Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Tango With Alice Cooper

I am a firm believer that "If we see it, we can be it".  Last night was a moment in time I will NEVER forget.  I have been to alot of concerts and last night found my husband and I front row and very center to Alice Cooper's "Raising the Dead Tour".  And, along with this honor, we found ourselves with VIP passes to meet the Shock Rocker himself, and it truly was an exceptional experience.

I write this as another chapter in the exciting life of "The Mountain Medium" and my ability to manifest some pretty crazy experiences.  All for free!  Yep, that's right.  Didn't have to pay $140 for the front row, and didn't have to pay $500 to meet the man.  All because of my ability to win concert prize packages.

The day I saw the contest advertised in the "Cranbrook Daily Townsman", I actually put my hand on the article, said "Mine.  No point in anyone else entering because I am going to win it so don't even bother."  LOL.  I knew in my very bones that this was going to be my win.  When my husband came home that day, I had him snap the "look-alike" photo for the contest and felt to the core that it was pointless for anyone else to enter.  I felt the tickets in my hands and without knowing backstage passes were included (didn't find out until a few days before the selection, as it was a secret surprise), I actually saw myself shaking hands with the man and being front row and center.  I FELT AND SAW IT happening.

On November 4th, the selection date, I turned my phone on in nervous anticipation of receiving the call.  I went to lunch with a friend, checked my phone afterwards as I stepped into the car, and "not yet".  Home I went.

I was sitting at the computer doing some work at 3:25p.m. when my phone rang and I knew it was the Townsman.  I went racing to my phone and saw the 426 number and thought, "OMG!  It's really them!" and sure enough, it was.  I had won the contest and my husband I were going to not only attend front and center, we were going to receive some merchandise (an awesome CD, and a 1976 tour concert DBD) and meet the man himself.  WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, move forward to November 13th (one of my lucky numbers is 13), and here we were.  Front and very center.  Two feet away from Alice Cooper at any given moment throughout the entire concert.  I have never felt more VIP in my life!

Before the concert the Promoter came and greeted me, then the reporter that informed me of my win came and greeted me. And friends came to squeeze me from over the row of chairs that marked our VIP Section.  It was INCREDIBLE!

I have never seen a show like this one and my mind, and my eardrums, was blown!  Being front and center made me a really cool target, and I was so thrilled to have dragged my husband along (albeit extremely willing as hubby's a huge fan) and humbled to be standing next to a family who brought their approximately eight year old girl to what I can assume was her very first concert.  It was AWESOME!

During the concert Mr. Cooper (not his real name of course) had all sorts of goodies tossed out into the crowd, right down to bead necklaces.  As he was tossing them out he dangled a necklace right in front of me, looking right at me, and then winked and tossed them away elsewhere.  Too funny!  During this time I was bound and determined to get the little girl her first concert memento, and kept pointing to her to receive.  And, wouldn't you know it, he did exactly that, tossed them to the wee one.  I want to commend the teenager beside them for doing the right thing as she reached out to snag them right from in front of the wee one's face.  She gave them to their rightful owner.  The little girl.  it is a moment I will never forget.  So beautiful and the reason why I am sure Mr. Cooper has so many devoted fans.

We rocked and rolled the night away with lots of foggy photos and videos sooooo distorted by the immense base of the drums rolling out through the crowds.  It was an interactive experience, right down to me getting the brunt of a few funny things.  The tease with the necklace, a whip pointed at me, calling me venomous poison with a finger pointed right at me (along with many others out there getting the pointed finger), and my funnest and fondest moment besides the meet.

Alice did "Caffeine" and was hugging this absolutely huge mug with that label written across it.  And, towards the end of the song, he drank from the cup, held it out over my head, and poured white and brown confetti all over me!  Too funny!  Truly!

He rounded out his amazing show with the encore being, "School's Out" and it was a show-stopper!  As stated, I have seen many concerts, met a few bands, and this experience takes the cake!

Then the moment came.  We slapped on our VIP stickers and were rounded up to go meet the man himself.  I was shaking like a  leaf from excitement!  There were two Platinum VIP's who got to go in all by themselves (how awesome is that?) and then it was our turn along with six others.  Each of us got individual time for photo and chat, and we all hung around during that time. 

What stood out?  Humility and kindness.  Unlike so many of the young ones copping attitude that is going to get them shunned from society, here was a man who truly knew and embraced the art of being a star.  It is the fans that make them, and it is humility and kindness that keeps them.

As my husband stepped up for his turn, I had video running.  He shook hands, then Alice looked at him and I, moved his hands back forth between us and stated, "You guys had more fun than anybody", we chuckled and I stated it was a dream come true for all of us.  He joked around with us and then it was my turn.

I excitedly shuffled forward and put my arms right around him.  As we were there and hubby was shooting vid, I was sharing how I got here and he was gracious to allow me the time to dig up my prize winning photo.  The response from Alice?  "You make a better looking Alice Cooper than I do!"  Laughter ensued.  During the photo process he said, "Let's tango!" and so, I placed my hand in his, and he shot our arms outward.  I laughed so hard!  Here we were cheek to cheek, getting ready to tango.  How absolutely freaking awesome!  A moment in time I will cherish forever, and I am so grateful I could share it with my husband.

I wish to send a special thank you to Barry (and the staff) at the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, and to F.J. of Kootenay Concert Connections for this tremendous experience.

I also want to acknowledge extreme gratitude to the Universe for dropping the experience in my lap.

But most of all, I want to thank Mr. Alice Cooper himself.  You are truly one of the most gracious, kind, and extremely fun-loving stars I have ever met.  Thank you for not letting the fame get to your head and remaining so very, VERY gracious! 

It was such an honor, and I am truly grateful.

I am extremely grateful and tell you, dreams can, and do, come true!  If you see it, you can be (or have) it!