Monday, 16 December 2013

Don't Get Mad, Feel Bad

It would come as no surprise that I am continually on a learning and growing curve.  Aren't we all.  If we choose to accept the lessons.  Lessons come in repeat patterns until we have learned from them and healed in the process.  That is part of what I call our soulvolution.

The last portion of this year is proving to be quite shifty, and I firmly feel that the more we are open to being guided by Spirit, the faster it will come.  And even more so for those that have embraced "the light" and are guided by it in all they do.

I am an empath, and sometimes being "in it" comes with a price on me.  It is the kindly reminder to detach from drama on a regular basis.  The biggest case for self-love if ever there was.

I have had a few really, REALLY tough lessons presented to me, and this year has been an extremely challenging space to walk through.  However, I am grateful, because I truly have grown so much.  This allows me to do my job as one of the true Lightworkers on this planet.  For, without these lessons, I would not be able to feel it in another and provide the words that Spirit would have someone know. 

Here is what has been driven home for me.  Everyone has a story, and that story can run, and ruin, people's lives.  At some point we have to learn to rise above the stories we have so easily walked in, run in, and ruined with.  It is called growing up and accepting personal responsibility.  What happens to me is that I very easily engage into other people's stories.  And, the closer to home it is, the harder it is to distance, driving home the much needed alone time I so desperately require to detach, so that I don't have to participate.  My goal, as should be anyone's, is to detach from the dramas that other people reside in.  Period.

It isn't easy, but the Universe is always providing me the opportunity to detach because this life I have chosen to engage in can be pretty absurdly crazy sometimes, but I have truly realized, NONE of it, save the lessons presented in others, belongs to me.  I have had my own story to run, and I have learned, and am still learning, to rise above it.  There will always be lessons, but they can shift, once you have learned from the ones that are present in your life.  Right this very minute.

Here's what I have learned:

1)  I am light years ahead of others in my life at a soul level, and that's okay.  Maybe I am meant to show the way.  For that is the task of the Lightworkers here on this planet.  We shed light on those dark places, giving everyone an opportunity to heal. 

2)  Just because I am lightyears ahead, does not mean others are going to be that way, the shift does not occur overnight.  It takes time.  However, it does not mean I am going to sit in any form of a relationship in my life if it remains toxic.  I will not allow that in my life.  What it does mean is that I will learn my lessons from these situations so that they don't repeat.  Don't get me wrong, the Universe will test you to see if you have truly learned.  And that's okay.  But, accept the gift of knowing that the Universe always has your best interest at heart.  Regardless of what situation you may find yourself in.

3)  I can be with chaotic souls as an opportunity to learn to detach and allow people their space to see if they are going to rise above their stories. 

4)  The stories that people like to keep themselves in are broken ones based on past experiences.  Some of us have it in our charts to remain that way our entire lives, others will be given the opportunity to break free.  On the flip side of this, I also believe that Free Will can change us at any point in time.  IF we make the choice "to see".  The stories look and sound like this, "I was abused", "my father was an alcoholic", "I have made bad choices therefore I am a bad person and deserve nothing more than bad things", "I love to play the martyr, oh woe is me", "I'm in survival mode", "so-and-so hurt me", yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.  I get it.  You want to keep yourself small, a hurt little child as it were, and that's okay.  You can choose to do that.  I have chosen differently.  It is challenging to be around others who play small, but they really are giving me an opportunity to be in it and not participate.  Thank you Universe!

5)  Everyone has the right to a happy life, and the only person responsible for our happiness is ourselves.  Yes, we get into relationships and would hope that the other person adds to our lives, it doesn't always happen, and that's okay, because leaving or staying provide valuable tools.

6) Not everyone is capable of saying sorry.  As far as I am concerned part of the personal responsibility business is learning to do just that.  Say "sorry".  Teach our young ones, whether they like or not, to say sorry.  For saying sorry is about the behaviors and NOT the person.  We are all good at heart.  However, if you don't say sorry, I have really taken in that the karma of that moment rests with the other person.  They are running their story, and they choose to stay "stuck".  That's on them, not me.  I am learning not to take things personally because of situations like that.  Thank you Universe.

7)  The more open you are to the process of growing, the more the Universe will collaborate to heal you.  What a beautiful gift from the Universe!

So, here is my Christmas Gift to me from the Universe, and maybe, just maybe, by sharing some of my experiences without going into gory details, you will give yourself the gift of growing up, healing from your past, and embracing your future.

One of the best ways we can do this is by learning our lessons, accepting them graciously, and continuing on a soulvolution journey.  EVERYONE has a story.  Learn to not concern yourself with their story.  Instead........

Don't get mad, feel bad............Just like Jesus stated, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do".

And that is what I have decided to do.  I am turning my getting mad at them into feeling bad for them.  Because really, it is quite sad that people would choose to hold themselves back from what I call personal greatness.  Within each of us lies a Light that cannot be denied.  Some of us choose to stay dim, and others of us choose to shine bright.

The more I detach from the drama around me, the brighter I become.  The more I start to feel bad for the people in my life who are in amongst chaos, the less I feel mad.  Because in the end, it is about them.  And truly, NOT about me, save the lesson of learning to detach and have the truest form of empathy.  Letting them run their story and figure it out for themselves and being that space of sanity when people choose to seek refuge.

And that, is the greatest gift of all.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Making the Shift - A Christmas Wish

I want to thank Carrie Clough of Radiant Health once again for a timely contribution of health and happiness for the Holiday Season and into the New Year.

