Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wake Up World - It's a New Day with an Amazing New Dawn

Did you have enough of 2013?  I know I did.  2013 chewed me up and spit me out to my very core, and that's okay.  I have maintained for a very long time that through great challenge comes even greater reward.  Well..................they'd better be pretty freaking great!  LOL!

With challenges come rewards on a soul level.  Lessons learned and made the stronger for it!  I know alot of you had a particularly trying year, so what have you learned?

One of the biggest lessons handed to me this year was the entire, seriously, it was ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I know I am going to be okay.  Why?  Because the Universe has my back, and they actually have yours too.

So here's what happened for most of us in 2013.  That number makes a six, the number of going inwards.  Inward reflection.  Really taking a good long look at what is, and is not, working.  From relationships to behaviors, mankind is truly getting sick and tired of the bullshit.  Liars, cheaters, corruptors, broken government systems.  DONE.  They are proved to be false and not in Universal alignment.

The stronger and longer we walk into the world of Spirituality, the harder it gets to take.  And therein lies the biggest lesson of all.  We all have our own paths to walk.  By choice.  Ours.  Nobody else's.

However, if one wants to be met with all the success in the world, we have to stop blaming other people for our problems.  Nobody is responsible for making us happy except ourselves, we must learn to say, "I'm sorry I fucked up", and grow into something bigger than the stories of our past.  Period.  It is the only way we are going to see ourselves out of this mess we have created.

Don't you think it's time to give our children the gift of accountability?  Don't you think it's about time you accepted responsibility for where you're at and where your life is going?  Nobody "makes" you quit a job.  Someone doesn't get pregnant by accident if neither people engaging in intercourse are taking precautions.  A marriage doesn't break down because of the spouse who has been trying to drill something into your head and is met with no response.  These circumstances happen because one makes a choice.

Don't you think it's time we start choosing "better"?

Look.  I get we have a Soul Chart and that Soul Chart has things from birth to earth on it.  Lessons, people, patterns, etc.  But every day we have the choice of breaking free of our past and being "better".  Loving ourselves enough, learning to chase dreams everyone else might think you are a stark raving lunatic for, yada, yada, yada.

We do NOT have to participate in this insanity any longer.

And that is what 2014 is all about.  7 energy.  The Chariot.  The fight.  For oneself.  By oneself.  For the sake of all mankind.  Because we, in fact, are all one.  We come from same, we will return to same, we are just housed in different shells.

Do you not think you are worth healing sexual, physical, or emotional abuse from your past?  Don't you think you deserve to call yourself more than an addict?  Don't you think you deserve more than to be the person who cowers in the corner, afraid of their own shadow?

I think we all deserve it.  A healthy, happy, amazing future.

There is only one way we are going to get there.  Fighting to be heard.  We have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to treat others the same.  We have the right to rise above our "broken" pasts and learn that regardless of how our experience may have been when we were younger, we are not bad people.  In fact, we have the opportunity to be "better" people.

Where it is okay if you have a neurological disorder that causes you to feel sad when the sun isn't out.  Where it is okay to be born with a disease that strikes one in 650,000 people leaving you with one kidney that needs to be closely guarded and feet that look like they're pregnancy puffy (yes, it's me, it's called lymphedema, and I own it.  I am the girl with the fat ankles, lol).  Where it is okay if you are having a bad day.

We all have to strive to be okay.  Nothing and no one is perfect (what??!!  oh yeah, human), but that is what makes us perfect in our own right.

So, learn your lessons, stop playing small, start fighting for you and let's turn 2014 into one of the most amazing spaces we have ever created!

Because look.  The other shoe is inevitably going to drop.  And that's okay.  If you are prepared in a healthy physical, emotional, and Spiritual way, nothing, and no one, should be able to break you. 

Shit happens, it's not just a biological function.  But alot of things grow from the fertilizer of life.  Why don't you?