Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Trickle Down Effect

I have always believed in the "trickle down effect".  That is, if we choose to make changes, and think "differently" about things, that we have the potential to change those around us.  All by our actions.  It is like what was once stated by Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".  It really can happen.

How do I know that?  Because it's happening within my own home.  And it couldn't be more amazing to watch.  I believe that with a Spiritually-aligned way of life, we have nothing but endless possibilities in front of us and the opportunity to be surrounded with like-minded, and like-actioned human beings.

Words like "manifest" and "anything's possible" were words that my husband didn't really have in his vocabulary.  And yet, over the last few months he has used those words on several occasions.  Hell, I even heard the following statement come out not so long ago, "Oh sure, you can find someone's wallet but you can't win the lottery?" (LOL) I was jumping on the inside and trying to be as cool as a cucumber on the outside (yeah, right, don't see any poker awards in my house).  For while it truly doesn't matter whether my husband partakes in my journey that way, what I have always wished for is that he put the correlation between my abilities and how many people are coming to see me.  And he has.  Right in that statement.  Plus he was wist me during the phone call to locate a missing wallet, lol. 

I am being the change I wish to see.

Because while prayers and wishes are going out, I am creating my world based on those exact sentiments.  That anything is possible and I am able to manifest many blessings into my life.  It is because of my faith, my work, and my life.  In action.  And I have commandeered a trickle down effect, all just by being myself.  Someone who believes in living a Spiritually-aligned life.

By honoring my gut feelings, and "hunches", I have steered my way towards personal greatness and I am now creating the same environment for my family.  They are starting to pay attention to the neat things that are going on in my life and are beginning to realize that while I do things that might seem quirky, I am meeting with tremendous success.  It is all because of how I am choosing to walk through this life and the kind of person I wish to be.

One that knows that every choice has a positive or negative consequence (negatives are valuable lessons so they aren't really negative).  That if we have faith and "put it out there", it will come back to us.  And, if it doesn't, it just means something bigger is coming along!  I am also someone who lives in a strong energetic vibration of love and light and choose to be among those of the "like-minds" for I believe you truly are who you hang with.  I have also come to recognize that those that "irritate" me are here to polish me and help me truly learn.  From them I have learned that I have come so far and learned that everyone has a story, and until they learn to write the chapters themselves, they are where they are at and nobody can do anything about it.  So enjoy that you're not in their story!

Be the change!  Changes require leaving some things and some people behind, and it is not because you don't love them, it is because you love yourself more.  It is hard to sit with the broken records.  In fact, a few of my friends have the "3-Strike Rule" and that is if we have heard the same "story" over and over and are sick of hearing it, we invoke the "3-Strike Rule".   You are only allowed to share that story three more times.  And it's out!  The goal is to get to a point when the "story" has a new chapter, not when you get stuck in the same one over, and over.  Ours is to engage in the story, learn from it, move on.  It may be presented again, but it is just a reminder to hold that lesson tight.  That's all.

These are things that I see playing the role of peace in my life and an end to the needless suffering we humans seem to want to live in.  Remember, "Pain happens in the brain.  It is a physical signal.  Suffering happens in the mind". (from the CTV Series 'Saving Hope').  And it's time to put an end to this "suffering". 


By being the change we wish to see in the world.  And knowing that by one amazing thought followed by an amazing action (walking the talk) can create a world of endless possibilities.

All my wish has ever been is to "heal the world" one person at a time.   And I am.  Thanks to my talk and thanks to my walk.  My world is forever changed in a most amazing way.

And I am grateful.

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