Monday, 18 March 2013

The Case for Spirituality

As I watched the Pope begin his reign, a couple of things "struck" me.

1) Was this the beginning of the "end" of religion as we have come to know it?
2)  Is this humble man going to be the scapegoat for the fall of the largest organized religion in the world?

I know, what things to think, but sometimes I can't help it.  It is just my psychic nature.  There are things I get "shown" or "feel" and I have absolutely no control.  I truly don't.

This got me thinking on an even deeper level.  I have never been one for conformed religion, and living in the town I do which is steeped in religion, I find it kind of funny that I would land here of all places.  I know I am here for a purpose that goes far beyond my own household.  I know that purpose will be revealed on a schedule not my own.

Why such a religious town?  Why now?  I trust that all will be revealed when it is meant to.

You see.  Religion has it out for people like me.  They are taught that Mediums and Seers are the sons and daughters of Satan.  That people who foresee and commune with the dead are not of God (Please insert Cosmic Design Committee, Creator, whatever word you choose to see the Universal beginnings and creator as). 

Therein lies the problem and what I view as an oxymoron in and of itself.  For if they are taught that God created each and every one of us, and we are perfect in our own rights, AND a representative of God here on earth, then how can someone like me be of Satan or do the works of the devil.

These very reasons are the reason I choose to use the word Spirituality.  In Spirituality, the view is we are all one, we are all connected.  We are all meant to love one another, be kind to one another, and create a world full of amazingness by coming together.

I choose the Universe, for the Universe chooses me.  Each and every one of us joining together without hatred and judgement creates Heaven right here on Earth.

In the Universal teachings we are shown that Hell is what we make for ourselves when our minds suffer through thought patterns that no longer serve us.  It includes Karmic Law, that what we put out we get back.  That if we think loving and nurturing thoughts about another, that we will receive loving and nurturing thoughts back.  That if we do good deeds, our good will be rewarded.

Spirituality teaches us that ANYTHING is possible.  That the word impossible becomes "I'm possible".  Spirituality teaches us to grow and learn and accept the challenges as valuable learning lessons.  And, through our acceptance of these learning lessons we trust that just around the corner something amazing truly is going to happen.

And, believe me it does.  I have seen through my course of "surrender" that ANYTHING is possible, that all my dreams will and are coming true, and that I have the ability to shift the people around me, by shifting myself.

Spirituality is amazing and has so many blessings.  It expands views, it removes hatred, it allows for feelings, and teaches us Unconditional Love.  It truly starts with the Self.

I love myself enough to know that I am loved by something bigger than me.  That is all the love that I require on this planet.  Spirituality has taught me that there is a plan for myself and each and every one of us.  And, while we might not know what that plan is, someone or something does, and that at all times I am truly taken care of.  We all are.

So, while people are busy running around screaming their religion is better than another, and that other people's views are right and wrong.  I say this.  There is a cause for faith in each religion. That the one true value is that each religion holds "God" at its core.

Maybe it is time to create a Universal banding together of the like minds to lead the way and be the example.  The Christ was while he was here.  We all have the ability to be Christ-Like if we choose.  It will take growing pains, patience, and understanding, but I truly believe we will get there.  Even in this lifetime.

So, as you head to Church, head to a Hall or worship at home.  Know this.  Everyone is created from the same Source.  This means every one is made exactly as they are supposed to be.  Everyone has a right to be accepted for who or what they are.  For in that space, judgement is removed.  When judgement is removed, peace moves in.  Where peace moves in, love resides.

Where love resides, anything is possible.

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