We humans tend to instinctively hold on to what is familiar, and resist moving into the unknown, not trusting that it can be a place of greater freedom and happiness. Shift is happening regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, just as day follows night, it is a cyclic event. We are made of mind, body and spirit, when one or more are misaligned, life becomes chaotic and unbearable. My dear friend Donna (aka The Mountain Medium) once said “the spirit needs to be nurtured – daily”, wise words and I wholeheartedly agree.

To me, spiritual shift means belief systems that have been passed down from authoritarian institutions fade away, replaced instead by a higher level of common sense, kindness and compassion. No two people will be alike in regards to their core beliefs, experiences, and Divine lessons. My sense of spirituality comes from the energy of the universe and from the vibration of nature. I actively practice gratitude and hold the intention of spreading light and love to those I meet, even if it is something as simple as a smile. I try to refrain from using statements like “this (negative) always happens to me”, because it simply attracts more negativity. As a result, I feel happier and more content and I am beginning to manifest my dream of helping others and being self-employed.

There are many spiritual paths and yours will be uniquely your own. I invite you to set spirituality, gratitude and mindfulness as your intention and see what happens in your life.  Shift happens, I guarantee it. If you are honest in your intentions, it will happen. Not every day is perfect. We are human and we slip up. Every moment is a chance to learn, every day is a chance to start fresh. Before you know it, you will have formed new habits, new thought patterns and you will be using the intent of spirituality to live a more fulfilled existence. As each individual invests in bettering themselves, all of humanity benefits, for what is humanity but a collection of individuals?

 Spiritual shift is actually becoming very desirable for many people so if you want in on it, here's what you need to do:

1. Tell yourself you're ready for the spiritual shift.
2. Be in the present by focusing on what you're doing in the moment.
3. Look people in the eye when they're talking to you and listen.
4. Use your words carefully before speaking.
5. Treat everyone around you as an equal, or as Buddha said "Consider others as yourself."
6. Love unconditionally.
7. Don't be judgmental.
8. Be kind.
9. Be forgiving.
10. Be generous.
11. Consider everyone on the planet your spiritual family.”
 Ora Nadrich Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

PS from Donna Hartt, The Mountain Medium:

Remember, the reason for this season is not the things we run out and buy, but the company we keep, the laughter we have, and the joy of our future.  Wake each day and say thank you for another fun-filled day of joy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Tango With Alice Cooper

I am a firm believer that "If we see it, we can be it".  Last night was a moment in time I will NEVER forget.  I have been to alot of concerts and last night found my husband and I front row and very center to Alice Cooper's "Raising the Dead Tour".  And, along with this honor, we found ourselves with VIP passes to meet the Shock Rocker himself, and it truly was an exceptional experience.

I write this as another chapter in the exciting life of "The Mountain Medium" and my ability to manifest some pretty crazy experiences.  All for free!  Yep, that's right.  Didn't have to pay $140 for the front row, and didn't have to pay $500 to meet the man.  All because of my ability to win concert prize packages.

The day I saw the contest advertised in the "Cranbrook Daily Townsman", I actually put my hand on the article, said "Mine.  No point in anyone else entering because I am going to win it so don't even bother."  LOL.  I knew in my very bones that this was going to be my win.  When my husband came home that day, I had him snap the "look-alike" photo for the contest and felt to the core that it was pointless for anyone else to enter.  I felt the tickets in my hands and without knowing backstage passes were included (didn't find out until a few days before the selection, as it was a secret surprise), I actually saw myself shaking hands with the man and being front row and center.  I FELT AND SAW IT happening.

On November 4th, the selection date, I turned my phone on in nervous anticipation of receiving the call.  I went to lunch with a friend, checked my phone afterwards as I stepped into the car, and "not yet".  Home I went.

I was sitting at the computer doing some work at 3:25p.m. when my phone rang and I knew it was the Townsman.  I went racing to my phone and saw the 426 number and thought, "OMG!  It's really them!" and sure enough, it was.  I had won the contest and my husband I were going to not only attend front and center, we were going to receive some merchandise (an awesome CD, and a 1976 tour concert DBD) and meet the man himself.  WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, move forward to November 13th (one of my lucky numbers is 13), and here we were.  Front and very center.  Two feet away from Alice Cooper at any given moment throughout the entire concert.  I have never felt more VIP in my life!

Before the concert the Promoter came and greeted me, then the reporter that informed me of my win came and greeted me. And friends came to squeeze me from over the row of chairs that marked our VIP Section.  It was INCREDIBLE!

I have never seen a show like this one and my mind, and my eardrums, was blown!  Being front and center made me a really cool target, and I was so thrilled to have dragged my husband along (albeit extremely willing as hubby's a huge fan) and humbled to be standing next to a family who brought their approximately eight year old girl to what I can assume was her very first concert.  It was AWESOME!

During the concert Mr. Cooper (not his real name of course) had all sorts of goodies tossed out into the crowd, right down to bead necklaces.  As he was tossing them out he dangled a necklace right in front of me, looking right at me, and then winked and tossed them away elsewhere.  Too funny!  During this time I was bound and determined to get the little girl her first concert memento, and kept pointing to her to receive.  And, wouldn't you know it, he did exactly that, tossed them to the wee one.  I want to commend the teenager beside them for doing the right thing as she reached out to snag them right from in front of the wee one's face.  She gave them to their rightful owner.  The little girl.  it is a moment I will never forget.  So beautiful and the reason why I am sure Mr. Cooper has so many devoted fans.

We rocked and rolled the night away with lots of foggy photos and videos sooooo distorted by the immense base of the drums rolling out through the crowds.  It was an interactive experience, right down to me getting the brunt of a few funny things.  The tease with the necklace, a whip pointed at me, calling me venomous poison with a finger pointed right at me (along with many others out there getting the pointed finger), and my funnest and fondest moment besides the meet.

