Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Let the Blogging Spree Commence

It is so weird (not really) that I would find myself once again sitting down to the computer, hands at the keyboard, being pushed by Spirit to write.  Not sure what's up with that, but hey!  I'll take it!

When it comes to my blogging, I've noticed it's been sporadic.  However, I always take comfort that when it is "time" it happens.  My blogs are about Spirit.  Mine.  My adventures with them, and the growth that is ever continuing in my life, and I hope yours.

So let's talk about Divine Timing.  Did you know that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to?  Did you know that we can actually energetically block Divine Timing despite the fact that everything happens when it is supposed to?  Does that sound really weird?

"But wait Donna, if everything happens at Divine Timing, how can we block it?".  Well, let's use my my journeys as an example.  And then I will use the journey of clients I have been encountering.

For those of you that have read previous blogs, last year found myself a crumpled mess on the floor February of 2013, after two months of having not one single client come through the door.  WTF????  My career had been slowly gathering speed when all of a sudden, my clients were gone.  Enter the crumpled mess on the floor, sobbing her eyes out, wondering what the Hell I had done to create this.  It's called micro-managing, and I had been handed one of the greatest lessons when it comes to the Universe, in that moment in time.

You see, I had my career all planned out, TV was going to happen, I was going to see a massive amount of clients because the work is so important to me, and I was going to do this, this, this, and this......................WHAM!  The screeching halt occurred.  You see, we truly don't have control over anything but our choices and our actions, and all we have to do is take one step in that direction.  I mean, I work every day whether I am seeing clients or not, but I was telling the Universe what my career was going to look like..............wrong!  Therefore, I was micro-managing, and therefore the Universe went............URCH!!!!  A screeching stop!  Time to tune Donna up.

So, as I lay on the floor, tears rolling down my face, I turned my head to the sky and asked, "What?", "What am I not getting?".  And then I heard in the distance.......'Surrender'.  "Surrender????  What do you mean surrender?  I have poured my heart and soul into my work, came out of the Spiritual Closet with a bang in 2010, no longer being afraid to say, 'I See Dead People', and this is where I end up???!!  Really??!!"

"Yes Donna, really.  You see, WE'RE in charge of your career and it is time you put your total trust in us in all you do, otherwise it isn't going to work out the way you hope."  And wham, the Universal sledgehammer hit me up side the head and I began to sob even more.  A recognition so deep I could hardly stand it.  I had gotten in the road of all that was waiting for me, if, and only IF, I surrendered to their hands the steering wheel of life.  From that moment forward my life changed.  I started to view the quiet times as the calm before the storm and an opportunity to rest.  I began to FEEL more and recognize and truly take into my soul, that the Universe, and my Care Team (we all have one), truly had me in their care and keeping.

Thus the truest of Divine Timing.  The block which created the lesson which served a purpose that happened in Divine Timing.  EXACTLY when I needed it.  The floodgates opened and here I sit today in the most joyful experience of my life.  At the seat of my soul, doing what I love, and knowing peace like I have never known before.  It is what I wish for each and every one of you.

Enter a few clients I have been working with, super attached to finding their partner, and at the center of their wish list a specific person.  Specific people which have switched given different occasions.  Nothing like ATTACHMENT to get in the road.  However, these attachments, these specifics, house the lesson.  If we are continually seeking one specific person, thing or place, we interfere with what is waiting for us.  Plain and simple.  So it's no wonder these clients aren't finding anyone.  And, while they come to see me to work these things through, the only good I am doing them is reminding them to 'let go and let God'.  We have to TRUST that the Universe has someone waiting, and while we might not know what they look like, we can imagine ourselves holding hands with someone, seeing the hands only and that, in Divine Timing, someone will appear that we wish for.

Ours is to imagine 'someone' or 'something' in a generic sense, and allow the Universe to handle the details.  If we tell the Universe exactly what we are looking for we are micro-managing.  Micro-managing NEVER works.  Period.

So I ask you, are you micro-managing?  We are all guilty of it.  I am merely the reflection of what it is your soul may be seeking.  We are all mirrors for each other.  But only YOU can be the true reflection.

So, march yourself over to your mirror and ask, "Am I micro-managing?".  For if you are, imagine your hands reaching out and handing over to bigger hands and HANDING IT OVER!

It is their job, not yours, to guide us through our wishes.  Truly let it go.

In that moment, the Universe begins to drop in what it is your heart desires!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

On Death and Dying

Yesterday I found out that a soul that had been a very important part of my life passed away doing what she loved.  It was a shock and it stung, but I carried on with my day of clients, knowing that I would grieve throughout, and that messages from Spirit would help soothe me along the way.

