Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Had A Dream

After a lengthy conversation with a dear friend, I have made the decision to recount a dream I had this morning.  It is for the sake of preserving as much detail as possible.  For I woke up from this dream and it felt profound, for lack of a better descriptor. 

It is not about trying to decipher it...........yet.  I do not know what information is held within, I just know that it is important to me and whatever may unfold in the future.

My husband and I were in Egypt.  More importantly, we were on an immense plateau that was like a peninsula surrounded by very deep canyons.  Off, in the distance, were pyramids.  I recall the area beind reddish brown in hue, darker than the Grand Canyon appears.

We had been invited there by the Curator of the particular museum and it was much like a natural history museum.  At the start of this area was an obelisk.  The first 20 or so feet of the tip had been revealed and completely uncovered, and another 30 or so feet had been dug down around it, but again only the tip exposed.  I was invited to climb the stairs carved out in the obelisk and told to take a look at the heiroglyphs carved into it as I climbed my way up to the top.  I stopped about half way up and looked down into the pit surrounding the obelisk.  I was told by the curator that they kept the pit relatively undisturbed so they could see how much of the obelisk stairs were being worn away.  I was also told that they were measuring how much erosion was occurring by the depth of the dirt at the bottom of the pit.  It was also explained that consideration was being given to putting up a guard rail around the obelisk and no longer allowing people to climb it for the sake of preservation and protection.

I have to admit I felt a bit honored at the thought of being one of the last few able to climb it, and all the way to the top.  I don't remember any of the heiroglyphics, just that I was told by the curator that the history of the people of this land and the stories of the land were being told on it.  It was extremely fascinating.

Then we came back down to the plateau and it was at this time that the curator stated he wished to show us something.  He brought us to a glass case and there inside, was a cat.  None like any I had seen before.  The curator explained that for centuries a society had been breeding one of the last remaining living creatures from those times so long ago.  They hadn't been doing it openly because it was a sacred cat.  This was the first time it was on display and that there were more, but only this one would be shown.  This cat looked like a panther and a cougar crossed, but only stood about two feet tall.  It was at least 6 feet in length from head to tail and it was a dark brown with a grey sheen to it.  It was beautiful!

With that, the curator was off to the VIP tents where more displays were, as well as food and refreshments.  Those tents seemed like they were a long ways away as what appeared to be a runway for airplanes was also in the middle of the plateau between the obelisk and the VIP tents at the tip of the peninsula.

While standing at the case, the cats tale came out from underneath the glass to right in front of me.  I seized the opportunity to reach out to the tail, and as I brushed my  hand along, it felt like the most plush velvet I have ever felt.  At that moment, the cat turned its head to me and locked eyes.  I said, "I see you.  I see you."  And we held each other's gaze.  It let me hang onto its tail.

Shortly thereafter I released it and stated to my husband, "This case has a hole in it, they had better be careful the cat doesn't get out."  We then decided to head down towards the VIP tents and see what else there was to behold and eat.

We got halfway down the runway when people started running towards the obelisk.  I stopped and turned around to see the cat coming down the runway.  It had gotten out.  Next thing I knew, people were running towards us from the tents and running back from the obelisk in pursuit of this cat.

It came about 10 feet away from my husband and I, and just as officers were approaching and circling with tranquilizer guns, I stated, "It's okay.  I've got this", and I locked eyes once again with the cat.

I stated to all of them, "You have to let this one go for the sake of the land and these people.  He is from it and needs to be part of it to survive.  He says he will not stray far, but just needs to be free.  He also says that it's okay to keep the others there for the sake of preserving and protecting them, but you must let him go." 

They let him go, I watched him leave, and I woke up.

The End.

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