Alice did "Caffeine" and was hugging this absolutely huge mug with that label written across it.  And, towards the end of the song, he drank from the cup, held it out over my head, and poured white and brown confetti all over me!  Too funny!  Truly!

He rounded out his amazing show with the encore being, "School's Out" and it was a show-stopper!  As stated, I have seen many concerts, met a few bands, and this experience takes the cake!

Then the moment came.  We slapped on our VIP stickers and were rounded up to go meet the man himself.  I was shaking like a  leaf from excitement!  There were two Platinum VIP's who got to go in all by themselves (how awesome is that?) and then it was our turn along with six others.  Each of us got individual time for photo and chat, and we all hung around during that time. 

What stood out?  Humility and kindness.  Unlike so many of the young ones copping attitude that is going to get them shunned from society, here was a man who truly knew and embraced the art of being a star.  It is the fans that make them, and it is humility and kindness that keeps them.

As my husband stepped up for his turn, I had video running.  He shook hands, then Alice looked at him and I, moved his hands back forth between us and stated, "You guys had more fun than anybody", we chuckled and I stated it was a dream come true for all of us.  He joked around with us and then it was my turn.

I excitedly shuffled forward and put my arms right around him.  As we were there and hubby was shooting vid, I was sharing how I got here and he was gracious to allow me the time to dig up my prize winning photo.  The response from Alice?  "You make a better looking Alice Cooper than I do!"  Laughter ensued.  During the photo process he said, "Let's tango!" and so, I placed my hand in his, and he shot our arms outward.  I laughed so hard!  Here we were cheek to cheek, getting ready to tango.  How absolutely freaking awesome!  A moment in time I will cherish forever, and I am so grateful I could share it with my husband.

I wish to send a special thank you to Barry (and the staff) at the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, and to F.J. of Kootenay Concert Connections for this tremendous experience.

I also want to acknowledge extreme gratitude to the Universe for dropping the experience in my lap.

But most of all, I want to thank Mr. Alice Cooper himself.  You are truly one of the most gracious, kind, and extremely fun-loving stars I have ever met.  Thank you for not letting the fame get to your head and remaining so very, VERY gracious! 

It was such an honor, and I am truly grateful.

I am extremely grateful and tell you, dreams can, and do, come true!  If you see it, you can be (or have) it!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Thoughts on The Afterlife

I tell you.  I get some pretty fantastic questions and today's is absolutely no exception!  So, thank you Pete for asking about my thoughts on the Afterlife.  Hope you don't mind, but I bet a lot of people would like to know that.  So thank you Spirit for placing you in my path today for such a beautiful question!

These are my perceptions based on my own experiences with Spirit.  I have had Spirit experiences since the age of 3 and still remember the very first encounter to this day.  Since then, my life has never been the same.

From about the age of 26 forward I started my work in silence.  I grew up knowing things.  For instance, before the days of call display, I would run for the phone when I knew it was for me.  Otherwise I would leave it most times.  I was truly a brat growing up.  Just ask my mom.

I used to know when letters from penpals were arriving in the mail and race down to get them.  I led a fascinating quiet life.  My parents never really knew, save a few instances where I poked my Psychic little head out.  At the age of 5, I scried.  It is the ability to see things within glass-like surfaces.  I woke up early one morning to see the silhouette of a horse's head go across my mirror, followed by my grandpa's head in silhouette also.  I went out to my parent's and asked when we were going to the ranch.  It was supposed to be a surprise.  And, to my recollection, I actually got in trouble because my parent's thought I overheard them talking about it.   Kids typically don't forget getting in trouble for weird things like this.

The next biggy happened at about age 9/10.  I had a dream my mom, sibling, and I were in our blue Datsun heading into town when a big brown tree fell on it.  I had to use my superpowers to get them out and I woke up.

Two weeks later my mother was driving our Blue Datsun and was hit by a brown sedan on her side.  They had to use the jaws of life and they said if she hadn't been wearing her seatbelt she would have been "dead or a vegetable" as per the officers on scene.  I thought I caused the accident.  I learned to keep my mouth shut from that moment forward until one unmistakeable night in my life.

At approximately 4.5 years into my first marriage, I had a dream.  And, just for a bit of backstory, at one point we were separated and on "a break".  After reconciliation I had a dream and woke up crying.  The now ex-husband startled awake and asked me what was wrong.  I told him I walked in on him with a girl with olive colored skin and long dark wavy hair and that they were having an affair.  Needless to say, not long after that, I dissolved the marriage.

So, with nothing to prove by sharing this story, I give you some history before I give you my impressions about working with Spirit, for they are the ones that show me all the things I experience.  My relationship with them is stronger than ever and my time has come.  To live my life fearlessly, as a "child of God" who was created with this ability. 

I firmly believe that what I have is an ability, and what I hope to leave you with is the gift.  The gift of knowing that we are always cared for, and that there is nothing but pure love on the other side.  Our "God" (Creator, Source, Cosmic Design Committee, however you see fit to own that energy bigger than us) made me, and I am NOT the spawn of the devil.  For I believe the only Devil that exists is the lies we like to tell ourselves.

I have experienced nothing but pure love from over there and strongly believe that the Bible is a beautiful story of some real and some allegory, to help us walk through the human experience with Angels at our sides.

I do not believe in Hell.  The only Hell that exists is the way humans behave here.  We are either in this existence (in form wherever we may be on this planet or others) or non-form (Spirit).

