Thursday, 26 June 2014

Musings of a Medium

Well, have we had enough of the shiftstorm without the "f" yet?  Just remember, mankind is in a process and this process is part of it.  Got it?  LOL.

I decided today that I wanted to share some things about the work from my point of view.  Things that I learn on a regular basis because of the work I do.  Some of it is tricky.  Some of it is ugly.  But alot of it is downright beautiful.

When I open a session, I explain to people the difference between a Psychic and a  Medium.  A Psychic reads energy.  More importantly, human energy.  We see things that have happened to someone, that are happening to someone, and things that I always say could possibly happen.  The work is not an exact science, and I really try to own the human, imperfect, part of the work.  I firmly believe that none of us has all the answers, nor should we, for that would take the joy and surprise of this life away.  And we wouldn't want to do that now, would we?

Anyways, when it comes to the Psychic work, I ALWAYS let people know two things:

1)  If you want to want to know something, ask.
2)  If you don't want to know something, DON'T ask.

And I mean that.  If you are not prepared to hear the answer, don't even bother asking.  Here is a shining example of what this looks like.  Due to the sensitive nature of the session, I am going to keep it extremely vague.  (And yes, I ALWAYS ask for permission to share in this manner)  Someone had come to sit with me and had never been to a Psychic before, never mind a Medium.  They had heard good things through a friend's attendance at an event, and they thought they could give this a try.  They came with a type of situation that I don't like to deal with and find that it isn't really in my mandate here to do so.  And, when asked a question, I gave an answer to which the response was, "Well, I didn't want to hear that."  It was one of the most frustrating sessions I had been in for awhile and smack dab in the middle of Merc Retro (a PRIME example of what this energetic time will do).  So, after much deliberation I actually didn't charge them and explained that in the world of what she was asking for help with, I actually am not good at in the terms of talents Psychics may have.  I also referred them to a colleague and, as fate would have it, our experienced sessions were the exact same experience and yes, we had permission to compare notes AFTER the fact.

And with that said, I say once again, "If you don't want to know.  DON'T ASK!"  I am not one of those Psychics that pretends to be one giving airy fairy readings telling people what they want to hear.  I am here to get some work done and, with God willing, help others to accomplish their work in this lifetime too.  So we will get absolutely nowhere if you aren't open to the work.

Which brings me to my next awareness for all of you.  I get that, when you  have never been seen by a Psychic Medium before, you never know what to expect, but guess what??  Neither do I.  It is why I say on my website under what to expect:

1)  Expect the Unexpected.

I can be just as nervous as you and, in fact, I would worry if I wasn't a little anxious each time.  I let people know that it is never my intention to hurt or harm, I just never know where a session is going to go and what is going to be said.  I set an intention of the greatest and highest good being revealed for the sake of the soul that I am sitting with, draw in my care team and the loved ones of the person I will be sitting with, and get to work.

About the work.  It is okay to be skeptical!  Truly.  I always joke that even I'm skeptical of the work, ha ha ha.  However, don't let skepticism get in the way of a bit of receptivity, because a strong dose of skepticism will get in the way.  It's like a brick wall is placed in front of me.  And, oh yeah, if you don't want me to see something I won't you know.  Truly.  I get a black void or a brick wall as a "no", so your secret is safe with me because I won't be able to see it, lol.  However, I have blown a few deep dark downs before in my own personal world, so the Universe lets me see what is going on in my backyard, lol.  For that I am grateful because it keeps my loved ones safe.  So bring that inner skeptic, but give him a chance to accept something that may be coming through.

And listen, the work isn't perfect, so don't let a "miss" put up a block.  Sometimes it takes a bit to warm up due to nerves of the person I am sitting with, or even my own, so just allow the process to unfold.  I will get to the good stuff.  The stuff that I can't possibly know that let's you know that I truly have one of your loved ones.   So don't be fooled by a vague "Medium", a real Medium should give you the goods.  Things they can't possibly know and the only way they could know is because they have a loved one in Spirit.  Yours.  And that is truly amazing.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had the honor of creating a bond between Here and There through using my abilities to create an awareness.  An awareness that, if we are truly open to it, will shift our soul forever and move us forward like never before.

