Friday, 7 June 2013

Soul Sessions

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be "home".  After a hometown visit, so many things have come to light and Spirit has once again pushed me to a new realm.

Upon returning home, new awareness has been created in so many different directions.  But the most resounding message is the value of "home".  It truly is where I am at.  Within and around. 

I've been laughing for days about the fact that this planet is in the middle of a shiftstorm and that it has having very profound impact.  No one is excluded from the process we are in.

The Shiftstorm.

Right now, more than ever, mankind needs their Spirit nurtured, and I am playing a role through my God-given gift of the abilities as a Psychic Medium.  Note that I said ability.  While I believe it was a Gift from God, it is an ability I have to nurture and grow continually.  What I hope to leave others with is the true gift.  Peace of mind.

Enter the Soul Sessions.

Whenever someone comes to see me, they always want more.  That is, while they may have booked a specific appointment, i.e. Tarot/Angel Cards or Mediumship, they want it all.  Well, why not give it?  It's what I am able to do.  Here's the catch as it always has been.

I don't steer the session.  Spirit does.  ALWAYS.  I am the vessel, and strictly the vessel.  So, now I am combining everything into one SUPER SESSION!  Soul Sessions!

The idea popped into my head last night, and I firmly believe these ideas don't arrive "just because".  They arrive because Spirit has whispered gently in my ear and gifted me the idea.  I noticed a trend in what was happening with my bookings and truly, everyone was wanting a bit of all that I am able to do.  So here I am, re-vamping my website and tweaking the services offered.

Oddly, though not surprisingly, this morning I prayed out loud to ask if this is truly what they would have me do.  And I asked for a sign.  A few minutes prior to the prayer I reached out to some pretty special ladies in my life (thank you Angels!) and wanted their take on my "feeling".  It was wholeheartedly supported/validated!

And then it happened.  The phone rang.  It was my twin flame.  My sister from another mister.  The one who has been on the same/same voyage since we met.  She has been very immersed in new mother world and it has been awhile since we have connected.  And today, she was the Messenger.

We were sharing an exchange on the goings on in each other's lives these days, and then it came.  A revelation that she was working on some issues with a homeopath as her physicality was harboring her emotionality and it was creating some discomfort.

Enter The Mountain Medium.

"Well, dear, let me tell you about the shape my work has taken" I stated.  "I have been thinking about changing my sessions into a one hour 'Soul Session' and here's what it looks like".  So I went on to explain just how it seemed that people that were coming to see me were needing blocks removed, needing awareness created around beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and also wanting to hear from loved ones.  ALL IN ONE SESSION!  I asked her what she thought about it and it was met, once again, with a resounding yes.  At that moment, I said, "Hey!  You need a reading.  I would like you to be the first recipient of a Soul Session', and away we went. 

And, as Spirit would have it, revelations abound and a moment of release was created.  It was HUGE!  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  Spirit had swept in to help heal a "moment in time".

You see, pain is a physical signal given to our body, but suffering happens in the mind.  We are NOT meant to suffer on this planet.  And, with a little guidance and re-formatting of thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, one can release a multitude of hurt.  It really is amazing to be involved with so many journeys and watching the transition and relief provided.  It's truly a blessing, and I am forever humbled and grateful.

I can't tell you what a session will look like as they will be tailored to each individual, but what I can tell you is this. 

Spirit ALWAYS delivers!

I mean really.  I reach out to my here Angels, I say a prayer, the phone rings, I enter a Soul Session.

Today I was able to give someone EXACTLY what they needed.  All because I let Spirit do the work.

I asked, and I received.

Boy did they answer fast!

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