As in being birthed Here, we are birthed to our true Home.  Source.  We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  We have a Soul Chart that our team knows intimate details of.  We get bits and pieces for it would take away the excitement of life.  This Soul Chart has every detail from family, friends, foes (lessons), Life Lessons, Challenges, a Final Exit Point, and maybe a few in-between.

Personally, I have been brought to the brink of death at the age of 5, 21, 40, and approximately three weeks ago.   So, every time has brought me closer and closer to my team to do my work, and I live it boldly since nearly dying from choking on a candy when I was 40.  I have done thousands of readings.

When we return home we are cocooned for a bit in order to re-adjust.  The harder the exit, the longer the cocoon.  Over There is nothing but pure love.  Our "God" is not a punishing one.  In fact, Source is the exact opposite.  We are so loved over there that we get sent here to have a human experience.  It is how we come to understand humans more when we return home and to position of Guardian Angels, Protectors, etc.

Our loved ones give us signs any time we ask.  All we have to do is ask.  They are at the ready.  Some things take longer to manifest than others, but all eventually show up.  We have free will.  Anything I see can be changed by the person I work with.

When I do a session, it is not just reading people's energy, it is connecting with their loved ones.  My dad crossed over and he and I have never had a better relationship.  Ha!  Ha!

I experience Spirit as if they were back in human form.  Imperfections and all.  What I have experienced is that, in Spirit, our loved ones learn "errors of their ways" and show remorse from over there.  In fact, what my symbol for remorse is is actually an action.  The Loved Ones bow their head.  It is when I am shown that, that I am to say sorry for them, and typically because they were unable in real life or didn't get the chance (unfinished business).  I experience images like a movie screen on the back of my forehead.  I also see physical manifestation/shape of Spirit, hear them, feel them (every single hair on my arm stands up, it is quite something to see), taste, and smell things too.

When I work with Spirit I always ask for something that I could not possibly know so that it validates to the person I am reading, that I truly have a loved one present.  For there could not be any other way for a complete stranger to know what they know.  I state facts before I ask questions, and typically the questions I ask are because I have been sitting there drawing something or I am to ask about it.

Another thing I have learned from working with Spirit is that Angels have different realms.  Our loved ones tend to move into Guardian Angel first, and then may move on to other things from there, but they will always show up when called.  Save one exception.  If they have already returned.  Yes, I believe in reincarnation.

I also believe that angels exist right here on earth.  They are the Lightworkers.  And, while I believe that each and every one of us has a light shining bright within to be shared with the world, there are those that have the calling like mine.  A direct line to Spirit.  The work is not perfect, for I am human.  I am always a work in progress.  We all are.  But I am a firm believer that we have one, maybe two things we were born to do as our work, and that if we listen to our gut instinct, we will be steered in really amazing directions.  We must take actions as humans, but with intent the Universe steps right up with us and moves us through our contract.  I was born to do this.  I had to have as much life experience as I could in order to do this work to the best of my ability.  I am humbled to have such an experience and I believe that life on the Other Side exists because I live with them every day.  I am truly never alone, even when I sleep.

So, I hope that about covers it.  There is probably more.  But stay tuned for you never know what shows up here.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013!

I am always prepared to point a finger where it belongs, and it is typically pointed right at me.  I can't expect other people to change, I am the one that requires the changing if I feel it necessary.

This is NOT about anyone other than me.  It is my observation and experience whether personally or through the work I do.  PERIOD.  If it hits a nerve, then maybe I have created an awareness for you.

I got a huge lesson in NOT listening to my gut.  It is the one thing that is always on hyper-alert and I have truly learned to honor it.  I didn't, and it came back to bite me in the ass. 

I am a firm believer in the "Pebble, brick, boulder" theory.  That the Universe will first send you a pebble, a minor irritation, a glitch.  We feel it in our gut that this doesn't feel right.  But you make a choice to walk through that feeling and a brick occurs, and if you ignore the brick, you get............well, I think you get what you get.  LOL.

However, I am also a firm believer that even when we choose against our gut feelings, there are some remarkable blessings that occur.  We just have to make our way through it emotionally first, and then spin it into perspective.

I had to make my way to Kamloops for awhile, and on the day I was due to fly out, the flight was delayed and I had to rebook to the following day.  That, as far as I was concerned, was my pebble.  For even as I was getting ready to board I was not feeling good about it.  But the cavalier in me (ego) said to self, "You have the ticket in your hand, you have put out some money to do this, now get on that plane."  So I did.

HUGE mistake!

I contracted a virus and was under infection and contagion control for the first three weeks of my setting foot in the Loops.  Get cleared, do a little bit of work, get exposed to contagion, get REALLY sick!  Yep.  I got strep (go ahead giggle, because the amount of pressure cooker I have been under has been BOULDER!!!!) and it went rogue and I had an infection in my one and only kidney.  EXTREME antibiotics for 10 days and a re-visit to get the all clear. 

If that wasn't what the Universe was warning me about before hopping on the plane, then what was it?  LOL

However, there really are no mistakes on lessons, so here's what I have learned.

I don't have to accept toxic behavior from myself or others.  I am committed to creating that change within myself.  As a certain stylist I know once said, "I had a wishbone where my backbone should have been".  My backbone is solidly in place and my wish has been given over to the Universe to care for.

I was busy trying to think for other people.  Mybad.  I am onto me now, and I will only think for myself.

I have the right, as we all do, to set very firm and healthy boundaries.  I live my life 80/20.  80% focused on positive and 20% on negative.  Negatives have value, but I try and spin it as quickly as I can but honor the feelings as I move through things.

I needed a rest.  I wasn't listening.  So the Universe gave me a sit down and shut up BOULDER!

I have been on bedrest, being still, enjoying every single minute of it.

