Monday, 17 June 2013

The Work Speaks for Itself

It never ceases to amaze me the people I get to encounter, and why it is that I am encountering them.  Particularly with  my work.  I have been on so many amazing adventures with Spirit at the helm, and I truly am humbled for the experience.  It really is something to behold the transformational nature of the work.  All because of the messages delivered and the volumes they speak.

Here are some of the things I have learned from the work.  Once again, it speaks for itself

Right, wrong or indifferent, if it is one thing I have learned from Spirit, it is that when someone's time has arrived, someone's time has arrived, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it.  Our Final Exit is our Final Exit point.  Period.

There have been people on this planet who have escaped "death" and turned around a year later and have passed.  There are those too young, and those deaths that are "unfair".  But let's face it.  Death is death.

In my world, however, I refer to death as the end of a human existence, and the soul or spirit of the being that was here lives on eternally.  I have met "masters", I have met "meanies", I have met those who have shown remorse, regret, but most of

As most people know, my dad returned home on Valentine's Day of 2011, and myself and my family were able to be with him in the end.  A week and a half later, my husband and I came home, entered our drive, and were greeted by a big buck.  I knew in my heart of hearts it was sent as a signal from the "mighty hunterman" himself.  My dad.  To let us know he was okay and at peace.  He uses wildlife quite often.

My story is a message of hope.  It is a hope that even in the face of losing someone, that those left here would slowly work their way out of the physical loss and into Spiritual peace, knowing our loved one are not too far away, and that life does, indeed, go on without them.

This is not to dismiss the grief, or how we grieve, for it is different for everyone, but if it's one thing I know for sure, our loved ones do not wish us to carry that grief forever in a part of hearts that keeps us held back from living.  We are meant to live for them, knowing that they are watching over us every step of the way.

What Spirit continually shows me is that nothing that anyone could have said or done, would stop that person from leaving Here.  It is always through heavy hearts I see that the work clearly shows we should leave no stone unturned, and that sometimes those left unturned can heal through connection with Spirit.

People are "shoulding" all over themselves.  "I should have done this with so and so", or "I should have done more, talked more, etc.".  They are only residing in "if only's".  It is those things that Spirit helps me remove so that those left here no longer have to be left with the burden of those heavy words.  Spirit continually tells me how much they know they were loved or that if a family member had had a severing of ties, they understood why and will even accept their responsibility in it.

Our loved ones don't want us to feel bad forever you know!  They wish us happy, fulfilling lives with all the joy in the world!  They want us to live FOR them and not be held back by the grief for them.

They wish all of us to let it go.  It isn't that we are going to forget them.  That would NEVER happen.  It is just that we are meant to be happy with them as our Guardian Angels.  For that is where so many get assigned after they have returned.

As for mine?  He visits often and I always know when any of my departed family members are around, right down to the many pets I have had.  And something really neat?  My dad actually helps me with my work.  He will bring the former "reluctants" or the "skeptics" forward with a "No really, my daughter really does this.  I didn't believe it myself until I returned Home.  But let her help."

It truly is amazing to no longer be in the grief of the loss and into a space of Spiritual peace.  The peace of knowing that my dad, and so many others, are never truly gone, but right here, along my side.  Helping to heal the world.  One person at a time.

I am truly humbled.  Thank you to all those that have joined me on these journeys.  It truly is rewarding!

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