Monday, 9 September 2013

Spirit and the Sidelined

It never ceases to amaze me just how strongly Spirit has been written into my soul chart. 

I have hit a monumental moment in my soul chart like never before, and the washing machine of life has turned into nothing but pure spin cycle.  This human has gotten angry and run the gamut of emotions over the past several weeks, but what hurts my heart most, even though it is clearly a moment unavoidable, is the fact that my work is sidelined due to illness.  I am in quarantine and it's going to be at least another week.  Breaks my heart, but nothing I can do other than try to walk in a state of grace and give myself the love this body so desperately requires.

And, without fail, Spirit swooped in for one of the most remarkable moments aside from feeling my father.  You see, this Medium, while knowing full well that my father has made appearances in dreams and through goosebumps and quick flashing images, cannot connect with those closest to me in the way that I would if I were giving a reading to someone.  I can see the signs, hear things, but it is so very rare, unless in dreams, that I connect like a reading.  I just don't work that way.  And what I hope is that I get to add "yet" to that statement.  For this is an ever growing and changing learning environment.

As usual, I digress, but there has to be some back story to understand the full magnitude of the experience I was given yesterday.

Growing up I learned to twirl baton and was part of a 40 strong corps of girls.  The lady that taught us was Bev Lougheed, God rest her soul thanks to cancer taking her when I was 12 years of age.  Bev was married to a wonderful, hilarious man named Frank, and part of this family included a daughter a few years older than me, Sabrina.  Sabrina and I were like sisters.  Inseparable.  And Frank and Bev were like another mother and father for me.  Right down to me having a nickname, "Mushroom", because I was so teeny, and quite possibly because I am one of those kept in the dark and fed bullshit throughout my life, lol.  Frank passed earlier this year and Sabrina and I were keeping close tabs during this time frame.  Sabrina was with her dad when he passed and a few days prior, I had told her to tell him that "mushroom" said hi and that I loved him.  When he was told this, he smiled.

Yesterday found us together on the phone for one of our regular conversations.  And, still being so fresh, I let Sabrina know to really honor that the physical loss takes time and it is still all very recent.  As she was talking about his final days and after his passing, she relayed to me a story about a frog she found in her shoe, and, after placing it far away it came back.  I stopped her dead in her sentence and said, "Wait.  Don't say anymore.  What does Kermit the Frog mean to you?" as I had seen this image while she was talking.  Sabrina laughed.  She expressed that when they were growing up that she would ask what's for dinner and get the response, "Turtle soup and frogs legs.  Kermit the Frog."  I was stunned.  And she, probably a little taken aback too.  I then continued to relay his gratitude for all that she did towards the end.  I then was told to reminder her of his fingers placed on her chin.  And, here is the response I got this morning from Sabrina.

"Donna I know what dad was meaning when he said to u chin I would get dad to put his thumb under my chin because the bone part of my chin is got to lumps in the bone last night I thought what was dad saying and wham I smiled knowing this was what dad was talking about
Had to share this with u

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Once again, I am pleased to feature a guest blog by Carrie Clough of Radiant Health.  Carrie has gifted us with some amazing insights.  Thanks again Carrie!

What's Happening With Your Energy?
There is a lot of talk about spirituality and linking yourself up to the divine. When you plug yourself into the Ultimate Power Source, you should feel like you are home. Beings of True Divine Light have warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving energy. They are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual. It is normal to feel a bit off during times of ascension or energetic shift, but if you feel drained, unwell, cranky most of the time then maybe your energy has been sucked up by something less than divine. 
Energy "vampires" take many different forms. They can appear in your life as seemingly harmless people, but they are not.  You may have unknowingly entered into an agreement to energetically feed someone by feeling they are deserving in their neediness. You feel sorry for someone, try to help, to be understanding, all the while they are draining you. It's that feeling of dread you get when you encounter someone that cries out "energy drain"! When you are connected to the Ultimate Power Source, there is no end to your energy supply, but you will find yourself needing a "recharge" more often. It may not be easy to cut this sort of person from your life, what if they are a co-worker or a family member. It's impractical to have to change your job or cut your cousin from your life.
So what CAN you do? Meditate when you need to recharge your energy supply. Taking time for yourself and connecting to Divine Light and the Ultimate Power Source will help to unburden you of negativity. Meditation does not have to be some big chore. You can meditate in the bathtub, or as you lay in bed, drifting off to sleep. Asking for assistance from a Divine source, such as Archangel Micheal, to help shield you so you can continue to be caring, but not have to worry about giving an unecessary amount of energy away. Another idea is to revoke any agreement you may have made (whether you were aware of doing it or not) to feed this need for energy. Here is an example: I revoke ALL agreements made with any and all beings that do not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings are or claim to be. Be sure to revoke across all time, space, lifetimes and dimensions!

I also recommend a brief daily practice of revoking all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in your life that is energy-draining.
Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Encorporating this practice into your daily meditation routine will make a big difference to your energy levels and the joy of living your life. As you adjust, you may notice better sleep and a sense that you can see through deceptions disguised with positivity more easily.
As an energy healer, I would recommend making an appointment with a reputable practitioner to assist you if you feel unsure about proceeding. Having someone work within your energy field can be very enlightening and soothing for your "higher self". Go forth and enjoy your life of radiant health and balanced energy! Love and light. 

Are you interested in being a guest blogger?  Please feel free to send a request to blog to for consideration!  Much love!