Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Making the Shift - A Christmas Wish

I want to thank Carrie Clough of Radiant Health once again for a timely contribution of health and happiness for the Holiday Season and into the New Year.

We humans tend to instinctively hold on to what is familiar, and resist moving into the unknown, not trusting that it can be a place of greater freedom and happiness. Shift is happening regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, just as day follows night, it is a cyclic event. We are made of mind, body and spirit, when one or more are misaligned, life becomes chaotic and unbearable. My dear friend Donna (aka The Mountain Medium) once said “the spirit needs to be nurtured – daily”, wise words and I wholeheartedly agree.

To me, spiritual shift means belief systems that have been passed down from authoritarian institutions fade away, replaced instead by a higher level of common sense, kindness and compassion. No two people will be alike in regards to their core beliefs, experiences, and Divine lessons. My sense of spirituality comes from the energy of the universe and from the vibration of nature. I actively practice gratitude and hold the intention of spreading light and love to those I meet, even if it is something as simple as a smile. I try to refrain from using statements like “this (negative) always happens to me”, because it simply attracts more negativity. As a result, I feel happier and more content and I am beginning to manifest my dream of helping others and being self-employed.

There are many spiritual paths and yours will be uniquely your own. I invite you to set spirituality, gratitude and mindfulness as your intention and see what happens in your life.  Shift happens, I guarantee it. If you are honest in your intentions, it will happen. Not every day is perfect. We are human and we slip up. Every moment is a chance to learn, every day is a chance to start fresh. Before you know it, you will have formed new habits, new thought patterns and you will be using the intent of spirituality to live a more fulfilled existence. As each individual invests in bettering themselves, all of humanity benefits, for what is humanity but a collection of individuals?

 Spiritual shift is actually becoming very desirable for many people so if you want in on it, here's what you need to do:

1. Tell yourself you're ready for the spiritual shift.
2. Be in the present by focusing on what you're doing in the moment.
3. Look people in the eye when they're talking to you and listen.
4. Use your words carefully before speaking.
5. Treat everyone around you as an equal, or as Buddha said "Consider others as yourself."
6. Love unconditionally.
7. Don't be judgmental.
8. Be kind.
9. Be forgiving.
10. Be generous.
11. Consider everyone on the planet your spiritual family.”
 Ora Nadrich Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

PS from Donna Hartt, The Mountain Medium:

Remember, the reason for this season is not the things we run out and buy, but the company we keep, the laughter we have, and the joy of our future.  Wake each day and say thank you for another fun-filled day of joy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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