Thursday, 7 February 2013

So here I sit.  New Year.  New Start, and it already looks so amazing!

I'll admit it, today's technology is something I am learning to adapt to, and it has been a bit of a challenge. from, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn......holy crap!  The list goes on if we let it.  Heck, I just got my Twitter account after trying it once before and letting it go, stating "what's the point?"

The point is......times change!  And we have to be able to change with them.  Consider it an opportunity to learn that you are capable of doing so many more things than you realize.  For in life, there is a continual ebb and flow of change.  We start out young, acquire our Life Lessons and continue to grow.  Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically.

What each of us needs to remember, is that with change comes amazing opportunity.  What might be deemed as "bad" should be deemed a lesson.  A lesson that will become very valuable in its own right.  And what we deem as "good" should be considered a blessing.  Change is a beautiful thing.

Given what I do for work, I would like to talk about the greatest change we will ever encounter.  Death.

In my line of work I see the faces of those who have been severely impacted by the trauma of someone passing.  Especially if there are things left unsaid or someone is taken tragically whether by accident or by their own hand.

It is coming up on my father's Angelversary, and since his return Home, my life has NEVER been the same.  And, for that, I am actually grateful. 

You see, death is one of the hardest things we ever have to face.  But it is my hopes that while not to ignore the grieving process that takes place, I want to create an understanding.

Death is only of this physical existence, and it is our re-birth into Spirit.

I've talked about this before, but it seems that with Mercury moving into Retrograde, alot of stuff is coming up for alot of people, and it is my hopes to ease some of the "suffering" that death creates for those left behind.

We are meant to grieve, it is part of the process.  We have had someone in our physical presence for whatever the time period may have been, and now they are gone.  The absence felt is very real.  What I want to assure you of, is that your loved ones are now in Spirit, watching over, helping, guiding, letting you know they are there.  If you are prepared to be "still" and "look".

I have always maintained that I will never have all the answers, nor should any of us.  But I am sure of one thing.  Our love, that love, never dies and our loved ones want nothing more than to let us know that they are there watching over us.  Every step of the way.  I have seen it time and time again in the thousands (yes, I am proud to say thousands now - thank you God) of readings.  And I'll say it again, it does not take being with a Medium to have that happen.  I'm just there when those in need are unable to see it for themselves.

I have posted previous blogs about experiencing the signs, but it is clearly time for a refresher course for each and every one of you.

Did you know??

Our loved ones will use animals as messengers - ever sitting somewhere, missing someone, when all of a sudden a bird flies overhead?  Please accept that as a sign from your loved one has acknowledged you thinking of them.

Ever walk into a room only to see a feather on the ground, when there couldn't possibly be because there is no source from where the feather came?  Who is the first person that popped into your head?  THAT is who is sending you a message.

Ever walked along the street to look down and discover a penny?  Consider them pennies from Heaven.

Popped into your car lately and have a song come on that reminds you of someone no longer here?  It is their way of saying hello.  I firmly believe that song is one of the strongest ways our angels in the outfield communicate because in Heaven, that's what angels do.  Sing.  And, while we're at this topic, try setting up a song parameter with a loved one over There.  Request a specific song be played in acknowledgement of the request to know their around.  You may have to be patient, but remember, time doesn't exist over There.

Have you ever turned a corner to see someone that looks EXTREMELY like your lost loved one?  It is another form of "Hello from Heaven".  I cannot tell you how many times I have "seen" my dad.  Right down to his bloody Ford Trucks that he loved so much!

Consider our loved ones an electric current manipulating energy.  A blinking light, your computer shutting down, a phone ringing without a number attached to it. 

All our loved ones have done is what I have called "flip over" to the Other Side.  It is literally like that.  Imagine them, unseen, standing right there beside you, watching over you, guiding you, helping in times of need.

We are not given the tools or understanding of the Other Side unless we are someone called to that Mission.  THIS is my mission.  My hope.  My dream.  To have each and every one of you know that our loved ones are only a wish away.

So I say, be "still", "ask", and "wait".  For they are only a moment away wishing you to know that they truly are Here from over There.

I wish you all the experience of knowing we are truly cared for by something greater than all of us, and our loved ones are now part of that amazing experience.

Many blessings.

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