So, open your mind, open your heart, and allow yourself to experience your loved ones.  It doesn't take me to do so. Here's what you can do:

1)  Ask for a specific sign.  A few months after my dad passed, I decided I needed a good indicator he was around.  I picked a song by Pink and told my dad to have it playing as I walked into a store or turned on a radio.  Sure enough, he still does that for me.  So ask!

2)  Trust what you see or hear.  If you hear a song and a loved one gone pops into your head, know that they are there!  For as you think of them they are thinking of you.  If you see a dime on the ground and you immediately think of your grandpa, trust that it's from your grandpa!  We all want to second guess these things, so try believing.  You will not believe what happens in your world.  You begin to open up, wake up, and that is a FANTASTIC thing!

3)  Know that if you dream of a loved one gone from this world and onto the next, TRUST that that is a visit.  They may not talk, but know that it is them, and they have come to let you know that they are around.

What an awesome world!

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Medium Heeds Her Own Messages

Are we having fun yet?!   Because just when we thought we were out of the energetic woods, the planets and stars lined up to hand us just one more whallop.  Welcome to Mercury Retrograde.  Two down, and one more to go for this year.  Here is what Merc Retro handed me last week.  It had me digging deep and losing my cool by last night.  But that's okay because EVERYTHING needed to happen.

On June 11th, 2014, exactly one month before her 96th birthday, my paternal grandmother was called Home.  Her passing shook me harder than I imagined, but for reasons so much bigger than being death itself.  

It would serve as no irony that as my mom was signing papers for the sale of our family home of 40 years, my grandmother lay on her deathbed and transitioned very shortly after the bulk of the paperwork was done.  Four husbands and two sons have gone on before her and it was about time the good Lord came for her.  So, as we all moved forward, grandma did too.

However, in that moment, I felt utterly left behind.  My grandmother was being reunited with my dad, and I got jealous and homesick.  Me?  A Medium?  Jealous and homesick?  OF COURSE!  I'm human first and foremost.  And the woman through whose family came my ability was gone.  The woman that let me know I wasn't the only one in the family to "see" things.  Gone.  And, worst of all?  I did NOT go to see her while I was in Kamloops.  So, enter the Medium with remorse and regret and now in need of heeding her own messages.

So I will console myself in words I speak so often to so many, because I know in my heart of hearts, I was not supposed to be there and things unfolded exactly as they should.  My grandmother hasn't known who anyone is for a very, VERY long time.  She had been lying bedridden more often than not the last five years and I was the one who took charge of visits after dad passed.  The last three years watching her reduced to a shell hurt to watch.  It came to a point where I couldn't bear to watch any longer.  MY stuff.  MY stuff.

It meant I stopped going and missed an opportunity for "one last moment" before her passing.  The stuff that hurts us so much after people pass.  The "shoulda's".  Well.  I am not going to "should" on myself for this one.  My grandmother wouldn't want me to.  In fact, I know exactly what she would say.

"I know you loved me.  I know you came to see me.  I know why you stopped.  And it is ALL okay."

Our loved ones in Spirit do not want us to hang onto guilt forever.  If they could, they would take it all away instantly.  It is the stuff that hurts us the most.  And that is something that none of Them wish for Us.  They wish nothing but for us to move forward, putting a BandAid over the hole in our heart they leave, and begin to live for them, knowing they are watching over, guiding, and guarding us.

When death comes, we can keep ourselves in the shoulda's, or we can begin to see things as unfolding the way they were supposed to. 

My wish?

For each and every one of us to forgive ourselves for the things we think we "shoulda" or "coulda" done, leave the guilt behind, and embrace a future that unfolds with every single person that has returned Home watching over us.  Exactly as it is meant to be.