Friday, 15 February 2013


Let's face it.  Each and every one of us has a wish.  A hope.  A dream.

Pause for a minute and think about it.

Young or old, we have ALL had one.  A happy home life.  A successful career.  Fame.  Fortune. Love. Kindness. Generosity.  Whatever that dream is, it does not have an expiry date.  I have heard that many times and I really needed to share that again.  When I heard it the first time from LL Cool Jay, I fell in love.  With that quote.  So whoever was at the helm of it, thank you to the "deliverers" of that message.

But let's go back to that.  "Dreams don't have an expiry date".  EVER!

In this world of Soul Charts, I firmly believe we all have one, and that certain things like the job of your life, the love of your life, etc. are all set at certain "times" along the way.  If God has a plan, he knows the appointed time.  We have all heard that saying.

Well, imagine if that time were "now".  Remember earlier blogs and my feelings about time?  Time is a manmade constraint used to "control" something, someone, etc.  Really, think about it.  When we work, when we sleep, when something is going to happen.  It doesn't exist!

All we have is NOW.  We may have memories of yesterday, and thoughts about our future, but the only "time" is the one we exist in.  Right.  This.  Minute.


Here is my biggest dream of all. 

I have always wanted to be "famous".  I had stars in my eyes as a little girl and still have them as a grown woman.  I have always imagined myself on screen. 

Here's what I have come to learn about those words and who I am.  To be "famous" is not what I want.  Famous to me denotes "above the rest", egoic almost.  What seemed as "cool" to me has now become awesome in a completely different way.

What I wish for is to be recognized as someone leading the way with what I have as an ability.  The reason I want to be recognized is for the work itself.  I have a wish to be the representative only.  It is truly the work that is THE MOST important to me.  And it all stems back to the dreams of a young girl.

The very first time I became cognitively aware (as in I truly began to understand who and what I was)was when I read James Van Praagh's, "Talking to Heaven".  I was 26.  I began to realize exactly what my life had been showing me.  I was a Psychic and a Medium.  My life was "turning".  Leading me to here and now.  Someone who's time has come.  It has ALWAYS been my dream.

Along the way, I have skeptics.  And that is okay.  People that don't believe my time has arrived.  People that have never believed in the possibility of being "famous".  People that have doubted me.  This includes me.  Yep.  You heard it.  Me.

But this ends NOW.  Ego will always be there nipping at our heels, wanting us to "fail", asking us, "how badly do you want this", and just waiting to knock us down.  IF we let it.

Today I recognized something going on in my head.  Ego had made it's ugly little rise, just to try and "knock me down". 

As someone who was bullied throughout her entire life, I get where bullies come from, and can say I have "survived".  Ego is a bully.  And through this blog I will put this particular "bully" to bed.

Several opportunities have been "offered up", and have passed me by, and ego has now crept in, in the form of self-doubt.  Is the little girl ever going to be "famous".

Here's what I have to say to her:

"You look so sad because opportunities that you got excited about haven't happened.  I am sorry that it has made you scared. I am glad you had a cry about it today.  When you show the Universe (God, Creator, Cosmic Design Committee) with your tears, you have taken action.You have let the Universe know that you really, REALLY care about something.  And it is so important to you that you it has reduced you to tears. 

We all have that scared, doubtful little being residing in us somewhere.  Let me give you a hug and tell you that everything is going to be okay.  And while it might not be easy to hear this in the moment because you hurt so much right now because the ache for it so bad.....

If you dream it.  You can BE it."

In this lifetime, the possibilities are endless for each and every one of us.  There are poverty stricken, drought infested areas who are raising well adjusted, happy, content little beings.  There are people showing people how to lead the way in the world of possibilities.  There are people creating conscientious businesses because we know what this world needs.

This world needs hope.  And whether or not a potential opportunity I have sitting in my inbox comes to realization or not anymore doesn't Matter.  Why?

Because when a door closes, another one opens.

To something beyond our wildest dreams.

Ego will never "rule" me.  I acknowledge it.  I acknowledge the little girl.  And I say "no more".

So here is what I, as a grown woman who has come to understand so much more about the world thanks to being "that child", would say.

"You ARE an amazing being.  I know these past three years have been hard and you feel like it has taken forever and you can't wait just one more minute.  You are in "the dip" and right there.  Don't you DARE give up now..  Your time has come

Think about it.  You are being recognized for the work you do.  You have people joining you on your journeys whether in your hometown, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram (sheesh technology..........).  You have people that have followed you that you never in your wildest dreams would start following you.  You are now being recognized.  And it is all because of the work."


I am in personal "greatness".

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