Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Had A Dream

After a lengthy conversation with a dear friend, I have made the decision to recount a dream I had this morning.  It is for the sake of preserving as much detail as possible.  For I woke up from this dream and it felt profound, for lack of a better descriptor. 

It is not about trying to decipher it...........yet.  I do not know what information is held within, I just know that it is important to me and whatever may unfold in the future.

My husband and I were in Egypt.  More importantly, we were on an immense plateau that was like a peninsula surrounded by very deep canyons.  Off, in the distance, were pyramids.  I recall the area beind reddish brown in hue, darker than the Grand Canyon appears.

We had been invited there by the Curator of the particular museum and it was much like a natural history museum.  At the start of this area was an obelisk.  The first 20 or so feet of the tip had been revealed and completely uncovered, and another 30 or so feet had been dug down around it, but again only the tip exposed.  I was invited to climb the stairs carved out in the obelisk and told to take a look at the heiroglyphs carved into it as I climbed my way up to the top.  I stopped about half way up and looked down into the pit surrounding the obelisk.  I was told by the curator that they kept the pit relatively undisturbed so they could see how much of the obelisk stairs were being worn away.  I was also told that they were measuring how much erosion was occurring by the depth of the dirt at the bottom of the pit.  It was also explained that consideration was being given to putting up a guard rail around the obelisk and no longer allowing people to climb it for the sake of preservation and protection.

I have to admit I felt a bit honored at the thought of being one of the last few able to climb it, and all the way to the top.  I don't remember any of the heiroglyphics, just that I was told by the curator that the history of the people of this land and the stories of the land were being told on it.  It was extremely fascinating.

Then we came back down to the plateau and it was at this time that the curator stated he wished to show us something.  He brought us to a glass case and there inside, was a cat.  None like any I had seen before.  The curator explained that for centuries a society had been breeding one of the last remaining living creatures from those times so long ago.  They hadn't been doing it openly because it was a sacred cat.  This was the first time it was on display and that there were more, but only this one would be shown.  This cat looked like a panther and a cougar crossed, but only stood about two feet tall.  It was at least 6 feet in length from head to tail and it was a dark brown with a grey sheen to it.  It was beautiful!

With that, the curator was off to the VIP tents where more displays were, as well as food and refreshments.  Those tents seemed like they were a long ways away as what appeared to be a runway for airplanes was also in the middle of the plateau between the obelisk and the VIP tents at the tip of the peninsula.

While standing at the case, the cats tale came out from underneath the glass to right in front of me.  I seized the opportunity to reach out to the tail, and as I brushed my  hand along, it felt like the most plush velvet I have ever felt.  At that moment, the cat turned its head to me and locked eyes.  I said, "I see you.  I see you."  And we held each other's gaze.  It let me hang onto its tail.

Shortly thereafter I released it and stated to my husband, "This case has a hole in it, they had better be careful the cat doesn't get out."  We then decided to head down towards the VIP tents and see what else there was to behold and eat.

We got halfway down the runway when people started running towards the obelisk.  I stopped and turned around to see the cat coming down the runway.  It had gotten out.  Next thing I knew, people were running towards us from the tents and running back from the obelisk in pursuit of this cat.

It came about 10 feet away from my husband and I, and just as officers were approaching and circling with tranquilizer guns, I stated, "It's okay.  I've got this", and I locked eyes once again with the cat.

I stated to all of them, "You have to let this one go for the sake of the land and these people.  He is from it and needs to be part of it to survive.  He says he will not stray far, but just needs to be free.  He also says that it's okay to keep the others there for the sake of preserving and protecting them, but you must let him go." 

They let him go, I watched him leave, and I woke up.

The End.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Art of "I Surrender"

Thank goodness Mercury has left us until June.  As stated in earlier blogs, it was an extremely trying time for me. 

However, during that time, I held fast to "Something good is going to happen through this experience.  I feel it".  And, I now know and have come to experience exactly what it is.

It came with a "price", and one I would willingly accept again.  For the price was easy to pay.  I call it "I Surrender".

You see, I firmly believe we all receive a Soul Chart (Contract) while we are over There, before we come over Here.  Within that Soul Chart lies a map or course to our life.  Who we are, who we are born to, our friends, family, etc.  We are given our entry date, our final exit date, and maybe a few close calls along the way.  I also firmly believe we are given a Main Mission. It is our main calling, our act of service to others upon this planet.

