Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Other Side and Back Again

An awareness was created the other day thanks to a dear friend of mine.  I proceed through my life as if people are already aware of things I have come to understand, and it has become blaringly apparent in my life as a Psychic Medium that I have an above-average scoop into life on the Other Side and our journey to Here.

My life is so second-nature that it hadn't even dawned on me that people are wanting to understand more about the goings on between Here and There, so I thought I would share some of the things I have come to understand about our life Here and our life There.

I must reiterate that the things I am about to share are based on my experiences and are by no means written in stone.  These are just patterns or insights that have been created thanks to my work with Spirit.

So what does happen between the worlds?

Well, as Spiritual Beings having a human experience our first "life" is creation into Spirit.  In Spirit, we are "formless", which therefore means we are without illness, in "perfect state" and resonate nothing but Unconditional Love.  We are part of the ALL and in that space we are limitless and unstoppable.  I firmly believe the only "death" we experience is the leaving of our physical body.  Our Soul, or Spirit, is eternal.

As Spirit we have a "hierarchy".  The ALL who drives Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, and the Spirit Population.  I do not believe that the ALL is one gender, but is, in Spirit, the masculine, the feminine, and the Divine.  The ALL. 

Before coming down to earth a care team is assigned and a Soul Chart generated.  This Soul Chart contains every finite detail of the human existence about to be created.  This starts with our care team.  The group of Spirits assigned to guiding us while here on earth.  I came with a group of nine.  How I know this is thanks to a past-life regression which actually ended up regressing me to my beginning of this incarnation.  I was privy to nine EXTREMELY luminescent beings standing at a large square table with me standing before them.  It was a pretty cool revelation, but I digress.

This Soul Chart contains information like Date of Entry, Final Date of Exit, who you will travel with on your journeys, aka your Soul Group and so much more.  Your Soul Group is the group of souls whose timelines intertwine throughout your incarnation.  There are Spirits that you travel with indefinitely throughout any existence and there are those that come in for a reason, a season, a life time.

Within the Soul Groups are Soulmates, Twin Flames, and the Familiars.  Soulmates are a travel partner that tends to stay in a marriage(-like) arrangement for length of days.  They are a relationship that loves and nurtures the soul in a very gentle way.  Then there are the Twin Flames.  The relationship of the Twin Flames can take many different incarnations.  Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Parents, but is typically expressed by one person you cannot live without and can feel their pain millions of miles away.  In this lifetime, I am with my soulmate, and my Twin Flame just happens to be a female who couldn't be any more like my twin sister if we tried.  She places mental phone calls to me and I to her.  It is uncanny.

Typically speaking, Twin Flames can be very tricky.  Particularly when arranged as lovers.  The energy is intense and does NOT always work into a long-lasting relationship.  In fact, I have typically seen it is the polar opposite.  Each Flame finds each other, the pull great, yet circumstances find them in other relationships and the meeting volatile.  A want but can't have as it were.  The lesson is huge!  However, if it is slated within a Soul Chart to do so, it is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL working here on this planet for the benefit of mankind. 

As for the Familiars, they are the souls we run into Here, and feel like we have known them for a lifetime.  There is a "click" that just cannot be explained.  The people we are designed to meet for that one reason, that season, or a lifetime and they are immeasurable.  I couldn't even begin to imagine the number of people I have encountered in my life, but they have all served a purpose.  I to them, and them to me.

In Spirit, we are assigned as Guardian Angels to our loved ones here on Earth, and may even eventually get assigned as an Archangel, an Ascended Master (one who mastered the human condition and typically in huge fashion - Gandhi, Jesus, Krishna, etc.), or even the Spirit responsible for the care and keeping of the "lost souls" Here on this planet.  One never knows what one's assignment over and above Guardian Angel, if any, will occur.

And, by the way, each of us has access to the ALL and information stored.  It is usually referred to as the Akashic Records.  We just have to tune in and listen.  And, sometimes, seek out professional insight for validation purposes.

When we return Home to Spirit, we are welcomed by loved ones, guides, and a team that basically births us into Spirit.  And, depending on how the human left the world, Spirit is cocooned for a period of time to reassimilate into Spirit.  Remember, Spirit is perfect, but imagine being housed elsewhere in form and finding our way back into a place we haven't hopefully been for awhile.  Heaven.

Our Spirit needs to acclimate, and what might seem like forever since our loved ones have let us know they are okay and at peace over There, seems but a blink of an eye over There.

So now, take this process and reverse it.  Spirit into the human shell.  We enter the world kicking and screaming.  We have spent almost 10 months in a very warm environment (much like over There) as part of the transition into the world.  Then we spend the first three years trying to calibrate ourselves.  And, take this into consideration.  As Spirit we know EVERYTHING.  Imagine that slate being wiped relatively clean as we are set to enter another incarnation.  We do not remember our birth for a reason, we are welcomed by a care team Here, and begin our journey.

The first three years are learning to crawl, walk, run and talk.  It is within the first five years that our connection to the Other Side is extremely strong, leaving us very prone to experiencing Spirit.  I had my first encounter at the age of 3.  It is vivid to this day.

However, there are several theories about why we incarnate and don't remember things.  One of them being it would take all the joy of the experience away if we came fully aware.  We are also meant to learn things, different things, through each incarnation.  And, while we keep some of the inherent things, i.e. through any lifetimes I have been shown I have ALWAYS been a Healer.  It is why it is so second-nature to me.

Another theory is "the river of forgetting", and that it is required that we "drink" of the water before coming down to Here.  It is almost as if remembering is "not allowed".  I mean, imagine knowing everything about everything which in turn takes away from the mystery of life.  I sure as Hell don't want to know everything!  Do you?

Yet another, is because of the process.  I couldn't imagine remembering my birth experience, could you?  We need time and space to assimilate into human existence.  I believe that part of the frustrating experience of being so young is that our Spirit "knows" things but cannot yet articulate.  For instance, a baby crying knows he will get fed yet does not have the means to speak.  That's why they cry.  It is their first "voicing" of an experience, pleasant or otherwise.  We, as Spirit, need to time to recover and adjust and we are provided the human care team to facilitate this process.

I have also come to learn that in Spirit, or our Higher Selves, we can solve any challenge presented to us, even with the help of our Care Team in Spirit.

This journey is meant to be enjoyed, both ways.  We are loved enough to be sent Here, and the only place we go when we leave Here is There.  The fire and brimstone teachings of a literal place called Hell does not exist.  Well, maybe except Here because we sure have a penchant for creating Hellish situations.

So, don't sit there thinking Bad Aunt Lucy has gone to Hell for her behavior, for in fact, all she does is return Home and get a long hard look at how things may have been handled differently.  Just like every single person who leaves Here.  And from There, they are given a life review as it were.  And, if it helps, imagine an Unconditional Love Being who has to look at how the human behaved.  Ouch!  LOL!  Oh well, notes for next time.

And, next time sometimes comes because a soul "has to", and not always just because they choose too.  And yes, some of us have a choice and some of us don't.

I didn't have a choice, but I firmly feel that next time will be a choice.  I have learned so much about myself and how I relate to others on this planet, and firmly feel I am rooted in the lessons set before me and the true joy of what life is about.

Me.  And my journey of the work I sooooooo love to share!

May this share bring you a greater understanding and all the Peace and Comfort of knowing that we are loved so much we get to experience Here, and that, in the End, there is no place like Home.

It is a wonder to behold.

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