing each and every one of us is?  Do we not give ourselves nearly enough credit on this planet?  I mean, really!

My journey was like that, and I still have my moments.  I believe it is part of our "humannness".  However, most conversations about me go like this.  "I am so blessed to be part of this journey", "well, that was a learning opportunity wasn't it", "do you realize the comfort you bring to people", "I live a blessed life", and "aren't you amazing".

As a child we seek that validation from outside sources such as parents, friends, acquaintances.  I don't believe it has to be the complete part of our younger journey.  I believe we can help children come to see that each and everyone is enough in and of themselves, and that they have greatness within.  I believe our adults need to hear this too.  It is part of that care of Spirit I was talking about.

So, let's do a few things for ourselves today.  Let's try and listen to what our "gut" is telling us, and let's try and be more loving towards ourselves, giving ourselves all the love in the world we could ever require.  Let's try and honor that we have been placed here, and that if we're here, we must have a purpose. 

If you are sitting with someone and hearing their story is driving you nuts, take pity on them.  Say a prayer for them.  They are in a learning lesson.  Sometimes they want help moving out of it, and sometimes they are just content to be sitting exactly where they are at.  And that, we must learn, has to be okay!  It also has to be okay that we have a right to express our concern for one another, but let's do it in a loving way!  That is the space of Unconditional Love!  Let's love on one another, let's band together and start being the amazing souls we all are!

Give yourselves, and others, the gift of love today.

For love truly does conquer all.