Friday, 7 June 2013

I am Light

The power of "I am" is a remarkable thing.  For what follows it truly creates our world.

For a long time people have been content to wander in the dark, and that's okay.  Truly.  I must always remember that each of us are on our own journey.  Sort of.

You see.  I firmly believe that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. 

In Spirit, we are Light.  Plain and simple and in more ways than one.

In Human, we are "dark" (please use dense or in the physical world).  And within humans there are some "dark ones".  But all of us have the opportunity to experience and enter into the world of Light.

That Light is missing in so many these days, and it all stems back to the ability to plug into the Ultimate Power Source.

As I said, Spirit is Light.

That Light resides in each and every one of us.  It truly does.  But, our stories cause us to forget that.  Especially if we are living in "hurts" or the "darks" of our lives. 

Remember I said we all have the opportunity to walk in Light?  Well, here's what it tends to look like.

If we are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, it means that Spirit is housed within this human shell.  Nothing can EVER take that away.  That  Light resides at the seat of our soul.

Now how to find it?

Honor yourself!  Love yourself and give your Spirit what it needs!  Because guess what happens!??

You actually start to feel LIGHTER!!!!!!

People are forgetting to take care of themselves.  And I am here to remind you! 

Here is what taking care of the self looks like:

1) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like curling up on the couch and watching a funny movie".  Okay.  Go curl up on the couch and watch a funny movie!  No exceptions, no "I should be", no nothing!  That is......... nothing but permission to be on the couch watching a movie.

2) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like I should go sit outside on the lawn".  Wait for it........get up and go outside and sit on the lawn!

3) Self/Spirit creates a feeling: "I feel like phoning so and so".  You know what you have to do right?  I think you've got it?  Pick up the phone and call so and so!

Get the idea? 


So what happens next!?  Well, you'll never believe it.  It's truly amazing.  You have just loved on yourself at the very core level.  It means you've just "plugged in" and what happens when we plug in?  You are actually recharged!!!!

Congratulations!  You have stated, "I Am Love".  And that is what Light is.  Nothing but absolutely pure, unconditional, love!

It is what we are forgetting on this planet!  We are Light and where no Light resides what happens?? Dark!

So, go ahead, shine a light on your Spirit, the seat of your soul and ask it?  What do you FEEL like?

And, if it's sitting outside on your patio, with a Palm Bay in hand, great!  GO DO IT!!

No really, I mean it!  Get out of here!

Cuz Elvis has left the building........................

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