Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Thoughts on The Afterlife

I tell you.  I get some pretty fantastic questions and today's is absolutely no exception!  So, thank you Pete for asking about my thoughts on the Afterlife.  Hope you don't mind, but I bet a lot of people would like to know that.  So thank you Spirit for placing you in my path today for such a beautiful question!

These are my perceptions based on my own experiences with Spirit.  I have had Spirit experiences since the age of 3 and still remember the very first encounter to this day.  Since then, my life has never been the same.

From about the age of 26 forward I started my work in silence.  I grew up knowing things.  For instance, before the days of call display, I would run for the phone when I knew it was for me.  Otherwise I would leave it most times.  I was truly a brat growing up.  Just ask my mom.

I used to know when letters from penpals were arriving in the mail and race down to get them.  I led a fascinating quiet life.  My parents never really knew, save a few instances where I poked my Psychic little head out.  At the age of 5, I scried.  It is the ability to see things within glass-like surfaces.  I woke up early one morning to see the silhouette of a horse's head go across my mirror, followed by my grandpa's head in silhouette also.  I went out to my parent's and asked when we were going to the ranch.  It was supposed to be a surprise.  And, to my recollection, I actually got in trouble because my parent's thought I overheard them talking about it.   Kids typically don't forget getting in trouble for weird things like this.

The next biggy happened at about age 9/10.  I had a dream my mom, sibling, and I were in our blue Datsun heading into town when a big brown tree fell on it.  I had to use my superpowers to get them out and I woke up.

Two weeks later my mother was driving our Blue Datsun and was hit by a brown sedan on her side.  They had to use the jaws of life and they said if she hadn't been wearing her seatbelt she would have been "dead or a vegetable" as per the officers on scene.  I thought I caused the accident.  I learned to keep my mouth shut from that moment forward until one unmistakeable night in my life.

At approximately 4.5 years into my first marriage, I had a dream.  And, just for a bit of backstory, at one point we were separated and on "a break".  After reconciliation I had a dream and woke up crying.  The now ex-husband startled awake and asked me what was wrong.  I told him I walked in on him with a girl with olive colored skin and long dark wavy hair and that they were having an affair.  Needless to say, not long after that, I dissolved the marriage.

So, with nothing to prove by sharing this story, I give you some history before I give you my impressions about working with Spirit, for they are the ones that show me all the things I experience.  My relationship with them is stronger than ever and my time has come.  To live my life fearlessly, as a "child of God" who was created with this ability. 

I firmly believe that what I have is an ability, and what I hope to leave you with is the gift.  The gift of knowing that we are always cared for, and that there is nothing but pure love on the other side.  Our "God" (Creator, Source, Cosmic Design Committee, however you see fit to own that energy bigger than us) made me, and I am NOT the spawn of the devil.  For I believe the only Devil that exists is the lies we like to tell ourselves.

I have experienced nothing but pure love from over there and strongly believe that the Bible is a beautiful story of some real and some allegory, to help us walk through the human experience with Angels at our sides.

I do not believe in Hell.  The only Hell that exists is the way humans behave here.  We are either in this existence (in form wherever we may be on this planet or others) or non-form (Spirit).

As in being birthed Here, we are birthed to our true Home.  Source.  We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  We have a Soul Chart that our team knows intimate details of.  We get bits and pieces for it would take away the excitement of life.  This Soul Chart has every detail from family, friends, foes (lessons), Life Lessons, Challenges, a Final Exit Point, and maybe a few in-between.

Personally, I have been brought to the brink of death at the age of 5, 21, 40, and approximately three weeks ago.   So, every time has brought me closer and closer to my team to do my work, and I live it boldly since nearly dying from choking on a candy when I was 40.  I have done thousands of readings.

When we return home we are cocooned for a bit in order to re-adjust.  The harder the exit, the longer the cocoon.  Over There is nothing but pure love.  Our "God" is not a punishing one.  In fact, Source is the exact opposite.  We are so loved over there that we get sent here to have a human experience.  It is how we come to understand humans more when we return home and to position of Guardian Angels, Protectors, etc.

Our loved ones give us signs any time we ask.  All we have to do is ask.  They are at the ready.  Some things take longer to manifest than others, but all eventually show up.  We have free will.  Anything I see can be changed by the person I work with.

When I do a session, it is not just reading people's energy, it is connecting with their loved ones.  My dad crossed over and he and I have never had a better relationship.  Ha!  Ha!

