Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Our Spoken Words

I picked up a copy of Joel Osteen's "I Declare" the other day and I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT!!!

I never thought I would follow a Minister, as Church and I have never had a really great relationship, but this particular Light Being has really got me shifting my 'tude.  I even recorded an episode of his sermon from Texas and I gotta say, I would be more than willing to attend one of his sermons.  He operates from a place that is human.  Based on experiential anecdotes, he is very engaging and I truly appreciate his work.

Church has never felt "right" for me.  Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that how people choose to worship, and where, is their choice, but it is NOT for me.  I've never colored between the lines, LOL.

With that said, this book is a 31-day Declaration with a narrative to support each day's Declaration.  You say the words out loud, and the words are meant to shift your thinking and what lays at your core belief system.  Let me tell you, it has rattled me to my core.  Lots of things do, and I firmly believe it is part of our Soulvolution.  My Soulvolution.

We are in the middle of a great change happening on this planet.  It is moving away from the "dark days" into "the Light".  It is the only way to describe what I feel to my core is going on.  I have expressed my feelings to several other Intuitives and they feel it too.

I have called this year the Year of the Lightworker.  It is a call to action for those that have been "in practice" for a length of time.  It is a call to help elevate the vibration level of this Universe to that of Pure Love and Light.

Here's where our words come in.  (I must insert here that people like me get niggly little feelings that something isn't right or is going on, and it isn't to be dismissed cuz when I get that feeling, I get THAT FEELING and there is no stopping what is about to happen energetically.  It is just how us Psychics operate.)

So back to the words.  In my sessions I strongly encourage people to watch how they word things and the types of things they tell themselves.  Our words, or intentions, are EVERYTHING.

Imagine if you will.  A 43-year-old female had been battling illness ever since major surgery in 2010 and throughout most of her genetically altered life (born with one kidney, a genetic disease in her feet that chose only to affect her within the family, sore throats, surgeries, yada yada yada).  She claimed she had never been the same since and had been on a steady decline healthwise.  Chronic pain, hair falling out, joints deteriorating, loss of energy, insomnia, mood swings, the list goes one.  I had heard it ALL over the past few years and it seemed that was all that would ever come out of her mouth.  "I hurt here", "I feel like shit today", "I can't sleep".  I think you get the idea.  I believe we have all known this person.

Well, something shy of a miracle (and I believe it is a miracle) occurred that has since shifted this lady's life.  She had been raised the "queen of worry" and was never shown a way to cope with all the bumps and bruises that life had to offer.  I believe a lot of us haven't.  But one day, she found herself in a course called "Changeways" to deal with her Chronic Pain and Health Issues.  Well, I couldn't believe it when I was told that this course had changed her life.  This woman had come to realize just what a role anxiety had played in her life and that how she worried had now been shifted.

That woman was me.  Yep you heard it.  Me.  And I can tell you I am a forever changed person.  And because I made the choice to change my thoughts, it caused me to change my words.  And Mr. Joel Osteen's book is going to carry me forward ever higher to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I tell you now that if you change HOW you are speaking you, too, can change your world.  Permanently.  And create an ever forward movement that allows you to walk in a continual state of grace.  Even when times get you "down".

Our life is a series of ups and downs, stillness and forwardness (if that is even a word, lol), stagnancy and growth.  ALL for our benefit.

So right now I offer you a start.  And yes, it is going to mean a bunch of people talking out loud to the air, but it truly is the  most impactful thing we can do for ourselves and this planet. 


Stop and truly think about that.  We listen to the news, the spoken words about how miserable it is, who killed this person and what crashed where and what exploded, yada yada yada - take a look at our planet based on that - WHOA!! 

I know. Huge!

So let's shift this.  Right this minute.  You and me together.  Forever changed.

We know that hard times come upon us all.  But did you know that they are for our benefit?

I knew last week when I had hit a valley, that it just mean it was something monumental happening again.  Within.  And all the while I knew deep down inside that it just meant that I was making another breakthrough to raise my vibrational level on this planet.  The Universe has been preparing me for something big.   I don't know what and I don't know when, but I feel it to my core.

I cannot be out there in public eye without having a full understanding of myself and this planet, and it has been through a series of "hits" this past week that I have come out the other side (ha ha Other Side, me, lol).

My words are everything.  And so are yours.  So here we go.........Say it out loud and say it with conviction!  And when you finish each proclamation, sit with it a minute and truly take a moment to FEEL IT!

1) I am happy, healthy, and whole! 

2)  I know that when I experience a challenging time that it is for my benefit and my growth.  Having a challenge presented means that I am about to have something really amazing happen.

3)  I am in really good hands.  That means that know matter what I am brought to, I will be brought through and ANYTHING is possible.

4)  I live an abundant life.

5)  I am blessed.

And last, but definitely not least:


As I am to each and every one of you and to the one who made me.  The Universe is a wonder to behold.  Now get out there and behold it!

Much Love,

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