I am grateful. Grateful for the challenges, because the rewards have been greater.  I have reclaimed my position as Goddess.  I am not playing small anymore.  I am playing big.  Don't you think we have all kept ourselves small long enough?

And then this hit me!  A blog whose time has come.  All because I sat down and shut up.  A habit I am working on without having to get sick.

Much love.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Spirit and the Sidelined

It never ceases to amaze me just how strongly Spirit has been written into my soul chart. 

I have hit a monumental moment in my soul chart like never before, and the washing machine of life has turned into nothing but pure spin cycle.  This human has gotten angry and run the gamut of emotions over the past several weeks, but what hurts my heart most, even though it is clearly a moment unavoidable, is the fact that my work is sidelined due to illness.  I am in quarantine and it's going to be at least another week.  Breaks my heart, but nothing I can do other than try to walk in a state of grace and give myself the love this body so desperately requires.

And, without fail, Spirit swooped in for one of the most remarkable moments aside from feeling my father.  You see, this Medium, while knowing full well that my father has made appearances in dreams and through goosebumps and quick flashing images, cannot connect with those closest to me in the way that I would if I were giving a reading to someone.  I can see the signs, hear things, but it is so very rare, unless in dreams, that I connect like a reading.  I just don't work that way.  And what I hope is that I get to add "yet" to that statement.  For this is an ever growing and changing learning environment.

As usual, I digress, but there has to be some back story to understand the full magnitude of the experience I was given yesterday.

Growing up I learned to twirl baton and was part of a 40 strong corps of girls.  The lady that taught us was Bev Lougheed, God rest her soul thanks to cancer taking her when I was 12 years of age.  Bev was married to a wonderful, hilarious man named Frank, and part of this family included a daughter a few years older than me, Sabrina.  Sabrina and I were like sisters.  Inseparable.  And Frank and Bev were like another mother and father for me.  Right down to me having a nickname, "Mushroom", because I was so teeny, and quite possibly because I am one of those kept in the dark and fed bullshit throughout my life, lol.  Frank passed earlier this year and Sabrina and I were keeping close tabs during this time frame.  Sabrina was with her dad when he passed and a few days prior, I had told her to tell him that "mushroom" said hi and that I loved him.  When he was told this, he smiled.

Yesterday found us together on the phone for one of our regular conversations.  And, still being so fresh, I let Sabrina know to really honor that the physical loss takes time and it is still all very recent.  As she was talking about his final days and after his passing, she relayed to me a story about a frog she found in her shoe, and, after placing it far away it came back.  I stopped her dead in her sentence and said, "Wait.  Don't say anymore.  What does Kermit the Frog mean to you?" as I had seen this image while she was talking.  Sabrina laughed.  She expressed that when they were growing up that she would ask what's for dinner and get the response, "Turtle soup and frogs legs.  Kermit the Frog."  I was stunned.  And she, probably a little taken aback too.  I then continued to relay his gratitude for all that she did towards the end.  I then was told to reminder her of his fingers placed on her chin.  And, here is the response I got this morning from Sabrina.

"Donna I know what dad was meaning when he said to u chin I would get dad to put his thumb under my chin because the bone part of my chin is got to lumps in the bone last night I thought what was dad saying and wham I smiled knowing this was what dad was talking about
Had to share this with u

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Once again, I am pleased to feature a guest blog by Carrie Clough of Radiant Health.  Carrie has gifted us with some amazing insights.  Thanks again Carrie!

What's Happening With Your Energy?
There is a lot of talk about spirituality and linking yourself up to the divine. When you plug yourself into the Ultimate Power Source, you should feel like you are home. Beings of True Divine Light have warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving energy. They are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual. It is normal to feel a bit off during times of ascension or energetic shift, but if you feel drained, unwell, cranky most of the time then maybe your energy has been sucked up by something less than divine. 
Energy "vampires" take many different forms. They can appear in your life as seemingly harmless people, but they are not.  You may have unknowingly entered into an agreement to energetically feed someone by feeling they are deserving in their neediness. You feel sorry for someone, try to help, to be understanding, all the while they are draining you. It's that feeling of dread you get when you encounter someone that cries out "energy drain"! When you are connected to the Ultimate Power Source, there is no end to your energy supply, but you will find yourself needing a "recharge" more often. It may not be easy to cut this sort of person from your life, what if they are a co-worker or a family member. It's impractical to have to change your job or cut your cousin from your life.
So what CAN you do? Meditate when you need to recharge your energy supply. Taking time for yourself and connecting to Divine Light and the Ultimate Power Source will help to unburden you of negativity. Meditation does not have to be some big chore. You can meditate in the bathtub, or as you lay in bed, drifting off to sleep. Asking for assistance from a Divine source, such as Archangel Micheal, to help shield you so you can continue to be caring, but not have to worry about giving an unecessary amount of energy away. Another idea is to revoke any agreement you may have made (whether you were aware of doing it or not) to feed this need for energy. Here is an example: I revoke ALL agreements made with any and all beings that do not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings are or claim to be. Be sure to revoke across all time, space, lifetimes and dimensions!

I also recommend a brief daily practice of revoking all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in your life that is energy-draining.
Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Encorporating this practice into your daily meditation routine will make a big difference to your energy levels and the joy of living your life. As you adjust, you may notice better sleep and a sense that you can see through deceptions disguised with positivity more easily.
As an energy healer, I would recommend making an appointment with a reputable practitioner to assist you if you feel unsure about proceeding. Having someone work within your energy field can be very enlightening and soothing for your "higher self". Go forth and enjoy your life of radiant health and balanced energy! Love and light. 