As I have mentioned before, my most recent brush with death came in 2010 when I almost died from choking on a candy.  That candy actually saved my life.  For in that moment of recognizing I was about to die, the thought that prevailed was, "I can't die, I have too much work to do and too many people to take care of".  That thought propelled me into performing the Heimlich Maneuver on myself as I was on the way down to the floor passing out on my way to dying.  It only takes four minutes to die from choking.  And, if you ever find yourself in the need to save yourself, just put your fists stacked one on top of the other just below your sternum (where your ribs meet at stomach level) and let your weight do the work.  This incident truly saved my life.  For it was then that I made the choice to live out loud, no longer in denial of who I am and what I am able to do.

I firmly put one foot in front of the other and started my business as a Psychic Medium.  I had been doing it quietly for too long, and to deny it was to deny myself.  My life shifted in that moment, and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be free of the shackles of denial.  I don't care what anyone thinks about what I am able to do, I know my truth, and I am forever changed in the most amazing way because of it.

However, the past few weeks found me experiencing the highs and lows of being a Psychic and almost found me in a place of throwing in the towel on the whole deal.  Until I found myself a crumpled mess, sobbing on the floor early on a Monday morning.

It was in that moment that I turned my fists to the sky and said, "WHAT??!!!  What am I not getting?  Is there something I still haven't figured out yet?  You had better start showing me because my soul can't take this much more!"

Then, after dusting myself off from the bunnies I collected from my not so clean hardwood floors, I moved over to a chair and just sat.  Drying my eyes, picking up the pieces, and waiting.  Knowing that if I took this next phase to be still, the answers would arrive.

And then it hit me, a loud voice inside my head.  One word.  That's all it was.


Surrender?  What was I supposed to surrender?  What do you mean surrender?

Bzzzzzzt.  The lightning bolt struck.  AHA!!!!

We have all heard teachings about surrendering to "His will".  And, while I believe that there is no gender assigned to Creator, it all began to sink in.

I have a Soul Chart.  That Soul Chart says when and where anything is supposed to happen in my life.  We are able to sense snippets of our charts, but I feel there is only one place that knows the entire timing of that Chart.  Over There.  NOT over HERE.  We are not supposed to know it all.  That would take away from the joyous space called life.  Ours is to trust our feelings and follow them.  We are to show our intent with our passion or calling we feel deep down inside, and then let our Chart do the rest.

So here I was, the past few years pushing and fighting, kicking and screaming, to get my business up and running to its fullest potential.  It had been extremely quiet in January and February (typical of alot of business - post-Christmas bills), and it really made me begin to wonder.  The thought of not being able to do this for the rest of my days killed me.  It is like a part of my soul withers at the thought.

And there's where "surrender" comes in.  It is up to us to put our best foot forward on this planet, and to follow the yearnings of our heart.  We must make commitments in order for our Team to open doors and help us along the way, but our schedule is just that OUR schedule.

Well, while we might be on our schedule, we truly are on something else's schedule.  Our Soul Chart is that schedule.  Within our Soul Chart lies exactly when "great things" will happen with respect to our calling.  It isn't MY schedule, it is the Chart's.  It is THE plan.  It is our course.  And it is written within the page(s).

Upon realizing this, I felt myself bowing down as it were, literally putting my hands up in the air and stating, "I surrender.  I surrender to Your plan.  I surrender to my Soul Chart.  I have faith that my dreams are and will come true and that it is NOT on my time schedule, it is on yours."

Within that moment one of the hugest releases occurred that I have ever encountered in my life (even bigger than "releasing" my dad).  My faith had been properly placed where it belonged.  In the hands of another as it were. 

You see, it is all that is required of us.  This "surrrender".  For it is in that moment that one can realize that our faith is unaltered and we have shifted into a moment of nothing but complete and utter faith.  That as long as we keep putting one foot in front of another, following our dreams, our wishes, our hopes, anything we could have ever asked for and more is about to land in our laps.

To surrender means to give ourselves over, knowing that we are in good hands and that, at the appropriate time, anything we wish for will happen.  Creator knows our heart, Creator knows what is written in our Chart.  All we are asked to do is have Faith.  It is the one thing that will help us surrender to the will of our Chart and to a Higher Power.

And, if we are patient and reminder ourselves that everything happens at its appointed time, doors will open like we couldn't possibly have imagined.

I've seen it already.  And I am awe-struck.  All because of two little words with the biggest commitment in my life.

