Friday, 7 February 2014

Death and the Dream State

So, have you noticed an increase in your overall dream state these days?

The thinning of the veil between Here and There is becoming ever more acknowledged.  It is all part of the Master Plan here on this planet.  Yes, I said Master Plan.  If each of us have a Soul Chart, there is one for this planet, and I would like to shed light on some of the "goings on".  Please note, this based on my experience and nothing more.  If it resonates great, if not, great!

Every single one of us on this planet is Intuitive.  Yep, all of us.  And, part of how we receive Intuitive messages occurs in dream state.  We are completely relaxed and our subconscious (which is part of, and connects to, the Higher Self and Source)  takes over.

Extremely vivid dreams tend to be premonitions.  Tend to. 

Repetitive dreams, especially traumatic ones, can be Past Life recollection (note the era, the feelings, the next time you think about it to gather more information about your past).

Then there are symbols we remember from dreams.  Today, I am going to speak to one that I have been hearing alot of people have.  Dreams to do with Death.  And, while I don't have to use cards, I love to just for the fun and experience of it.  In fact, the Death card is one of my FAVORITE cards of the Major Arcana, and so, without further ado.  Death.

The Death Card, Lucky Number 13, is representative of The Goddess, the energy of Creation.  Reduced, the 13 makes a 4 which is the symbol for stability (think of a 4-legged chair and how knocking one leg away would make you feel, thus the 4).

Death is is the gift of Transformation and Change.  And, once in awhile, whether we like it or not, it truly means a passing is about to occur.

And, from "The Lovers' Tarot" by Jane Lyle, I bring you the Death Card and it's meanings, the ruling sign is Scorpio (ouch, stingy):

"Death embodies the concept of change, transition and regeneration.  A chilling and implacable figure, Death's presence is an inescapable phase of life's cycle.  His skeletal appearance is a stark reminder of our physical mortality.  Death is linked with the Universal archetype of the dark mother, who devours her children without remorse or pity.  Paradoxically, Death affirms rebirth and the promise of the soul's eternal life."

Notice how Death is likened to a  she, lol.  Makes me laugh so much.  Just like Karma is a bitch, Death is the Dark Mother.  I'm picking up a theme that I will absolutely OWN IT!  Anyways, I digress, just made me giggle and I thought you should too.

When you dream of death it is usually about the gift of change, transformation, or a dying of the old ways.  The nice thing is, we are all like the Phoenix that what burns up in flames arises anew.  Death and Rebirth and Death and Rebirth.  While this process may be challenging, it is so worth hanging on through, because I am a firm believer that through great challenge comes even GREATER reward(s)!

Sometimes we get the hard one, the knowing of a passing.  There are dreams that come through very strongly, very vividly, and very, very often.  These are typically premonitions.  The bitch thing about it is rarely, if ever, is it about the person you are dreaming about (although it does happen), and you will typically never know when or where.  That is the mystery of life.  But typically, and notice I use the word typically a lot to let you know that it isn't always the case, the closer the dreams come together, and the stronger the dream is, the closer the event is to occurring.  For me, close means within the next 6 months.  But these things are NOT written in stone.

So, the next time Death pops up for you, remember these words staring back at you and have a good long look at what is going on around you.  Notice any "feelings" or impressions you have about your dream, and you will get a sense of what your dream was about.

Sleep Sweet!

PS Don't forget that if it gets to be too much, you can ask for a "non-working night" and imagine closing the door on the top of your head which links us to Them.  We have the right to set up boundaries with Source and getting a good night's rest is one of those!  (I always let them know that if it is SUPER important, I don't mind, but sometimes I really put my foot down so I can sleep, lol)

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