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Meet the Clairs - Ways that Spirit Communicates with Us Humans

When it comes to being a Psychic Medium, there are certain abilities used and each Psychic Medium is different.  But these tools can also be used to create awareness for others and can create an experience with Spirit without the help of someone like me.  In fact I say that all the time, that it doesn't take me to connect with your loved ones or Angels, etc.  I'm just "the help".

You see, a Psychic "reads".  A Medium "channels" or is used as a vessel by Spirit.  And through the use of some amazing "ladies", Spirit is able to reach out.  So, without further adieu - meet "The Clairs"

Clairsentience - clear "feeling". 

I firmly belief this clair is who we are at the very core.  And Clairsentience has two aspects.  One has to do with our "feelings" and the other has to do with "feeling".

As Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we can "feel" our way through life.  When we learn to trust our feelings, hunches, "gut" we begin to live an AMAZING life!  We receive valuable lessons around "if only I had listened" or "I had a 'feeling'".  We can receive lasting memories of "I had a hunch this would work out" or "I had a good feeling about this".  All by trusting the "feeling' that rests just about our belly button, right below your sternum (where ribcage meets in middle).  That is the seat of our soul, our "gut".  Our guide.  The more we listen, the finer tuned it becomes and the more we rationally start to trust it.  If there is one thing I know.  If we trust this feeling, it will NEVER steer us wrong.  EVER.  It is never not there.  We just have to slow down and pay attention.  By the way, if you "hesitate" about something you are asked to do or someone you meet.  It's a "no".  Without fail.  A straight-up "no".  That is the first act of Clairsentient beings.

The second part of this is literally feeling Spirit.  The chills, the goosebumps, the tingles, hair standing straight up on end, the list goes on.  We can physically feel Spirit.  And for me, this is my PRIMARY sense that I work from, with every single clair that follows also being part of my life. And, the odd thing that has come with this for me is that I am so in tune, I actually know when earthquakes are going to happen and where.  From small to big. I remember several years ago waking up to screaming, came out into the living room and said, "where's the earthquake" and my partner at the time saying India.  And it was huge.  I even have some documented and the result of when and what kind of accuracy.

When I am in session, Spirit will use me as a demonstration of just how important a message I am conveying is.  Every single hair on my arm, my ENTIRE arm, stands up on end and I break out in goosebumps and chills.  It is Spirit's way of saying, "This is VERY important", and then I convey the message.

So wait, how does one know what the message is?  Well, enter the rest of the clairs.

Clairvoyance - clear "sight"

This clair isn't just about physically seeing Spirit, it is also about seeing images and visions of foresight.  For me, those visions play up on a movie screen right behind my forehead.  They are almost always in color.  They can come through as flashes and some linger for a long time.  I have had premonitions, which means I see things before they happen and I physically see Spirit.

Ever thought you saw someone out of the corner of your eye and turned and they aren't there?  Well, they are/were, it is just that most people are unable to see Spirit head on.  Doreen Virtue explained it beautifully about something to do with rods/cones and more colors being seen with peripheral vision and it is through the peripheral Spirit can be seen.  I see them head on too and absolutely hate it when my loved ones decided to "pop in" on the periphery.  LOL.

Then there are far more visible things to be seen like wildlife.  Birds, bears, dragonflies, you name it Spirit will use it.  Feathers, change, heart-shaped stones and the list goes on.

They are waiting to be "seen", we just need to know what we are looking for and there it is.  Clairvoyance.  But wait, can you hear me now?  Enter Clair the third (or whichever order you decide to put her in).

Clairaudience - clear "hearing"

So, I will tell you.  It isn't always "clear" and you can't always "hear me now".  Sometimes hearing from Spirit has to sink in, and there are several ways that Spirit will work to see if we are truly listening.

Repetitiveness:  You're sitting with a friend and they bring up a book.  You leave and come back the next day.  You get into your car and next thing you know they are discussing the same book on the radio you just heard about yesterday.  Get the picture?  It is the same with songs or artists.  My dad uses Pink songs because I thought it very appropriate for me.  I can't tell you how many times I can just have finished a day with the kids, and while talking out loud and being grateful for my family, I turn my radio on and it's a Pink song.  The specific one he uses for me is "Effin Perfect", lol.

Not only is Spirit repetitive in nature they can whisper in our ear.  Only it doesn't seem like a whisper, at all, because it practically drowns out everything around you.  You know.  The Cottonballs, the high-squealed pitch.  It is Spirit and they are doing one of two things.  They are either giving you an energy boost or they heard what you said and are answering.

How do you tell the difference?  Say "Hi.  I hear you." and leave it at that.  If the ringing goes away, just know that Spirit is around.  Now you are asked to go back to what you were just thinking about because typically it is an affirmation or awareness being created about your thought patterns or what you were just thinking about.  Maybe you were thinking about Aunt Betty when your ear starts to ring.  Consider it "hello".

It isn't about being able to translate that sound, it is kind of just like a "we're here and listening.  just wanted you to know".  It typically doesn't work that way.  Some of us can literally hear Spirit.  Have you ever thought you heard your name called and you turn and there's nobody around?  Spirit.  I hear them all the time.  Sometimes they just talk really fast.  It is because they operate at a "light" vibration and aren't burdened with physicality.  I have to ask them to slow down.  It is telepathy at it's finest and yes.  I hear other people's thoughts too.  Watch "The Listener".  I think I found my new job. LOL

If you get the squeal or cottonballs and have said "hi" and it continues.  That's an energetic download.  They are increasing your vibration level or replenishing you.  Just say thanks.  Thanks for the memories.  Which brings me to the next clair.

Claircognizance - Clear "thoughts or thinking"

You know when you have a "thought" about something that inspires you?  Alot of times (some would say all the time) we are inspired by Spirit.  Say you're working on creating a solution to a problem that has been presented, and then it becomes ever so clear?  Spirit.  Yours communicating with theirs.

The Higher Solution, the inspiration to do something different, better or more aligned with your Spirit are the whispers of Spirit creating thoughts to go with ours.  Cool hey?

And last, but certainly not least, are other ways of experiencing Spirit.

Clairailience - clear "smells"

From flowers to smoke, Spirit can create a smell for us.  Mothballs, favorite perfume, etc. they can create it as it pertains to the human they were.  Trust when you think you have.  Because you have.

Clairgustance - clear "taste"

I have tasted Grandma's oatmeal cookies as a way of creating a connection between who I am sitting with and who wishes to speak in the Spirit realm.  There have been alot of flavors that have danced on my mouth, and typically surround baked goodies.  We know there are so many no longer here who were the bakers and lived to create those goodies.  It is one of the neatest ways they communicate because it is just so weird to have not taken a bit of anything and have the flavor come through.

So there you have it.  The "clairs" in all their beauty!  Just waiting for us to be aware.

Happy Connecting!

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