I Surrender.

And I am grateful for my most valuable lesson.  I have shifted like I have never shifted before, and the doors that keep opening in front of me are AMAZING!

So, say it with me, say it with all of your heart, and allow what is taking place to take place.  Even if you feel like "nothing" is taking place.  Because that "nothing" is actually "something".  You are being prepared, getting ready as it were, to activate your Soul Chart and lead a truly amazing life.

I Surrender.

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Case for Spirituality

As I watched the Pope begin his reign, a couple of things "struck" me.

1) Was this the beginning of the "end" of religion as we have come to know it?
2)  Is this humble man going to be the scapegoat for the fall of the largest organized religion in the world?

I know, what things to think, but sometimes I can't help it.  It is just my psychic nature.  There are things I get "shown" or "feel" and I have absolutely no control.  I truly don't.

This got me thinking on an even deeper level.  I have never been one for conformed religion, and living in the town I do which is steeped in religion, I find it kind of funny that I would land here of all places.  I know I am here for a purpose that goes far beyond my own household.  I know that purpose will be revealed on a schedule not my own.

Why such a religious town?  Why now?  I trust that all will be revealed when it is meant to.

You see.  Religion has it out for people like me.  They are taught that Mediums and Seers are the sons and daughters of Satan.  That people who foresee and commune with the dead are not of God (Please insert Cosmic Design Committee, Creator, whatever word you choose to see the Universal beginnings and creator as). 

Therein lies the problem and what I view as an oxymoron in and of itself.  For if they are taught that God created each and every one of us, and we are perfect in our own rights, AND a representative of God here on earth, then how can someone like me be of Satan or do the works of the devil.

These very reasons are the reason I choose to use the word Spirituality.  In Spirituality, the view is we are all one, we are all connected.  We are all meant to love one another, be kind to one another, and create a world full of amazingness by coming together.

I choose the Universe, for the Universe chooses me.  Each and every one of us joining together without hatred and judgement creates Heaven right here on Earth.

In the Universal teachings we are shown that Hell is what we make for ourselves when our minds suffer through thought patterns that no longer serve us.  It includes Karmic Law, that what we put out we get back.  That if we think loving and nurturing thoughts about another, that we will receive loving and nurturing thoughts back.  That if we do good deeds, our good will be rewarded.

Spirituality teaches us that ANYTHING is possible.  That the word impossible becomes "I'm possible".  Spirituality teaches us to grow and learn and accept the challenges as valuable learning lessons.  And, through our acceptance of these learning lessons we trust that just around the corner something amazing truly is going to happen.

And, believe me it does.  I have seen through my course of "surrender" that ANYTHING is possible, that all my dreams will and are coming true, and that I have the ability to shift the people around me, by shifting myself.

Spirituality is amazing and has so many blessings.  It expands views, it removes hatred, it allows for feelings, and teaches us Unconditional Love.  It truly starts with the Self.

I love myself enough to know that I am loved by something bigger than me.  That is all the love that I require on this planet.  Spirituality has taught me that there is a plan for myself and each and every one of us.  And, while we might not know what that plan is, someone or something does, and that at all times I am truly taken care of.  We all are.

So, while people are busy running around screaming their religion is better than another, and that other people's views are right and wrong.  I say this.  There is a cause for faith in each religion. That the one true value is that each religion holds "God" at its core.

Maybe it is time to create a Universal banding together of the like minds to lead the way and be the example.  The Christ was while he was here.  We all have the ability to be Christ-Like if we choose.  It will take growing pains, patience, and understanding, but I truly believe we will get there.  Even in this lifetime.

So, as you head to Church, head to a Hall or worship at home.  Know this.  Everyone is created from the same Source.  This means every one is made exactly as they are supposed to be.  Everyone has a right to be accepted for who or what they are.  For in that space, judgement is removed.  When judgement is removed, peace moves in.  Where peace moves in, love resides.

Where love resides, anything is possible.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Our Spoken Words

I picked up a copy of Joel Osteen's "I Declare" the other day and I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT!!!

I never thought I would follow a Minister, as Church and I have never had a really great relationship, but this particular Light Being has really got me shifting my 'tude.  I even recorded an episode of his sermon from Texas and I gotta say, I would be more than willing to attend one of his sermons.  He operates from a place that is human.  Based on experiential anecdotes, he is very engaging and I truly appreciate his work.

