Monday, 16 December 2013

Don't Get Mad, Feel Bad

It would come as no surprise that I am continually on a learning and growing curve.  Aren't we all.  If we choose to accept the lessons.  Lessons come in repeat patterns until we have learned from them and healed in the process.  That is part of what I call our soulvolution.

The last portion of this year is proving to be quite shifty, and I firmly feel that the more we are open to being guided by Spirit, the faster it will come.  And even more so for those that have embraced "the light" and are guided by it in all they do.

I am an empath, and sometimes being "in it" comes with a price on me.  It is the kindly reminder to detach from drama on a regular basis.  The biggest case for self-love if ever there was.

I have had a few really, REALLY tough lessons presented to me, and this year has been an extremely challenging space to walk through.  However, I am grateful, because I truly have grown so much.  This allows me to do my job as one of the true Lightworkers on this planet.  For, without these lessons, I would not be able to feel it in another and provide the words that Spirit would have someone know. 

Here is what has been driven home for me.  Everyone has a story, and that story can run, and ruin, people's lives.  At some point we have to learn to rise above the stories we have so easily walked in, run in, and ruined with.  It is called growing up and accepting personal responsibility.  What happens to me is that I very easily engage into other people's stories.  And, the closer to home it is, the harder it is to distance, driving home the much needed alone time I so desperately require to detach, so that I don't have to participate.  My goal, as should be anyone's, is to detach from the dramas that other people reside in.  Period.

It isn't easy, but the Universe is always providing me the opportunity to detach because this life I have chosen to engage in can be pretty absurdly crazy sometimes, but I have truly realized, NONE of it, save the lessons presented in others, belongs to me.  I have had my own story to run, and I have learned, and am still learning, to rise above it.  There will always be lessons, but they can shift, once you have learned from the ones that are present in your life.  Right this very minute.

Here's what I have learned:

1)  I am light years ahead of others in my life at a soul level, and that's okay.  Maybe I am meant to show the way.  For that is the task of the Lightworkers here on this planet.  We shed light on those dark places, giving everyone an opportunity to heal. 

2)  Just because I am lightyears ahead, does not mean others are going to be that way, the shift does not occur overnight.  It takes time.  However, it does not mean I am going to sit in any form of a relationship in my life if it remains toxic.  I will not allow that in my life.  What it does mean is that I will learn my lessons from these situations so that they don't repeat.  Don't get me wrong, the Universe will test you to see if you have truly learned.  And that's okay.  But, accept the gift of knowing that the Universe always has your best interest at heart.  Regardless of what situation you may find yourself in.

3)  I can be with chaotic souls as an opportunity to learn to detach and allow people their space to see if they are going to rise above their stories. 

4)  The stories that people like to keep themselves in are broken ones based on past experiences.  Some of us have it in our charts to remain that way our entire lives, others will be given the opportunity to break free.  On the flip side of this, I also believe that Free Will can change us at any point in time.  IF we make the choice "to see".  The stories look and sound like this, "I was abused", "my father was an alcoholic", "I have made bad choices therefore I am a bad person and deserve nothing more than bad things", "I love to play the martyr, oh woe is me", "I'm in survival mode", "so-and-so hurt me", yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.  I get it.  You want to keep yourself small, a hurt little child as it were, and that's okay.  You can choose to do that.  I have chosen differently.  It is challenging to be around others who play small, but they really are giving me an opportunity to be in it and not participate.  Thank you Universe!

5)  Everyone has the right to a happy life, and the only person responsible for our happiness is ourselves.  Yes, we get into relationships and would hope that the other person adds to our lives, it doesn't always happen, and that's okay, because leaving or staying provide valuable tools.

6) Not everyone is capable of saying sorry.  As far as I am concerned part of the personal responsibility business is learning to do just that.  Say "sorry".  Teach our young ones, whether they like or not, to say sorry.  For saying sorry is about the behaviors and NOT the person.  We are all good at heart.  However, if you don't say sorry, I have really taken in that the karma of that moment rests with the other person.  They are running their story, and they choose to stay "stuck".  That's on them, not me.  I am learning not to take things personally because of situations like that.  Thank you Universe.

7)  The more open you are to the process of growing, the more the Universe will collaborate to heal you.  What a beautiful gift from the Universe!

So, here is my Christmas Gift to me from the Universe, and maybe, just maybe, by sharing some of my experiences without going into gory details, you will give yourself the gift of growing up, healing from your past, and embracing your future.

One of the best ways we can do this is by learning our lessons, accepting them graciously, and continuing on a soulvolution journey.  EVERYONE has a story.  Learn to not concern yourself with their story.  Instead........

Don't get mad, feel bad............Just like Jesus stated, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do".

And that is what I have decided to do.  I am turning my getting mad at them into feeling bad for them.  Because really, it is quite sad that people would choose to hold themselves back from what I call personal greatness.  Within each of us lies a Light that cannot be denied.  Some of us choose to stay dim, and others of us choose to shine bright.

The more I detach from the drama around me, the brighter I become.  The more I start to feel bad for the people in my life who are in amongst chaos, the less I feel mad.  Because in the end, it is about them.  And truly, NOT about me, save the lesson of learning to detach and have the truest form of empathy.  Letting them run their story and figure it out for themselves and being that space of sanity when people choose to seek refuge.

And that, is the greatest gift of all.

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