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Friday, 16 August 2013

The Washing Machine of Life

Not that long ago I saw a really great post that basically likened life to the wash cycle.  We get soaked, we get tumbled, agitated, and spun, and, an after an allotted time, it stops.

Yesterday couldn't be any closer to the truth of the above if it tried.  But yesterday really taught me something.  Just how far I've come.

I could be the lady not so long ago who LOVED to sit and stew and be emotional for days, weeks, months, you pick.  I can say I am definitely not that being anymore.  I firmly believe my Spirituality is re-writing the person I was into who I am meant to be.

None of it was easy and I had to make some what I thought were weighty decisions, but what happened was, the minute I made the decisions, I found myself at peace.  And, it was in that moment that the decisions that I made, as hard as they were, were the right ones.

Sometimes we have to cut ties, sometimes we have to choose not to participate, and sometimes it is as simple as turning our back to our past and walking forward into our future.  Some really amazing things happened yesterday too, and while I can't speak to all of them, yet, there will be some really cool announcements about my life coming soon.

Yes, I experienced the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, with a loss, a severing, and an acting out thrown into the mix of some upcoming work that I am thrilled to be a part of, a book arriving that has something really humbling housed within, celebrities knocking on my door, and filming of the work to be done in September (Yes. Filming.  A snippet of what it is like to live this life and the work - THAT I am allowed to talk about at this moment).

The neat thing about this wash cycle?  It stopped.  When I laid my head down to sleep and not a minute sooner.  But the neat thing is?  I woke up today with so much clarity and such a peace in my heart, that I knew that this particular wash cycle had indeed ended.

Sometimes the Universe hands us kindly reminders that we should feel grateful to be alive, that if we choose positive thoughts, positive things happen, and we can play as big in our life at any time that we choose!

I am living big now, and the Universe has done nothing but pour out blessings in my life.  A reminder that I am a human Heaven sent, with messages of love from above.  I am humbled and blessed.  I get to see people change right in front of my eyes.

And now, I have had the pleasure of watching me transform, my life will never be the same.

Watch out world, because I have arrived and I tell you this, you can too.  Any time you choose.

The choice IS YOURS.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Other Side and Back Again

An awareness was created the other day thanks to a dear friend of mine.  I proceed through my life as if people are already aware of things I have come to understand, and it has become blaringly apparent in my life as a Psychic Medium that I have an above-average scoop into life on the Other Side and our journey to Here.

My life is so second-nature that it hadn't even dawned on me that people are wanting to understand more about the goings on between Here and There, so I thought I would share some of the things I have come to understand about our life Here and our life There.

I must reiterate that the things I am about to share are based on my experiences and are by no means written in stone.  These are just patterns or insights that have been created thanks to my work with Spirit.

So what does happen between the worlds?

Well, as Spiritual Beings having a human experience our first "life" is creation into Spirit.  In Spirit, we are "formless", which therefore means we are without illness, in "perfect state" and resonate nothing but Unconditional Love.  We are part of the ALL and in that space we are limitless and unstoppable.  I firmly believe the only "death" we experience is the leaving of our physical body.  Our Soul, or Spirit, is eternal.

As Spirit we have a "hierarchy".  The ALL who drives Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, and the Spirit Population.  I do not believe that the ALL is one gender, but is, in Spirit, the masculine, the feminine, and the Divine.  The ALL. 

Before coming down to earth a care team is assigned and a Soul Chart generated.  This Soul Chart contains every finite detail of the human existence about to be created.  This starts with our care team.  The group of Spirits assigned to guiding us while here on earth.  I came with a group of nine.  How I know this is thanks to a past-life regression which actually ended up regressing me to my beginning of this incarnation.  I was privy to nine EXTREMELY luminescent beings standing at a large square table with me standing before them.  It was a pretty cool revelation, but I digress.

This Soul Chart contains information like Date of Entry, Final Date of Exit, who you will travel with on your journeys, aka your Soul Group and so much more.  Your Soul Group is the group of souls whose timelines intertwine throughout your incarnation.  There are Spirits that you travel with indefinitely throughout any existence and there are those that come in for a reason, a season, a life time.

Within the Soul Groups are Soulmates, Twin Flames, and the Familiars.  Soulmates are a travel partner that tends to stay in a marriage(-like) arrangement for length of days.  They are a relationship that loves and nurtures the soul in a very gentle way.  Then there are the Twin Flames.  The relationship of the Twin Flames can take many different incarnations.  Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Parents, but is typically expressed by one person you cannot live without and can feel their pain millions of miles away.  In this lifetime, I am with my soulmate, and my Twin Flame just happens to be a female who couldn't be any more like my twin sister if we tried.  She places mental phone calls to me and I to her.  It is uncanny.

Typically speaking, Twin Flames can be very tricky.  Particularly when arranged as lovers.  The energy is intense and does NOT always work into a long-lasting relationship.  In fact, I have typically seen it is the polar opposite.  Each Flame finds each other, the pull great, yet circumstances find them in other relationships and the meeting volatile.  A want but can't have as it were.  The lesson is huge!  However, if it is slated within a Soul Chart to do so, it is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL working here on this planet for the benefit of mankind. 

As for the Familiars, they are the souls we run into Here, and feel like we have known them for a lifetime.  There is a "click" that just cannot be explained.  The people we are designed to meet for that one reason, that season, or a lifetime and they are immeasurable.  I couldn't even begin to imagine the number of people I have encountered in my life, but they have all served a purpose.  I to them, and them to me.

