Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A View with a Skew

If you could change anything, what would it be?

For me, it is my view.  That is, how I look at things that are happening in my life.  No, not the view of the ocean.  LOL.

In Victim mode, I found myself living with "why me?" (why not you Donna, what makes you so

In Volunteer mode, I live with, "what shall I learn from this?"

We are born, we live, and we leave.  That IS life.

However, I believe that this particular life's view's have been skewed, and I am re-writing how I see people, places, and things.

We truly need to stop "the hate", get down to what really matters, and learn to play nice in the playground.  Because that's what this planet is!

Why are we battling over "super powers"?  Super Powers are tantamount to bullies.  It is the, "I am going to pull out a nuclear bomb until somebody listens to me?" temper tantrum, when all North Korea really wants is to be heard but nobody's listening!  So, we assert our authority when what we need to be doing is creating King Arthur's Round Table. And, while it does not excuse what has happened in recent events, it begs to be asked. "What has gotten you so mad that you felt the only way you could be heard is by bombing a marathon?"

What does everybody want?????

I believe it is peace, I truly do.  But we may not know the way to it.

I believe it is with a new view.  And it goes something like this:

1)  Everyone just wishes to be heard.  So let's do less talking and more listening (without gadgets, distractions, I'm talking face to face conversations with real live people)
2)  Everyone has their own story they are living out.  While it is hard to sit back and watch sometimes, maybe what we  should be doing is showering them with blessings and love.  For in loving one, we love the all.
3)  Every human being is going to have something they love to do for a living and it will never feel like a day of work for as long as you live.
4)  Every human has the right to feel safe and secure.
5) Every body works TOGETHER to be the solution. 
6)  A world where everyone lives in endless possibilities that bring us all together as a planet.   No more divisions.  A united front!

What was that about play nice in the playground?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How's What You're Doing Working So Far?

It's called "tough love" for a reason, and I have some for this planet and its inhabitants.  This is a gritty moment.  Brace yourself for impact.

Listen, I will never claim to have the perfect life.  I have two teenage stepchildren, run my own business, manage a marriage of five years, take care of a home, and am trying to help a planet I care too deeply for to sit idly by and watch people on a path of self-destruct.

So, I gotta ask you?  How's what you're doing working?  Cuz if it isn't, you have nobody to blame but yourself.  Yeah, yeah, we are all on our own paths, but I am getting so sick and tired of hearing all of the complaining going on out there because you can't be bothered to step up to the plate and work the problem from a different angle if what you're doing isn't working!

There are teenage girls sending half naked photos of themselves out, and now two have died in the last six months because they felt they had nothing else to do but take that road.  Are you fucking kidding me?

What are we doing people?  Have we had enough yet?  Cuz again I say, if it isn't working, there is only one way it is going to change, and it all begins with YOU!!!!!

When you are old enough to be making "decisions" for yourself, you're old enough to hear the truth.  The truth is this.  What you put out you get back!  Some people call it Karma, some people call it Universal Law.  However you choose to see it, our words, thoughts, and actions create our world.

You cannot run around calling people "cocksuckers" and "fucking assholes" and expect to get a tonne of roses back.  It just doesn't work that way.  I know this is hard-hitting, but like Iyanla VanZant says, "let's call a thing a thing".  This "thing" isn't working.  None of it is.

But it cannot start working until you are prepared to dig deep and make a decision to try something different.  ESPECIALLY when what you are doing is NOT working and it is wildly apparent.

Pull the wool up from over your eyes, clear out the mud, do whatever the hell it is you have to do and make a decision to create greatness in your world.

Children slacking off?  You're the parent!  Take the control back!  It isn't about coming in as a raving lunatic and demanding better from your children.  It is asserting your authority and showing them how to make healthy choices.  There are kids having kids.  There are parents who were kids when they had kids.  How can you expect to be a parent if you're still operating like a kid yourself?  Our children need healthy boundaries.  Our children need to be told "no".  Our children need to be unplugged from gadgets.  Our children need mental health!  Our children need to be shown HOW to create a better world.

If your child is running amuck and it is out of your range of knowledge.  Get help!

Re-write your patterns.  Re-write your thoughts.  Re-write your actions.

How?  By being the best you possible.  I want you to try something, just for a few weeks.  Just try it.  I want you to say nice things, do nice things, and act in a nice way.  No name-calling, no belittling, to others and YOURSELF!!

Our words create our worlds.  And, if we persevere through these particular thoughts, actions, and deeds, guess what?  You will start to see everything and everyone shift around you.  It is going to take putting on your big girl panties and your man britches, but it HAS TO STOP!!!!

I firmly believe that each of us has the opportunity to have an absolutely amazing life where people can be built up, chase their dreams, and live them!  But it is going to require a very big change in you before anything else.

Things don't happen to us, they happen for us.  Too many people are wandering around going, "why me?" when they should be asking, "what? what am I supposed to learn?"  So we're learning that what's happening in our schools isn't working.  We are learning that what is happening in our homes out there isn't working.  

I ask you, what are you prepared to do about it?

For as long as you are prepared to do something about it, it can be changed! 

I promise you this.  You want blessings, be a blessing.  You want change, be the change.  If you want to stop hurting, stop hurting yourself and others.  Be kind to you.  Be kind to others. Be the best possible you!

Get to know you, treat you well, do something nice for someone else.  This life is full of challenges, but it does NOT have to be this hard.  Honestly!

So, let's all give our heads a shake (mine included, I never exclude myself from these talks), and do something DIFFERENT!

Let's encourage one another, let's stop posting negativity, let's stop belittling ourselves and others., and let's start making some healthy decisions based on some values and not because someone is going to like you if you do "this".  Let's start changing this planet by changing ourselves!

Let's tell someone, "I like your hair."
Let's hold the door open for someone.
Let's speak kind words about ourselves.

WE ARE VALUABLE!  Aren't we worth it??? 

I believe we are.