I experience Spirit as if they were back in human form.  Imperfections and all.  What I have experienced is that, in Spirit, our loved ones learn "errors of their ways" and show remorse from over there.  In fact, what my symbol for remorse is is actually an action.  The Loved Ones bow their head.  It is when I am shown that, that I am to say sorry for them, and typically because they were unable in real life or didn't get the chance (unfinished business).  I experience images like a movie screen on the back of my forehead.  I also see physical manifestation/shape of Spirit, hear them, feel them (every single hair on my arm stands up, it is quite something to see), taste, and smell things too.

When I work with Spirit I always ask for something that I could not possibly know so that it validates to the person I am reading, that I truly have a loved one present.  For there could not be any other way for a complete stranger to know what they know.  I state facts before I ask questions, and typically the questions I ask are because I have been sitting there drawing something or I am to ask about it.

Another thing I have learned from working with Spirit is that Angels have different realms.  Our loved ones tend to move into Guardian Angel first, and then may move on to other things from there, but they will always show up when called.  Save one exception.  If they have already returned.  Yes, I believe in reincarnation.

I also believe that angels exist right here on earth.  They are the Lightworkers.  And, while I believe that each and every one of us has a light shining bright within to be shared with the world, there are those that have the calling like mine.  A direct line to Spirit.  The work is not perfect, for I am human.  I am always a work in progress.  We all are.  But I am a firm believer that we have one, maybe two things we were born to do as our work, and that if we listen to our gut instinct, we will be steered in really amazing directions.  We must take actions as humans, but with intent the Universe steps right up with us and moves us through our contract.  I was born to do this.  I had to have as much life experience as I could in order to do this work to the best of my ability.  I am humbled to have such an experience and I believe that life on the Other Side exists because I live with them every day.  I am truly never alone, even when I sleep.

So, I hope that about covers it.  There is probably more.  But stay tuned for you never know what shows up here.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013!

I am always prepared to point a finger where it belongs, and it is typically pointed right at me.  I can't expect other people to change, I am the one that requires the changing if I feel it necessary.

This is NOT about anyone other than me.  It is my observation and experience whether personally or through the work I do.  PERIOD.  If it hits a nerve, then maybe I have created an awareness for you.

I got a huge lesson in NOT listening to my gut.  It is the one thing that is always on hyper-alert and I have truly learned to honor it.  I didn't, and it came back to bite me in the ass. 

I am a firm believer in the "Pebble, brick, boulder" theory.  That the Universe will first send you a pebble, a minor irritation, a glitch.  We feel it in our gut that this doesn't feel right.  But you make a choice to walk through that feeling and a brick occurs, and if you ignore the brick, you get............well, I think you get what you get.  LOL.

However, I am also a firm believer that even when we choose against our gut feelings, there are some remarkable blessings that occur.  We just have to make our way through it emotionally first, and then spin it into perspective.

I had to make my way to Kamloops for awhile, and on the day I was due to fly out, the flight was delayed and I had to rebook to the following day.  That, as far as I was concerned, was my pebble.  For even as I was getting ready to board I was not feeling good about it.  But the cavalier in me (ego) said to self, "You have the ticket in your hand, you have put out some money to do this, now get on that plane."  So I did.

HUGE mistake!

I contracted a virus and was under infection and contagion control for the first three weeks of my setting foot in the Loops.  Get cleared, do a little bit of work, get exposed to contagion, get REALLY sick!  Yep.  I got strep (go ahead giggle, because the amount of pressure cooker I have been under has been BOULDER!!!!) and it went rogue and I had an infection in my one and only kidney.  EXTREME antibiotics for 10 days and a re-visit to get the all clear. 

If that wasn't what the Universe was warning me about before hopping on the plane, then what was it?  LOL

However, there really are no mistakes on lessons, so here's what I have learned.

I don't have to accept toxic behavior from myself or others.  I am committed to creating that change within myself.  As a certain stylist I know once said, "I had a wishbone where my backbone should have been".  My backbone is solidly in place and my wish has been given over to the Universe to care for.

I was busy trying to think for other people.  Mybad.  I am onto me now, and I will only think for myself.

I have the right, as we all do, to set very firm and healthy boundaries.  I live my life 80/20.  80% focused on positive and 20% on negative.  Negatives have value, but I try and spin it as quickly as I can but honor the feelings as I move through things.

I needed a rest.  I wasn't listening.  So the Universe gave me a sit down and shut up BOULDER!

I have been on bedrest, being still, enjoying every single minute of it.

I am grateful. Grateful for the challenges, because the rewards have been greater.  I have reclaimed my position as Goddess.  I am not playing small anymore.  I am playing big.  Don't you think we have all kept ourselves small long enough?

And then this hit me!  A blog whose time has come.  All because I sat down and shut up.  A habit I am working on without having to get sick.

Much love.