In Spirit, we are assigned as Guardian Angels to our loved ones here on Earth, and may even eventually get assigned as an Archangel, an Ascended Master (one who mastered the human condition and typically in huge fashion - Gandhi, Jesus, Krishna, etc.), or even the Spirit responsible for the care and keeping of the "lost souls" Here on this planet.  One never knows what one's assignment over and above Guardian Angel, if any, will occur.

And, by the way, each of us has access to the ALL and information stored.  It is usually referred to as the Akashic Records.  We just have to tune in and listen.  And, sometimes, seek out professional insight for validation purposes.

When we return Home to Spirit, we are welcomed by loved ones, guides, and a team that basically births us into Spirit.  And, depending on how the human left the world, Spirit is cocooned for a period of time to reassimilate into Spirit.  Remember, Spirit is perfect, but imagine being housed elsewhere in form and finding our way back into a place we haven't hopefully been for awhile.  Heaven.

Our Spirit needs to acclimate, and what might seem like forever since our loved ones have let us know they are okay and at peace over There, seems but a blink of an eye over There.

So now, take this process and reverse it.  Spirit into the human shell.  We enter the world kicking and screaming.  We have spent almost 10 months in a very warm environment (much like over There) as part of the transition into the world.  Then we spend the first three years trying to calibrate ourselves.  And, take this into consideration.  As Spirit we know EVERYTHING.  Imagine that slate being wiped relatively clean as we are set to enter another incarnation.  We do not remember our birth for a reason, we are welcomed by a care team Here, and begin our journey.

The first three years are learning to crawl, walk, run and talk.  It is within the first five years that our connection to the Other Side is extremely strong, leaving us very prone to experiencing Spirit.  I had my first encounter at the age of 3.  It is vivid to this day.

However, there are several theories about why we incarnate and don't remember things.  One of them being it would take all the joy of the experience away if we came fully aware.  We are also meant to learn things, different things, through each incarnation.  And, while we keep some of the inherent things, i.e. through any lifetimes I have been shown I have ALWAYS been a Healer.  It is why it is so second-nature to me.

Another theory is "the river of forgetting", and that it is required that we "drink" of the water before coming down to Here.  It is almost as if remembering is "not allowed".  I mean, imagine knowing everything about everything which in turn takes away from the mystery of life.  I sure as Hell don't want to know everything!  Do you?

Yet another, is because of the process.  I couldn't imagine remembering my birth experience, could you?  We need time and space to assimilate into human existence.  I believe that part of the frustrating experience of being so young is that our Spirit "knows" things but cannot yet articulate.  For instance, a baby crying knows he will get fed yet does not have the means to speak.  That's why they cry.  It is their first "voicing" of an experience, pleasant or otherwise.  We, as Spirit, need to time to recover and adjust and we are provided the human care team to facilitate this process.

I have also come to learn that in Spirit, or our Higher Selves, we can solve any challenge presented to us, even with the help of our Care Team in Spirit.

This journey is meant to be enjoyed, both ways.  We are loved enough to be sent Here, and the only place we go when we leave Here is There.  The fire and brimstone teachings of a literal place called Hell does not exist.  Well, maybe except Here because we sure have a penchant for creating Hellish situations.

So, don't sit there thinking Bad Aunt Lucy has gone to Hell for her behavior, for in fact, all she does is return Home and get a long hard look at how things may have been handled differently.  Just like every single person who leaves Here.  And from There, they are given a life review as it were.  And, if it helps, imagine an Unconditional Love Being who has to look at how the human behaved.  Ouch!  LOL!  Oh well, notes for next time.

And, next time sometimes comes because a soul "has to", and not always just because they choose too.  And yes, some of us have a choice and some of us don't.

I didn't have a choice, but I firmly feel that next time will be a choice.  I have learned so much about myself and how I relate to others on this planet, and firmly feel I am rooted in the lessons set before me and the true joy of what life is about.

Me.  And my journey of the work I sooooooo love to share!

May this share bring you a greater understanding and all the Peace and Comfort of knowing that we are loved so much we get to experience Here, and that, in the End, there is no place like Home.

It is a wonder to behold.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chakras - An Introduction to Life Energy

