Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fear of the Unknown

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real
Fear = Facing Ego (hate, scared, insecure, too much pride......) and releasing

Over the centuries, Psychics and Mediums have been something feared, hated, and revered, depending on the person.  So I would like to shed some light in hopes of alleviating the "unknown" factor in it all.

I get it, to be skeptical is a very healthy thing.  I embrace skepticism.  Heck, I've been skeptical about myself being able to do what I do.  It is not a common ability, but it is not to denote "specialness" above another.  It is just what I have been given the ability to do.  I firmly believe that anyone that denotes it as a "gift" is wanting to indicate they are "special".  Each and EVERY one of us is special.  We have all been given the gift of life.

There is something else we have all been given.  The gift of Intuition.  Call it Gut Instinct, Hunches, Spidey Senses.  It is our Inner Guidance System.  So here is what I have come to understand.  Take what you will, only that which resonates with you.


Our Inner Guidance System that helps steer us along our path.  Most of us ignore it until we've had a great string of Life Lessons that lead us to the conclusion that if we had "listened" the first or second time, things wouldn't be so rough.  We are not trained in schools to use it, so consider this to be "school".

We are not trained to use our gut and it fires in one of two ways.  It gives us a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach or we get goosebumps and excitement (without the sinking feeling).  It shows up in the form of "hunches" and "feelings".

"I had a feeling" about this project and boy was I right!  Look at the success it is meeting with!
"I had a hunch about him/her" and look at the mess I avoided!

We as humans love to ignore our gut.  In fact, we are the only species that walks through the bells and whistles.  Animals run at the first instant of that warning system.  Maybe we should too?  But no, we like to be handed life lessons.  Sometimes it is how we are going to learn most of our lives until we are "ready".

I can say I was one that loved to ignore my gut.  The lessons taught me well, but I wish that I would have honored the signal sooner rather than later.

So, here it is in black and white.

If you hesitate to answer, "Would you like to......" that is your "No."  Accept it, say it, and move on.  Your gut is giving you a signal to avoid something.  I even encourage you to stop being nice even after you have said "yes" and you still have that sinking feeling about the situation.  Turn your "yes" into a "no".

If you meet someone for the first time and you get this "yucky feeling" about them.  Run!  It's okay to not "like" someone when you first meet them.  Your gut is sending you a signal.  You can say yes to a new friendship, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  But be prepared for the lesson you are about to learn.  They are never easy.

However, trust this when I tell you.  If you learn to say "no" to the "no's" you are getting, you will set firmer and firmer into the path of "yes".  The path of "yes" is a glorious place to be.  Why?

For in honoring our gut, we are guided to our true path, our true passion, days that leave us feeling more and more fulfilled as we journey down this path called life.  I chose to start honoring the "no's" and my path of "yes" has brought me to the most amazing journey ever.

My authentic self.  A Medium, a Psychic, a Motivational Speaker.  I have never been happier.

So now I am going to share with you what I have come to understand about the abilities of being a Psychic and Medium.  Again, I firmly believe we are all Intuitives on this planet.  That is our ability to use our gut as a guidance system.  There are those of us here, and more arriving, that have VERY strong abilities beyond the realm of inner-tuition.


This is the ability to read people's energy.  It does fall under intuition, but again, there are those of us out there that can get right into people's energy and figure out things for them far beyond the physical realm.  As a Psychic, I can foresee things, help find a piece of your soul that might have been "broken away" at a tender age (or even in a past life) and bring it forward to heal, and even go so far as premonitions and predictions.  My wierdest ability in the world of Psychic is predicting earthquakes.  I have turned that one down as it is yet to be melded with the Scientific World in the form of helping others get out before a big one happens.  So I am content to let it rest.

No Psychic should EVER tell you when you are going to die.  EVER!  Yes, I have seen numbers, but it is messing with someone's free will to tell them when that is going to happen.  It is a crime as far as I'm concerned.  It is Psychics like that that give Psychics like me a very bad rap.  For shame!

Psychics can be very helpful in guiding people through life situations with respect to insights and shifts in personal energy.  What a Psychic tells you is NOT written in stone.  It is advice only.  Our Free Will can change ANYTHING seen.


These are the ones that are able to connect with those on the Other Side.  Loved ones, Angels, Care Teams (we all have one assigned to us).  We are exactly that.  The table in the middle between the living and the non.  A visit to a Medium should leave you at peace.  A true Medium will be able to give you that one piece of information that leaves you knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that your loved one is in their presence.  I always advise my clients that while at first, I might be honing in on energy and there might be "blanket statements", I will always be given the one piece of information that I could not possibly know unless I had a loved one present.  It happens every time.  And it should in the presence of any Medium.

Mediums have been viewed as fakes, viewed as evil, and something to be scared of.  Yet, there is a growing trend, a recognition.

We are not to be feared, we are to be questioned.  Questioned for our abilities and honored for them when we have "proven" ourselves.

In the world of Psychics and Mediums there are more and more "waking up".  I have had letters about the "fears" around being called to that mission, and I am here to say this.

We have the right to have it "toned down" if we do not wish it, but it will never go away.  Seeing things can be scary.  I get it.  Imagine seeing your first shadow person at the age of  3.  It was horrific.  It left me with a fear of the dark that I am now quickly moving away from.

However, imagine being able to embrace our own Intuition or our own ability to sense things beyond the physical realm.  We have had it written in our charts.  It's like I've said.  Anyone can be Psychic, but Mediums are born.

So, for those of you out there who have come to realize that ability has been with you all along, I say this.  Embrace it!  It is nothing to fear!  You have a right to not be shown everything if you don't want to, but it will always be there, waiting for you to use it to help others.  We have been given the ability to prove that Heaven exists.  Imagine being behind a movement that brings peace and betterment to the people on this planet.

Our lives are a gift.  Our Intuition is a gift.  Being able to prove that Heaven exists?  Awesome!

We live in a time where we no longer have to be "afraid" of what each and every one of us is able to do.  Be an Intuitive.  Honor your gut the next time it's firing.  You will be amazed to see what happens!

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