I am a firm believer that in certain situations, "the show must go on".  This soul brought so much laughter and friendship into my life, that the thought of not being able to interact with her on Facebook anymore and see her adventures left my heart in a bit of a broken space.  We shared a time in my life where "balls to the wall" applied and I found myself hurtling out of an airplane with a parachute on my back............82 TIMES!  She and one other welcomed me with open arms (Thanks Hoobajoob!) into a male dominated sport.  We shared good times, we shared crazy times, and her moving onto the world of coaching in Skydiving reached so many others.

Her Facebook page lit up with pictures and stories and heartfelt prayers and condolences from all over the world, that's how far her reach was!

Enter Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and Mr. Gary Zukav.

During this Super Soul session, Oprah highlighted moments in her 25 years of working with Gary Zukav, and one moment stood out and made me cry so hard in recognition of something I believe to be vitally important in all the grieving we could ever do on this planet.  It was a shift.  And there is ALWAYS a gift in any shift that we make that sits at the seat of our soul.

In this highlight, Oprah shared a moment on television some time ago where she and Mr. Zukav were conversing with a family where twins entered the world, and one twin left after 48 hours of life.  Their grief was overwhelming.  And, I must insert here that everyone grieves differently, that there is no "right or wrong" to grief, but that I believe there comes a time and place to settle a loss into a different heartspace in our soul.  Losing a child does not feel natural.  Whether we have had two months in utero or 10 years in the world, it sucks, and there is no two ways about it.

However, Mr. Zukav brought a different view to death of anyone, including children, that may help to change any of our approaches to grief at any moment.  Our souls have a contract (which I have always stated and believed).  We never know when that contract ends or how.  But what we would hope to remember when we are ready, is to know that their time on this planet was a gift.  They took the time to be with us, for whatever length was written into their soul chart, and then they had to leave the physical world.  In their journey lies all sorts of gifts.  Gifts to live more, laugh more, and love even harder while we are here on this planet.

Our goal, I feel (my opinion only), is to truly get to a spot where we can say thank you for all that you gifted me and not be so tortured by the loss.  It is not to say the sting doesn't  show up once in awhile, or that tears will never be shed again, but it is about recognizing all that the soul gifted us, and that they merely changed form.  They truly never leave us.  And, given the work that I do, I know that to be absolute truth in my life.

So, enter a space today, where the shock has worn off a little bit more, the grief feels a little less.  All because of the words of Gary Zukav.  And I am grateful.

My friend, like any of us, had a contract.  Her contract ended exactly when it was supposed to and, when the physical space of loss decreases (and for some even now), anyone attached to this soul's life are going to recognize the gifts she left the world.

And yes, I shift in my grieving process a bit faster than others because of the work I do, and it's not to say I am not going to cry for myself and even more so for others that were extremely close to her in this stage of her life, but Mr. Zukav's words around the gifts received from others while here, were almost an instant shift for me.

This person left me gifts, and here is what they are at this stage of the game:

1)  This life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

2)  Death of the physical shell makes me appreciate my life even more.  I could not be here and I am.  And for that I am grateful.

3)  That people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and each of them challenges us to grow, to love, and engage in meaningful conversation and learn valuable lessons.

4)  Whether we are two minutes old or 102 we have been given the gift of coming down to this school called life, and every opportunity (easy or hard) has beautiful moments.

5)  Smiles are infectious, and a kind word soothing.  My friend always had a kind word and infectious smile that made so many feel welcome. (And it would come as 'no coincidence' that "Smile" is playing in the background as I write this....."smile though your heart is when.......")

6)  Love the life you life.  And if you don't................change it!

7)  Be the person you wish to see in the world.

The space of losing someone isn't easy.  It hurts.  But that hurt can be temporary (2 minutes, 5 years) IF you allow it to shift.

I can tell you from the work that I do, that our loved ones do not want us needlessly suffering from the loss of someone.  In fact, they want us to live for them.  They want us to be happy, they want us to absolve ourselves of the "shoulda, woulda, couldas", and they truly do want us to live, live, LIVE!  For in those moments, they are right along side us going, "Hell Yeah!".

They want us to go on and live for others in our lives and more importantly ourselves!  We have the right to a good life and soulful living.  Death is part of life and it teaches us so much!  To love harder, walk through doors of opportunity, and to live a life that suits us best!

Allow those we lose to give us the gifts they wish for us to receive! (as per Gary Zukav)

Live happy!
Play hard!
Leave doing what you love!

This life is meant to be lived!  So get out there and live it!  And, in that moment, know that your loved ones in Spirit are right there with you, enjoying every moment you choose to embrace!