Hey Everyone!  Thanks once again for stopping by.  Today's blog is from a guest.  Meet Carrie Clough, Reiki Master and Owner/Operator of Radiant Health.  You can find her at and I am grateful for her expertise.
I get this question a lot. What is a chakra and how do I know if mine are working right?
As a Reiki practitioner I have had the honor of working with a lot of chakras, and I say it is an honor  because to work with the chakras is to work with human consciousness itself.
Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning vortex or wheel. It refers to seven energy centres within our body. They are centres of activity that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. They absorb and transmit energies to and from the universe, nature, celestial entities, from people even from things. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, and spiritual functions. Not a part of our physical body but, more dense energetically than our auras and like our auras, they are a part of our human consciousness. The seven major chakras are closely associated with the human endocrine system. Tension within the human consciousness is felt within the the chakra system and in the parts of the physical body associated with that particular chakra. Tension occurring for a long period of time or to a high level of intensity can then lead to illness or dis-ease. The symptom experienced is a conversation between the consciousness and the physical body.  So think of the chakras as a type of energy communication system and a way to see your body as a map of your consciousness.
As a practitioner, I can sense or feel the energy within each chakra. Sometimes as a vibration or swirling type sensation or subsequently the lack thereof in the case of blockage. In the case of blockage the area felt very cold and still. Please beware of less than reputable practitioners that sell you on the idea your chakras are blocked over and over again. I personally have only encountered one client with one blockage. Yes there are imbalances, but total blockage is severe and quite rare in my experience. In working with these energy centres, balance and ease of symptoms can be achieved, to improved overall physical health. The goal of a healer is to ensure optimal and balanced flow of energy within each chakra. Symptoms relieved can be emotional or physical, anything can be healed, it is just a matter of how. Believe anything is possible.
Chakras correspond to the physical body and endocrine system but also relate to the senses, colors and earth elements.
The Seven Chakras
Starting at the bottom we have the Root Chakra, aka the security centre. It is located in your bottom, you are probably sitting on it as you read this! Tension in the Root Chakra can be best described as an insecurity, more tension as fear and as a dis-ease it would be experienced as sheer terror or a threat to survival.
Element – Earth
Color – Red
Sense – Smell
Endocrine – Adrenal Glands
Physical Body Relation: parts associated with your root are the elimination system, lower extremities, the lymph and skeletal systems. Also the nose, (think sense of smell, associated with survival)
Consciousness Relation: ability to be grounded or present in the moment, connection to Mother Earth, relationships with home, job,money. As well as survival, trust and the ability to allow oneself to be nourished.
Working our way up the body,  we next encounter the Sacral Chakra, aka the sensation chakra located in the centre of the abdomen. This chakra relates to ones willingness to experience the emotional body. A good example of dis-ease in this area would be anorexia, the inability to love or nourish oneself, resulting in the inability to conceive or reproduce.
Element – Water
Color – Orange
Sense – Taste & appetite
Endocrine – Gonads
Physical Body Relation: lumbar, reproductive system and sexual organs.
Consciousness Relation: food and sex, the things we find pleasurable.
Next is the Solar Plexus Chakra, can you guess it's location? It is also known as the Power Centre and relates closely to human ego. As a practitioner, it is a go to, area as most people have some sort of issues within the spectrum of the solar plexus. (At some point most of us have muscular aches and/or discomfort in being who we are.) Imbalances could be sense of shame, self consciousness, or feelings of inadequacy.
Element - Fire
Color - Yellow
Sense – Eyesight
Endocrine – Pancreas
Physical Body Relation: organs and glands in the solar plexus region (pancreas, liver, stomach, gall bladder) as well as skin and the muscular system.
Consciousness Relation: mental activity, perceptions of power, freedom, control and the ease of being.
Now on to the Heart Chakra or the Living Love Centre located in the middle of the chest. Ever wonder why it feels good to hug? It is the connecting of two heart chakras! No wonder hugs have the ability to make us feel good. Also therein lies the aspect of Inner Sound (those sounds you hear from within that do not depend on what happens externally,) a prerequisite for personal spiritual growth. Likewise, difficulty breathing or with the lungs could represent tension within the heart chakra.
Element –  Air
Color - Green
Sense – Touch            
Endocrine – Thymus Gland (immune system regulation)
Physical Body Relation: lungs, circulatory system, & of course the heart.
Consciousness Relation: perception of love relationships or those close to your heart.
We have now reached the Throat Chakra or Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) Centre. It is the centre of abundance, think of the saying “ask and ye shall receive”. This Chakra is associated with listening to ones intuition and expressing to the outside what lies within. Tension in this area can cause a feeling of frustration at the inability to express oneself or feeling like you aren't being heard.
Element – Ether ( the crossover between the world of physical and the world of spirit)
Color – Sky Blue
Sense – Hearing
Endocrine – Thyroid Gland
Physical Body Relation: hands, arms, neck and throat
Consciousness Relation: communicating, expressing, and receiving. Creativity and manifestation or fulfillment of goals.
Upwards now to the Third Eye Chakra or the Consciousness Awareness Centre. It is all about seeing from a higher perspective. This is where our true motivations are found. It is also home to the Clairs, (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) and our own personal spiritual growth. Imbalance symptoms would be fatigue, sleep disorders, a sense of disorientation.
Element- Light
Color - Indigo
Sense – Extra sensory perception, the ability to perceive beyond what you see.
Endocrine – Pituitary Gland
Physical Body Relation: forehead and temples, brain
Consciousness Relation: the deep inner level of being that is spirituality, and the subconscious.
At the top of or slightly above the head we arrive at the Crown Chakra, the Cosmic Consciousness Centre. It is the door of universal energy through which we can reach a higher state of awareness, beyond materialism to a life abundant in joy, curiosity and purpose. Tension in this Chakra will produce symptoms of boredom, melancholy, headaches, lack of focus and direction, the sense of isolation.
Element – Cosmic energy (inner light)
Color – Violet
Sense – Empathy, unity
Endocrine – Pineal Gland
Physical Body Relation: Top of the head, brain and nervous system
Consciousness Relation:Represents our relationship with authority, our universal (heavenly) father. As well as our perceptions of unity or separation.
What blocks a chakra?
Childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, limited belief system, bad habits, physical and emotional injuries. Or even just lack of attention all contribute to chakra blockage.
How can we heal chakras?
We can influence our chakras, our health, and our lives by using different techniques such as:
Treatment from a practitioner (ex: Reiki or past life regression)
Meditation / sacred space
Body detoxification
Addressing issues in our lives and coming to peaceful resolution brings about balance of the chakras and therefore eases the physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances caused by their deficient functioning.
What would a balanced chakras look like?
The person would be:
well grounded and in touch with their body
in good health and vitality
aware of their feelings without being ruled by them
sexually content without being driven
with balanced third chakra they would have confidence and confidence without dominating
the heart would be compassionate and loving, yet centered and peaceful
could communicate feelings or ideas with truth and clarity and be able to listen to others
So now you know what chakras are, where they are and how the effect the function of our physical and emotional bodies. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, in a body that is heavily influenced by energy. So what becomes of all that energy when the physical body reaches the end of it's natural life?
It returns to Source.