Church has never felt "right" for me.  Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that how people choose to worship, and where, is their choice, but it is NOT for me.  I've never colored between the lines, LOL.

With that said, this book is a 31-day Declaration with a narrative to support each day's Declaration.  You say the words out loud, and the words are meant to shift your thinking and what lays at your core belief system.  Let me tell you, it has rattled me to my core.  Lots of things do, and I firmly believe it is part of our Soulvolution.  My Soulvolution.

We are in the middle of a great change happening on this planet.  It is moving away from the "dark days" into "the Light".  It is the only way to describe what I feel to my core is going on.  I have expressed my feelings to several other Intuitives and they feel it too.

I have called this year the Year of the Lightworker.  It is a call to action for those that have been "in practice" for a length of time.  It is a call to help elevate the vibration level of this Universe to that of Pure Love and Light.

Here's where our words come in.  (I must insert here that people like me get niggly little feelings that something isn't right or is going on, and it isn't to be dismissed cuz when I get that feeling, I get THAT FEELING and there is no stopping what is about to happen energetically.  It is just how us Psychics operate.)

So back to the words.  In my sessions I strongly encourage people to watch how they word things and the types of things they tell themselves.  Our words, or intentions, are EVERYTHING.

Imagine if you will.  A 43-year-old female had been battling illness ever since major surgery in 2010 and throughout most of her genetically altered life (born with one kidney, a genetic disease in her feet that chose only to affect her within the family, sore throats, surgeries, yada yada yada).  She claimed she had never been the same since and had been on a steady decline healthwise.  Chronic pain, hair falling out, joints deteriorating, loss of energy, insomnia, mood swings, the list goes one.  I had heard it ALL over the past few years and it seemed that was all that would ever come out of her mouth.  "I hurt here", "I feel like shit today", "I can't sleep".  I think you get the idea.  I believe we have all known this person.

Well, something shy of a miracle (and I believe it is a miracle) occurred that has since shifted this lady's life.  She had been raised the "queen of worry" and was never shown a way to cope with all the bumps and bruises that life had to offer.  I believe a lot of us haven't.  But one day, she found herself in a course called "Changeways" to deal with her Chronic Pain and Health Issues.  Well, I couldn't believe it when I was told that this course had changed her life.  This woman had come to realize just what a role anxiety had played in her life and that how she worried had now been shifted.

That woman was me.  Yep you heard it.  Me.  And I can tell you I am a forever changed person.  And because I made the choice to change my thoughts, it caused me to change my words.  And Mr. Joel Osteen's book is going to carry me forward ever higher to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I tell you now that if you change HOW you are speaking you, too, can change your world.  Permanently.  And create an ever forward movement that allows you to walk in a continual state of grace.  Even when times get you "down".

Our life is a series of ups and downs, stillness and forwardness (if that is even a word, lol), stagnancy and growth.  ALL for our benefit.

So right now I offer you a start.  And yes, it is going to mean a bunch of people talking out loud to the air, but it truly is the  most impactful thing we can do for ourselves and this planet. 


Stop and truly think about that.  We listen to the news, the spoken words about how miserable it is, who killed this person and what crashed where and what exploded, yada yada yada - take a look at our planet based on that - WHOA!! 

I know. Huge!

So let's shift this.  Right this minute.  You and me together.  Forever changed.

We know that hard times come upon us all.  But did you know that they are for our benefit?

I knew last week when I had hit a valley, that it just mean it was something monumental happening again.  Within.  And all the while I knew deep down inside that it just meant that I was making another breakthrough to raise my vibrational level on this planet.  The Universe has been preparing me for something big.   I don't know what and I don't know when, but I feel it to my core.

I cannot be out there in public eye without having a full understanding of myself and this planet, and it has been through a series of "hits" this past week that I have come out the other side (ha ha Other Side, me, lol).

My words are everything.  And so are yours.  So here we go.........Say it out loud and say it with conviction!  And when you finish each proclamation, sit with it a minute and truly take a moment to FEEL IT!

1) I am happy, healthy, and whole! 

2)  I know that when I experience a challenging time that it is for my benefit and my growth.  Having a challenge presented means that I am about to have something really amazing happen.

3)  I am in really good hands.  That means that know matter what I am brought to, I will be brought through and ANYTHING is possible.

4)  I live an abundant life.

5)  I am blessed.

And last, but definitely not least:


As I am to each and every one of you and to the one who made me.  The Universe is a wonder to behold.  Now get out there and behold it!

Much Love,